Moon Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Antar Dasha Interpretation



Effect of the Moon Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha


  • One may acquire education & intelligence, enjoy the company of scholars, progress in business or attain a high position.
  • One may attain wealth from one's maternal relatives, acquire land, vehicles and increase one's wealth
  • One may become famous due to one's liberal nature.
  • Effects like acquisition of wealth, recognition by the king (government), gain of clothes etc., discussions on Shastras vedic scriptures), gain of knowledge from society with learned and holy people, enjoyments, birth of children, satisfaction , profits in business, acquisition of conveyance and ornaments, etc.
  • Effects like marriage, oblations ('Yagya'), charities, performance of religious rites, close relations with the king (government), social contacts with men of learning, acquisition of pearls, corals, Mani (jewels), conveyances, clothes, ornaments, good health, affections, enjoyments, drinking of Som Ras, and other tasty syrups. etc.
  • Pains in the body, loss in agricultural ventures imprisonment, distress to wife and children.
  • There will be fear of fever.

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