Rahu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Antar Dasha Interpretation


Effect of the Rahu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

  • Good health, intelligence and prudence increases.
  • Love for brothers and friends increases and help is attained from friends.
  • Worldly comforts are increased, wealth and progress in business is attained.
  • Auspicious effects like Raj Yog, well being in the family, profits and gain of wealth in business, comforts of conveyances, marriage and other auspicious functions, increase in the number of cattle, gain of perfumes, comforts of bed, women.
  • Good results like Raj Yog, beneficence of the king, and gain of wealth and reputation, will be realized particularly on Wednesday in the month of Mercury.
  • Sound health, Isht Siddhi, attending discourse on Puranas and ancient history, marriage, offering of oblations, charities, religious inclination, and sympathetic attitude towards others.
  • There will be opprobrium (Ninda) of deities and Brahmins by the native, loss of fortune, speaking lies, unwise actions, fear from snakes, thieves, and the government, quarrels, distress to wife and children.