Sun Mahadasha

Sun Maha Dasha Good Or Bad Effects

General Sun Mahadasha Interpretations

  • During the Maha Dasha of the Sun wealth is obtained through medicine, weapons, fire, Brahmins, land and royalty.
  • There is an increase in spiritualism, yantras and mantras.
  • Friendship with government employees will develop and their favourable attitude will help in getting work done.
  • Anxiety may prevail during this period.
  • There may be enmity with brothers, friends, and separation from spouse, son and father.
  • There may be fear due to thieves, fire, enemies and the government.
  • There may be ailments of the teeth, eyes and abdomen.
  • There may be decrease in the number of the servants and cattle (cows).
  • One will migrate and settle abroad.


Specific Sun Mahadasha Interpretations:

Sun Mahadasha Interpretations based on the conditions of the planet in the birth chart and divisional charts is as follows -

  • There may be unhappiness caused by the pain of venereal diseases, fever and mental anxiety.
  • There maybe hardships in the course of traveling and harm related to one's souse, children, wealth and land.
  • Father and paternal relatives may suffer from fear due to death, conflicts and disputes.
  • There is a possibility of punishment, fear and sorrow due to state displeasure.
  • Health may cause irritation and headaches may cause pain.
  • Fame may be attained due to education, one's family and the company of females cause happiness.
  • Parents will be happy.
  • State honors may be received.
  • Physical beauty may increase and one may get opportunities of going on pilgrimages and performing sacrifices.
  • Agricultural farming may be profitable, land and vehicles may be acquired.
  • Fame, state honors and good clothes may received.
  • One will mix with friends and family members, wealth may be acquired from others.
  • Progress may be attained through increase in ambitions and valor.
  • Success in important work and high authority may be acquired.
  • State honour and attainment of wealth bring happiness.
  • Friends may cause pain and brothers may be harmed.
  • A desire to attain high authority and power may arise.
  • Anger increases and gastric problems may cause pain.
  • One may be distanced from ones parents and friends.
  • Fame and popularity in the world may increase.
  • There is a possibility of being defeated and dominated by one's spouse.
  • Friends may suffer pain and cause pain too.
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