Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Dasha Interpretation


Effect of the Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

  • A lot of work will be accomplished and authority may be acquired.
  • Gain of education, inclination to perform yagya and enhancement of fame and name is possible.
  • Wealth, prosperity, clothes & ornaments are gained.
  • Bliss of wife and children prevails but they may suffer from painful disease.
  • Effects like recovery of the lost kingdom ( reinstatement in a high position in government), acquisition of desired grains, clothes, and property, etc.
  • Reverence from one's friend and the king (government), and gain of wealth, recognition from the king, good reputation, gain of conveyances.
  • Association with an employer and with men of learning, industriousness in the study of Shastra, birth of a son, satisfaction, visits of close friends, happiness to parents and son, etc.
  • There will be danger from the king (government), and from thieves, distress to oneself and to kinsmen, quarrels, mental agony, loss of position, going away to foreign lands, and danger of many kinds of diseases.
  • There will be physical distress.

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