Gemini Hobbies

Those born in Gemini are blessed with the art of multi-tasking, Jack-Of-All-Trades and slave of none. You are diverse, dazzling, and exceptionally active, both on mental and physical front. Communication with other human beings is your necessity; the air you need to breathe. It is the paramount hobby of Gemini. You love change of scene, can rarely survive in a monotonous routine. You love trying your hand at everything at once. So what could be the best hobbies for Gemini? Well, pretty much everything…all at the same time if possible.

The following Gemini Personality Characteristics & Gemini Horoscope findings are based on the Moon sign, the sign where Moon was positioned at the time of birth. Are you a Gemini Moon Sign? Find out instantly.

On a serious note, Gemini find it hard to relax, are always in the ever-active mode. Even when you unwind in the evening after a hard day, you usually spend the time gathering information - watching news, calling a friend and all the while surfing internet. You are the true adopter of 21st century technology - all encompassing with quick turnaround. Therefore, when you are still, activities like socializing, chatting, gossiping, and texting keep you busy and active, at least mentally. Gemini love secrecy and mystery, thus solving puzzles, riddles, crossword, Sudoku, and debating on topics such as who came first - egg or chicken, come natural to you.

Intelligence and intellect turns you on. You are pulled towards scientific and literary. You love keeping books around. Your furniture generally consists of bookshelves and computer table. You like to keep all sorts of gadgets handy, all that helps you collaborate tasks and stay organized. Smartphone, e-Reader, sound system, headphones, selfie stick, and laptop occupy more space on bed than you do. You love to stay hooked to these gadgets as they keep you entertained and connected with the world.
You can hardly stay at one place for more than a year, so travelling and exploring the world around you is one of your favorite pastimes. You love movement, thus you are often found hanging out in the mall, coffee shops, roaming around the park and so on.

If one is looking for movie recommendation, a good music collection or a cool place to hangout nearby, turn to a Gemini in the room. You have it all. Gemini love to stay updated and informed. Therefore, when it comes to hobbies, those born in Gemini do not compromise and want the best. They love reading latest magazines, current affairs, keep a collection of favorite documentaries, and are always updated on what is new across the globe. Gemini like to exercise both mentally as well physically. Your time is often allotted between socializing and studying. You love gathering facts, thus reading is often the best way for you to spend a Sunday afternoon. In a nutshell, time spent with a Gemini is never dull! Like what you read here? You may also like Career Planner Reading. It’s an intuitive reading to know your true calling. 

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