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Pisces Horoscope

A gainful day with your lady luck shining bright on you. Today you are in for a surprise with some money coming in from an unexpected source. Don't waste time in guessing the name of the person or who will give you this money. Go ahead and enjoy this day. Marriage as well as romance will be eventful and a source of joy. A good day to wrap-up your important deals.

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Astrology Planner (08-06-2023)

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  • Business deals

    Very favourable day throughout for all kinds of deals, short as well as long term.

  • Love & relationships

    Very favorable day. There will be harmony in mind which could give you result in the long term.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Good for all kinds of monetary transactions throughout the day.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Very positive. There could be long term gains & positive result on actions commenced today. (Subject to strength in birth chart).

  • Important letters or email communication

    Very positive for sending proposals, questions and other communication requiring approval.

  • Journey

    Good throughout the day.

  • Purchase of new house/ car

    Favorable day for both kind of purchase.

  • Moving into new house

    Very favourable day upto throughout.

  • Gambling

    Very positive and gainful. You could go ahead (subject to strength in birth chart).

  • Start new medicine /surgery

    Very favourable for both activities throughout the day.

  • Initiating legal proceedings /notices

    Favourable for initiating all kinds of litigations throughout the day.

  • Offensive action involving violence or aggression.

    Ineffective day mostly.

  • Construction/Building activity

    Good for all activities connected with construction.

  • Educational activity /admissions

    Very favourable for all such activities especially higher education.

  • Commence religious ceremonies

    Very favourable for all kinds of ceremonies Creative and literary reading will be more beneficial.

Today's Planetary Positions

- San Diego, US
Planet Position Rashi Star
Ascendent 1° 0' 59" Tau Krittika
Sun 23° 20' 14" Tau Mrigasira
Moon 23° 21' 0" Cap Dhanistha
Mars 16° 45' 20" Can Ashlesha
Mercury 1° 24' 16" Tau Krittika
Jupiter 10° 48' 36" Ari Ashwini
Venus 8° 37' 19" Can Pushya
Saturn 12° 57' 33" Aqu Shatabhisha
Rahu(R) 8° 55' 6" Ari Ashwini
Ketu(R) 8° 55' 6" Lib Swati
Uranus 26° 25' 43" Ari Bharani
Neptune 3° 22' 14" Pis U.Bhadrapada
Pluto(R) 5° 51' 43" Cap U.Asadha

Pisces Astrology Guide

A psychic in nature, Pisces are visionaries who stay away from the realities of this physical world. Pisces, you seen to have a dual nature in life. At times, you could be low while the very next moment it could be overwhelming. You like living in a fantasy world which keeps you calm and composed. You are sometimes unreliable and away from practicality. Being a sensitive person, you often tend to go by your instinct. You come across with varied emotional patterns but are compassionate towards others. You have a constant battle of emotions going within you. There is a spiritual side to you. You seek a partner who is supportive of you and your emotions. The emotions go deep like an ocean when it comes to relationships. You adapt to conditions but sometimes people also take you for granted. You like imagining but this also affects your ability to take decisions. You are creative and live in a world of your own which works as balm to face the harsh realities of physical world. Your dreaming makes you lazy and dull at times. Sometimes you become over compassionate and this proves harmful for you....more

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