Rahu in 4th House

Rahu in 4th house: Usual Effects

This position will give you a deep attachment with your family and deep connect with your native place, whereby you may wish to spend most of your time there. There may be a good connection between you and your mother; you may even seek her guidance and suggestions during critical junctures. This is because the 4th house is related to your mother and your native place.

The 4th house also represents your assets in terms of your property, house, etc.; depicts the inner securities that you may carry because of the conditions you live in; and provides an account of the principles you may follow later in life when you are matured and conscious about what is happening around you. This position will inspire you to expand your immovable property. You may indulge in the purchase of land, house or other assets; may prosper in your business endeavours; and your connections in foreign lands or dealings there will ensure good profits, giving a great boost to your professional and personal lives.
You will nurture a liking for power. You may indulge in politics and may even engage with it professionally. You will have good political connections that will bring prominence to you and a sense of being powerful. But, you may indulge in some unethical means to attain power.

This position blesses you with a deep and strong bond with your spouse - your relationship will be ensconced in love and affection; marital life blissful; and you will help and support each other, looking after the needs mutually.

Positive Rahu in 4th House

It may bring sudden gains and rise for you - professionally, in terms of finance and power. You may suddenly gain prominence from nowhere; will be very loyal to your spouse and be in a long and happy marital partnership. You may choose to be close to your native place where you spent your childhood because of emotional attachments with your mother.

Negative Rahu in 4th House

It may nurture in you a liking for power, but you may indulge in wrong and undesired activities and behaviour to achieve this. You need to be very careful because there are chances of sudden fall in prominence vis-à-vis your finances or profession. Your progress may be restricted by your anger, which will impact your relationships and career in a negative manner as well.

A few notable sign placements for Rahu in 4th House

  • Rahu Taurus: It blesses you with massive wealth and financial gains; amplifies your secret sources of income; brings sudden profits, especially from foreign deals, that will further increase your wealth. It also holds good prospects of working in an MNC or in foreign land, which will bring you good growth in your career.
  • Rahu Scorpio: It may place you in a career that is related to the occult sciences or some secret service as you will handle deftly secrets or things of secretive nature. An aura of mystery around your personality will be there, which no one can disrupt.   

Some common Yoga positions with Rahu in 4th House

  • Shankhpal Kalsarpa Yoga: This yoga is formed when Rahu is in the 4th house and Ketu is in the 10th house, and all planets are in the grip of the Rahu-Ketu axis. It can create some issues in your relationship with your parents, which may – overall – negatively impact your life.
  • Jadatva Yoga: This yoga forms when Rahu combines with Mercury. It blesses you with amazing communication skills and great convincing power. With your wit, intelligence and prompt thinking, you will be able to quickly provide solutions to problems. However, this yoga can also cause problems in your social life and financial status.

A few famous people with Rahu in 4th House

  • Vladimir Putin (Russian Politician): He is the President of Russia and one of the most prominent political leaders in the world. Under the influence of 4th house Rahu, he became the Russian President for the first time in 2000 and then again in 2012. This position has also tremendously influenced his political journey, starting from studying law at the Leningrad State University, serving as a foreign intelligence officer for the KGB for 15 years, moving to Moscow and joining the presidential staff as deputy to Pavel Borodin (Kremlin’s chief administrator), becoming a close associate to Anatoly Chubais and moving up in administrative positions through his connections, to being appointed as Prime Minister in 1999 by President Boris Yeltsin, and rising to public prominence with the military operation against secessionist rebels in Chechnya when he was virtually unknown.
  • Karisma Kapoor (Indian Actor): A popular Indian actor, with the blessing of Rahu in the 4th house, she became famous for her roles in the movies such as ‘Zubeidaa’, ‘Raja Hindustani’, ‘Fiza’, ‘Raja Babu’ and others. She has even received a National Film Award for best supporting actor.

Some other notable people with Rahu in 4th House

  • Aamir Khan (Indian Actor & Producer)
  • Himesh Reshammiya (Indian Singer)
  • Serena Williams (American Tennis Player)
  • Ariana Grande (American Singer, Songwriter & Actor)

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