Leo Horoscope


Wear an aggressive approach today to fetch better results and make the day more positive. Sit down and chalk out your marketing activities and PR initiatives as today is a wonderful day for your efforts to yield fruitful results. Most of your plans and initiatives will meet with success. Go out and spend a romantic evening with your loved one as it's a good day for romance. The day is also encouraging for meeting new people and developing new contacts. more

Till: morning An aggressive approach will prove very beneficial today to tackle all kinds of issues. Your persuasion will lead you to success. If you have been laboring hard and making efforts to promote business/ career, you will be well rewarded today. Just wait patiently for the day to unfurl pleasant surprises related to your business or job.
Thereafter till tomorrow: The environment at home becomes a bit tricky as some anxiety plays on your mind and disturbs the harmony. You may feel a bit uncomfortable and irritated due to a anxiety. It will be kind of a disturbed day with career issues and over committed approach giving you a negative outlook. You may also face problems at work. more

An uneasy day when you might have to fret about the work related matters as well as home affairs. Today, you may even experience some unknown anxiety which plays around on your mind and makes your thought process unstable. With a disturbed mind, it is better to reschedule your appointments for some other time. more

April 2019 will bring a few challenges and keep you low profile in the initial parts of the month. Your confidence and luck would rise tremendously after the 15th April 2019, which would transform you and how you handle matters in the second half of the month. You need to avoid tackling new and hectic projects till the 14th April 2019. Thinking will be clearer now and you can look forward to a better time and more positive outlook from next month. Career – could see some blocks due to hurdles and issues with partners and in joint avenues of work. You need to put ego and complexes behind to progress well now. Some improvements will come after the 14th April 2019 but overall the level of opportunities would remain depressed and... more

Leo, the 2019 horoscope brings new learnings for you. You are likely to be worldly wise now. As 2019 starts, a house related investment or expense would boost your spirits but work related stress could affect your health and result in mental stress too. Leo, there is a strong possibility for you to profit out of a parental property. You will achieve your goals on your own, with no one helping you. Rahu, the dragon’s head transits your house of profits from March. Rewards from a commission-based work are likely for you. more

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Leo are fun-loving, ambitious, and determined individuals, who know how to celebrate the festival of life. Leo is symbolized by Lion, which represents royalty, ruler-ship, strength, and bravery to kick anyone who comes in their way to stardom. Just as lion is the king of the forest, Leo tend to be great leaders, the center of attention. Leo is the bubbliest of all zodiac signs, having an outgoing and unpredictable character. Moon in Leo makes you a very creative person, and a generous soul with a grandiose character and style. This Leo  Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your a Leo Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.

Your need to lead, be social and run the show is so strong that you may not be compatible with possessive signs as Scorpio. You need someone who will allow you the freedom and let you steal the spotlight. Sun brightens the atmosphere and so do you. Sun, your ruling planet has the power to nourish the humankind as well as destruct it. Similarly, your moods affect those around you to a great level. Your happiness cools off the atmosphere and when you are gloomy, those around you feel low too. You are a fire sign. Fire is impulsive, and so are you. You do not plan your actions with forethought but you are more methodical compared to Aries. Fire also gives you a radiating charisma, thus your personality bears greater influence on others. Those who come in contact with you are showered with ‘warmth’ of love and generosity.

You are a fixed sign, tend to seek attention yet want stability in life, a stable relationship and a steady friend-circle that can become your entourage too. Confidence is what keeps you going, it is the biggest Leo strength. However, if overdone, it could be your biggest foe. You have a cheerful personality and your presence uplifts the aura wherever you go. Your biggest weakness is your domineering attitude. Also, you are extremely generous at times when someone is in need. You have an overwhelming desire to be appreciated, thus prone to having many people pleasers around you. People shower you with compliments and take advantage of you. Criticism can make you act melodramatic, but thankfully in person than in public. This page details out more fascinating facts on Leo Man, Woman, Lover, Boss & Leo traits.

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