Leo Dislikes

Confident but insecure, strong but sensitive, elusive but predictable - Leo are blessed with a strange personality, but one that is needed to attain success in life. The force of their personality is enough to get them plenty of career opportunities, without having any college degree. Sunny and bright, Leos always have a smile on their face. There is a sense of pride in Leo, which sometimes turns into ego. Any threat to the same may cause volcanic anger. They like things done their way and nothing that disrupts their sense of authority is welcome. Here are a few things that they shall build patience to tolerate to really survive in this rough world.

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How could you forget to invite me?

Well, if you have forgotten to invite a Leo friend to a party, be prepared to be a victim of the wrath of Achilles. Leos hate to be left out and to feel ignored. Their craving for complements is ever evolving. They like to be in the limelight, become the decision-maker. It is better to make them the party planner to keep things sweet and sugary. You really do not want to mess with them. The level of appreciation and validation Leos need from others is often higher-than-average.

The least you can do is say 'Thank you’

Leos are, without a doubt, one of the most generous and charitable souls on earth. They love to lend a helping hand, assist those in dire need but hate ingratitude. Whenever Leos do a favor, they expect to be thanked for the same. Leos are known for generosity; however, it is driven by their need for appreciation.

Let it go? No way!

If there is one thing that can turn a Leo into a wretched drama queen is public disgrace. Social status is everything for them, and when they have to face defeat or are insulted in public, it leads to dramatic emotional response. Leos loathe losing face and being slighted. Thankfully, this melodrama takes place in private. Their pride and honor hold utmost importance being a Leo, they will do anything to preserve it when threatened, and ‘let it go’ is not something you should utter to them in situations like these.

Do not tell me what to do

Leos are not one of those who follow. They lead, like to be in control. Leos are self-driven; prefer to be in command. Even if they are in a job, they function best when allowed freedom to make decisions. They are incredible leaders, thus do best in business where they can observe their ideas taking shape and get their creative juices flowing. If they are by chance not the hero of the movie, they take the directorial role at the least, mentoring others what to do.

Let me handle it please

Tell a Leo that they cannot do it and get ready to watch them explode with anger. Just like Sun, they like to be the center of their universe. Those who try to belittle them, laugh at their expertise, or make them look bad become their enemies. As the Sun, Leos want people to orbit them and not the opposite. They expect a certain level of respect and attention from those around them.

What brand is it?

Petty actions, people, and things are far from Leos’ radar. Given the choice between brand name and regular, they of course choose the former. They want to be surrounded by nice people, nice things, and want their life to be driven by nice actions. They do not do something just for the sake of doing it, there has to be a higher purpose. However, their obsession with the nicest stuff and appearances leads them to choosing style over substance.

Do me a favor; please do not do me any favor

Leos have a degree of self-respect, believe in self-worth. They like to do things on their own and rarely ask for favors, much because they do not like to be dependent on others. It stifles their sense of freedom, until they return the favor. If they were in a financial mess, they would rather work double shifts or take a loan than ask for a favor.

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