Leo Hobbies

Those born in Leo Moon Sign are strong, assertive, passionate and optimistic beings with a sense of warmth and charisma to their personality. Right from birth, they have a strong urge to be in the spotlight. They love to make friends, and be the leader of the group, the center of attraction. With such a strong personality, their interests and hobbies constitute a wide spectrum. Whatever you do, it involves sheer dedication and passion. You seek to make things commercially viable too.

The following Leo Personality Characteristics & Leo Horoscope findings are based on the Moon sign, the sign where Moon was positioned at the time of birth. Are you a Leo Moon Sign? Find out instantly.

Leo, the shining creative soul

You always need an outlet for your productive imagination and artistic instinct. You love to socialize and appear in the public eye, which makes you a great fit for art forms where you can express your inner self fully such as dance, drama and music. Performing art forms appeal to you the most because you are a creative soul and love attention. However, do not be surprised if you are involved in quiet art forms such as literature, theatre, painting, or poetry. These give you emotional satisfaction.

Leo, the athletic persona

Leos have abundance of energy and intelligence, thus often find relief in activities involving physical strength as well as great technique such as dancing or ice-skating. Yoga and tai-chi are also your favorite activities to pass time. Rather than boring and mindless games, you prefer energetic activities such as adventure sports and things that require clear-cut aiming. Leos have an overflow of vitality and vigor, which is best channelized in sports that require athletic personality such as horse riding, polo, discus, weightlifting, wrestling and so on.

There are times however, when you seek laid-back moments of complete relaxation. Lazing around in the sun or sleeping for hours make you feel good and energized. You love to play board games and chess when at home. You have a taste for luxuries. You love going to the mall to hunt for the best offers, like visiting art galleries and theatre for grandiose classical dances, ballads etc.

Leo likes all things royal and rare

Being a royal sign, you have a heightened obsession with all that is rare and regal. Right since childhood, you love collecting antiques since you are fond of past and nostalgic side of royalty. A huge selection of things appeal to your imagination, ranging from vintage cars and furniture to coins and stamps, provided they have historic value. Eye-catchy furniture fills your home, rare books pack your shelves, and extraordinary artwork adorns your walls. Trophies and photographs of achievements hold great value to you. You like dramatic colors, especially relating to royalty such as red, gold, and black. You generally have an area set aside at home for hobbies and relaxation. Like what you read here? You may also like Career Planner Reading. It’s an intuitive reading to know your true calling. 

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