Leo Relationship Compatibility

You can’t just love a Leo, you have to worship them for they are the kings, quite aptly represented by a lion.  Leo have a dramatic style statement and their love affairs are equally impressive full of romantic trips, dates, flowers, compliments, and what not. And why not in fact? They live life to the fullest, quite the reason why it is hard to ignore their radiance. Leo is a charismatic personality that you can’t help but adore. And to top it all, they are quite childlike and charming, exceptionally easy to get along. Behind all the drama is a benevolent and loyal soul.  If their partner treats them with respect and love, their relationships thrive. But if there are ego issues, the relationships is likely to fall flat. So let’s find out the most compatible sign for Leo based on their relationship compatibility analysis. This is based on Moon Sign. (Know your Moon Sign instantly)

Leo and Aries

Both Aries and Leo are adventuresome, live in the moment. They love to take risks and welcome change wholeheartedly. None can compromise their sense of freedom though. The problem that could make things sour between them is the power struggle as both like to lead.

Leo and Taurus

Both are quite set in their ways and values, need stability in a relationship and strive for material comforts. Since their needs and temperament strike a chord, this could be a harmonious match. However, Leos spend lavishly, which Taurus may not appreciate much. Money management could thus be an issue to work upon.

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Leo and Gemini

These charming social butterflies are bound to get along well. Both have a positive fun-loving attitude. But when it comes to love relationships, Leo are quite serious and need stability and loyalty. Gemini on the other hand keep looking until they find someone worthy to settle with. Their wavering eye could be troublesome for Leo.

Leo and Cancer

These two could make a balanced match, but with considerable efforts. Leo will provide the stability and decisiveness that Cancer seek in a partner, while Cancer will offer appreciation and care in return.

Leo and Leo

Everyone hopes for a match like this. Since their temperament and outlook towards life is identical, their union is full of fun and adventure. But who will lead the relationship is the question that remains to be answered.

Leo and Virgo

Leo are sociable, bold, and cheerful while Virgo tend to be disciplined, cautious and reserved. Leo needs compliments not critiquing remarks from Virgo. If Virgo keep their critical nature at bay, things could be sugary and sweet between them.

Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra could work out a great tuning with each other, provided they both try to balance the scales. Leo need to control their self-centered tendencies and embrace Libra as an intrinsic part of their self. They need to view their partnership as ‘we’ than ‘me’. Teamwork would go a long way in making this relationship successful.

Leo and Scorpio

Bright and sunny Leo will have a hard time adjusting with the dark and mysterious Scorpio. Leos are more about the face value while Scorpio look for substance and depth in everything. This relationship needs a lot of work from both ends.

Leo and Sagittarius

When two cheerful and witty people meet, the aura has to come alive with positivity and happiness.  They say that sometimes you just have to be friends. Well, a relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is a living embodiment of this thought.

Leo and Capricorn

Leo need their life to be vibrant, luxurious, comfortable and dramatic, all at the same time. Capricorn on the other hand, leads a simple and barely discernible life. Both have grand ambitions, but Capricorn do the groundwork silently while Leo pursue them violently. Their love affair may seem unrealistic but it is possible with some adjustments. It may lack ‘grounds’, but it does have a ‘skyscraping hopes’ to look up to.

Leo and Aquarius

Aquarius tend to be honest and independent. Leo need someone who can get involved and caught up in the drama of love. Aquarius seem too detached and unapproachable for them. On the other hand, Leo’s dominating nature could be stifling to Aquarius’ sense of freedom.

Leo and Pisces

Leo is emotionally dramatic and Pisces get strongly affected by others’ feelings and emotions. If Leo will be bright and happy, Pisces will flourish but if Leo goes down, Pisces will sink along. Leo’s indifferent attitude and dominating tone may crush the Pisces’ individuality, who is too submissive to take a stand. They rather prefer to escape reality.

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