• 2018 Horoscope

    Aries 2018 horoscope indicates many positive developments. You would be fortunate enough to have peace, love and wealth this year. However, you may not taste success unless you get up and confront challenges. You will have to earn your rewards by...

  • October Horoscope

    Overview: Your monthly horoscope is here, Aries, and points at a very auspicious period for you. Luck will mostly favor you. Any pending work is likely to be cleared. Chances...

  • Your Horoscope Today

    You may feel a little mental pressure on account of anticipation of an adverse news. Do not panic or worry, no such problem will occur so throw aside all these worries which...



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Libra natives live in their own world and are just and fair people. They have strong ethics and idealistic side to them. They like to be with others, make friends and can get influenced by them. They have a strong artistic side also and are appreciative of fine arts.
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You generally keep your waistline in check. However, since you are a socialite, you tend to over-indulge at times. A perfect outing for you includes soft music, scrumptious varied food served in tasteful crockery and not to mention, a good company...
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Due to their higher-than-average sense of balance, Libra hate crisis and situations when there is chaos. Places that are calm and serene suit you best. You like to keep your surrounding clutter-free. You listen to two sides of the story and try to find a feasible negotiation...
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Meet a Libra and one feels they have done masters in social interaction. Ultimate in politeness, Libra are very charming, sociable, objective, and fair-minded people, those who know how to comfort others and not offend. You follow the rules, principles of justice and fair play, the protocol, and always seek a sense... »  More
  • Libra Boss

    Libra boss almost always teams up with a likeminded partner in business. He never wants to work alone. He likes to socialize and make new contacts. He also likes to take a lot of opinions before making a decision.

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  • Libra Love

    Libras have very attractive and charming personalities, and they are soft yet fast in their approach towards finding love. Their eagerness and desperation to fall in love often lands them up in the wrong arms.

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  • Libra Man

    your Libra love partner is a natural lover of beauty, glamour and luxury. His fondness and admiration for beauty in the opposite sex and flirtatious behavior might be a source of some problems after marriage, however.

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  • Libra Woman

    A Libra wife loves to spend money on luxury and beauty. She would like to decorate her living space with classy and refined objects. She is most happy in lavish surroundings. But this is not to say that money is her priority.

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