Libra Health Horoscope

Vitality is definitely not your biggest virtue; you are more intellectual and sociable than Herculean. Nonetheless, you are great at achieving a balance in your health and diet and possess a proportionate body, especially if you are a pure Venusian. You radiate harmony and prefer to build equilibrium in all areas of your life. If there is a conflict at home or clash among friends, you act as an arbitrator, judge the matter from all angles and come out with a solution to restore tranquility. If anything threatens your sense of tranquility, all areas of your life suffer including health. Crises make you mentally unstable and make your body suffer as well.This Libra Health Horoscope is based on Moon Sign. Are you a Libra Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very significant astrological sign to know your future!


Health problems for Moon in Libra

They say prevention is better than cure but how do you know what could be the potential health problems for you? Vedic astrology helps in this regard.

You generally keep your waistline in check. However, since you are a socialite, you tend to over-indulge at times. A perfect outing for you includes soft music, scrumptious varied food served in tasteful crockery and not to mention, a good company. If you keep a watch on your social consumption, health could be in a much better state.
Body parts ruled by Libra include the lower back, kidneys, urinary tract, and adrenal glands. If afflicted, Libra should take special care of these organs. The native may suffer from kidney problems, backaches, stomach and bladder ailments, ovaries issues in women, and disorders related to urinary tract. One can often hear a Libra complaining of lower back pain. Combined with an afflicted Mars, you may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases as well, although it largely depends upon the planetary position and their combined influence in your natal chart. You may also suffer from blood related problems, so keep your sugar levels in check. Those born with Moon in Libra are also prone to water-borne pollution.

Best diet for Libra

Since you easily subside to kidney related diseases, you should avoid overindulgence. Drinking too much can be harmful; however, Cranberry juice should be a part of your diet to avoid any kidney stones. Keep away from alcohol, sunstroke, and excessive sodium to keep your organs functioning at their best.

You should keep many fiber rich items in your grocery list in order to increase your stamina level. Drinking a lot of fresh water will help you avoid issues related to urinary tract. Your body is naturally balanced yet there are chances of being over-weight. In such cases, you may prefer a ‘balanced’ diet instead of leaning on to the fashionable crash, fad or GM diets as you may end up with deficiency of nutrients and minerals in the body.

You want your food to look as amazing as it tastes. You definitely have a sweet tooth and chocolate is your soft spot, especially when you feel unloved, alone or not beautiful (which of course is a delusion). To keep the circulatory system running properly, include sources of Vitamin E such as olive, soya oil, nuts and seeds, wheat germs, and so on.

Suggested Activities for Libra

All you need to do is seek balance, maintain a chord between time to work and time to relax. Always remember that quick fixes like sweets will not work for you in the long run. So if you are stuck in a stressful environment for long, stop, look back, and analyze what is going on and strike a balance in your life, just as you do for others. Make sure that you have a company, as you are most productive when someone is there for you all the time. When you sense lack of coordination in a relationship, voice it out than suppressing your feelings. Balance-oriented activities are best if you are looking to shed some extra kilos, such as swimming, gymnastics, dance, skating, and so on. Health Profile / Medical Astrology is another useful horoscope report, you may like.

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