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Meet a Libra and one feels they have done masters in social interaction. Ultimate in politeness, Libra are very charming, sociable, objective, and fair-minded people, those who know how to comfort others and not offend. You follow the rules, principles of justice and fair play, the protocol, and always seek a sense of balance in everything, which is also reflected in your physical appearance. You take good care of your health generally and always look younger than your age. You remain cool as a cucumber even in an adverse situation, thus people often come up to you to solve their issues. In a nutshell, you’re a peacemaker.

The following Libra Personality Characteristics & Libra Horoscope findings are based on the Moon sign, the sign where Moon was positioned at the time of birth. Are you a Libra Moon Sign? Find out instantly.

Let’s gather together

You seek to build a peaceful and clutter-free environment at home. When it comes to seeking serenity and spending your leisure time, you rarely exert yourself in the moments of leisure. You love to talk – hosting parties and gatherings is one of your favorite activities. You love to entertain at home and become a great host as your social skills make you an icebreaker. You become the middle ground, the mediator, and your social gatherings are never awkward and silent.  Birthdays and holidays hold much importance to you. You have what is called, the art of gift giving. Thanksgiving is probably your favorite holiday. You somehow know what will make the other person happy and never forget to wrap it up in a classy paper with a meaningful greeting!  

Libra, a socialite

You are a socialite if not a social butterfly. You love to hang out with friends and go wining and dining. Food in fact is not your world. You eat to socialize and love variety – bit of this and bit of that – balance again. Having company when you eat is the most important thing for you. You also love to chat with friends over internet. Being ruled by Venus, you love to surround yourself with gadgets too, especially those that help you stay connected with the world.

The ART of having fun

You are not always talking and hanging out. When in solitude, arts keeps you company. You are artistically inclined and there is a fair chance that you have not explored it yet as you lack initiative sometimes.  Singing, choir, dancing, music, writing, and fine arts often top the list of favorite hobbies of those born in Libra.

Beauty and balance

You have an appreciation for beauty and balance and that is well reflected in your home, which is often flooded with fashionable furniture, especially rounded that oozes relaxation with a sense of refinement. You love to decorate your home, do gardening, redo a room, and visit the local flea market to find affordable decorative items. Your home often looks a lifelike version of those in lifestyle magazines. Your creativity and sense of coordination allows you to make your home look replenished and expensive even if you have spent little money.

Shop till you drop

You are a Venusian, look beautiful in whatever you carry. You love to do your wardrobe, match clothes to satiate your need for balance. You love to spend time in nature and find solace in its beauty. Retail therapy works wonders for you when you are pensive. Shopping for luxurious clothes and boutique items at an affordable price is often part of your weekend plans.

Umpire, not the player

You rarely find pleasure in physically strenuous activities. You rather prefer to be the umpire of the game than a player, one who can decide what is fair for all. That doesn’t mean that you do not enjoy sports. When it comes to sports, you prefer those that appeal your inborn social animal. You thoroughly enjoy backpacking, group hiking, camping with friends and travelling to distant places and meet new people.

Let’s balance it out

Sports and activities having an aesthetic or social aspect appeal to your imagination provided there is not much physical activity involved. You do well in gymnastics, dance, skating, swimming, and all those activities that require coordination and synchronization.  In fact, you are fond of games such as lime and spoon and balloon soccer because they allow you to use you balancing skills as well as involve social interaction and fun.

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