Sagittarius Dislikes

Sagittarius are explorers, the ones who like to travel to distant lands, enjoy risky activities & endeavors. You just cannot stand still, always in need of movement, whether physically or mentally. You are often very humorous and outgoing. If left in a room full of strangers, you will come out as popular. However, you cannot sugarcoat truth; you say what is on your mind, often without being subtle and tactful. You have a great memory for facts, but a bit forgetful when it comes to tasks. You have very strong likes and dislikes, when it comes to your social interactions and lifestyle.

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You Dread Boredom and Routine

Routine is like an eternal punishment for Sagittarius. They love challenges, whether in a relationship or in life in general. They love adventures, known for their inability to stand still. Their constant need of activity and knowledge is so strong that they are always on the move, the ones who think through a problem by strolling in the room rather than sitting on a chair. It feels like you are always going somewhere.

You hate dishonesty

Sagittarius hate people who doubt their honesty, those who try to stifle their sense of freedom. Sagittarius are in fact too honest to be true, they dislike trickery in any shape and form. One can often hear a Sagittarius say, “Don’t be upset. I’m only telling you the truth”. In an attempt to be brutally honest, you end up making horrible blunders, although not deliberately. Thanks to your charm and friendliness, that safeguards your relationship. If someone betrays you, you do not hold the grudge for long; however, you detach yourself to a level as if the person never existed.

You hate pessimism

Sagittarius believe that something good always comes out of every situation. As an arrow needs to be pulled backwards before launch, life also gives you difficulties first to ultimately launch you to your goal. All you have to do is keep aiming. Sagittarius always have a positive outlook of the future, you highlight the unseen benefit in situations, the spot the silver lining when everybody else is in despair and gloom.

You hate restrictions and norms

Sagittarius are free like a bird, any restrictions, structures, norms, standards, and predefined values confine them. You do not like to be tied to a place or a relationship that demands sacrificing your sense of independence. Your Herculean wrath is rarely seen; however, those trying to push you around in any way are prone to your volcanic anger that erupts in ages.

You despise dependability of others on to you!

Sagittarius prefer to steer clear of responsibilities. Relationships that demand outright commitment and promises that are hard to fulfill throttle their love for freedom. Sagittarius do develop a sense of responsibility as life goes, however they are not really fond of it, as Cancer and Taurus. They are good at earning money, but not at managing it. Therefore, when you see a wealthy Sagittarius, you will observe that they seek consultation services from others to handle their finance.

If you are a Sagittarius, you will most definitely connect with the behavioral traits given above. However, your preferences in life largely depend upon the planetary position in your natal chart that governs your life. For a better understanding of what and who you should stay away from, get your horoscope read by a learned astrologer.

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