Sagittarius Hobbies

Sagittarius are jovial, witty, free-spirited people who like to live life on their own terms, refusing to confine to any predefined standards. You are adaptable, honest, and generous, and at the same time, blunt and impatient. You are very passionate about ideas that you hold in high regard. You hate to be tied down - to rituals, structures, norms, people, places, and so on. You want to carve your own path, no matter how directionless it seems to others. You find solace treading on it, because it is exclusively yours, no matter if there are standard alternatives available. You like to do things your own way and cannot stand people who stand in your way, which reflects in the mascot centaur as well.

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Fascination with Foreign

Being a mutable sign, you have a constant need for variety and change. And travel gives you a sense of freedom. You are seen as an active person who is fond of travel and physically demanding activities. You are a risk-taker; never strive from adventurous activities, anything from scuba diving in shark-ridden waters to bungee jumping. You are a curious soul, love to learn about different cultures, meet new people, and visit foreign lands. You can travel your whole life, except that you don’t have to travel to the same place over and again.

You are obsessed with the exotic. If you can’t travel, then you imagine yourself in situations where you could, like finding a job that requires you to travel. You dream of staying in different parts of the world and visit far-off places. Even when you are in your hometown, you prefer visiting a Thai restaurant than a local bistro, only to engage in exotic situations and people. Rough and tough vehicles like jeeps appeal to your imagination because they represent safaris, get dirty, and travel the earth. It satiates your curiosity for travel. Travel for you does not mean a luxurious trip; all you need is a backpack and passport.

Always on the move

You are physically active, mobile, spontaneous and always on the move. This is primarily the reason you have a knack for sports. Though you physique is not as robust as that of Leo or Aries but you do prefer to exert yourself. Sagittarius are good at both solo sports as well as in group. Golf, paintball, and tennis are all your favorite pastimes. You also love horse riding, polo, hunting, and so on, which also reflects in your mascot.

A knowledge seeker

Sagittarius are knowledge-seekers, the questioners with an attitude to learn whenever the possibility strikes. You are broad-minded and interested in subjects related to philosophy, politics, foreign trade, globalization, and sociology, which act as mental trips for you. As you get older, the constant need to travel converts into the constant need to know. In later years of life, books become your best companions. There is a great chance that you will become a scholar, someone who actually knows-it-all. Being a good conversationalist, you have lots of stories to tell, not made up but real ones.

Collecting travel souvenirs and photos as memories of distant lands is one of your favorite hobbies. You home walls are often studded with these. As a domestic person, you are not really an organized person. You just do not have time to do laundry, books are scattered on the shelves, dishes undone. Organization does not come natural to you. Good thing is that everyone accepts you as you are. They know that they can visit you anytime, sink in your sofa, watch Big Bang Theory with feet on table and hands in the popcorn tub.

You love to keep pets; you are especially fond of dogs and horses. You make sure that your canines and felines friends are as happy as Homo sapiens are.  That is why you are often spotted with pet hair on the shirt, as you cannot help but care for them from your heart. You also have a gambler’s luck due to Jupiter thus do well in card games, gambling and so on.

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