Scorpio Horoscope 2022 -Read All About Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio 2022 horoscope shows new opportunities and new learning skills in this year. Your secretive knowledge is useful in this year. Be aware of any disputes/risks during 26 Feb - 7 Apr.

Saturn will transit in Aquarius in the property house. So, you may feel lack of peace at home. You will not be able to spend much time with your family. Jupiter will be retro from 29 July, so try to maintain relationship with your love partner/ children/ education.

This year will be good for politicians and social contacts. As a result, you will get support from public. Ketu will transit in the foreign house from 12 Apr. So, there will be an increase in travels and expenditure without reason.

Rahu is the reason for control of disputes, and it handles the court cases with keen mind. Venus combusts from 2 Oct - 20 Nov. Therefore, make sure not to incur any losses and for the time being, avoid any materialistic or luxury things.

Scorpio Career Horoscope 2022

Scorpio 2022 Career horoscope says that you will get new opportunities in your career and may start new business. You will get all the financial support you need. Avoid ego at your workplace and increase hard work for good results from 5 June - 23 Oct.

You will feel overconfident after a successful big business deal. with this, you will have new foreign contacts and deals, which will increase your support. There may arise confusions with colleagues and workers from 12 Apr as Rahu will transit in the service house.

Avoid any change of job without any growth in salary after 29 July. Boss and senior will support you in this year. Meetings and travels will be the reason for you building new contacts in this year.

Finance Horoscope 2022

Scorpio 2022 Finance horoscope says this year will be good for savings but take care your money after 29 July. The wealth lord Jupiter will be in retro till Nov. Therefore, try to avoid any investment in speculation or lottery during 29 July to 24 Nov. This period may also incur expenditures on children or your education.

Spend money on real estate from 29 Apr-12 July and after 23 Oct. Do not waste money on new vehicle. Drive slowly and carefully. Ketu placement is the reason why you will waste money on travels.

You will get money from unearned or past investment. Therefore, you can take and give loan carefully. You will recover your money after 12 Apr.

Marriage and love Horoscope 2022

Scorpio 2022 Married horoscope brings good for you in this year. But you will have to take care during March - May. During this period, avoid ego, aggression, and gap. You will get support from your life partner.

Your life partner will also need support from you and be emotionally close. You will feel energetic in this period at home life from May-Aug. Take care of your spouse’s health after Oct.

Love and Relationship Horoscope 2022

You may fall in love with any close friend or your neighbor during the start of the year. However, you may not be happy in love life after 29 July.

You will have to remain cautious or else breakup may happen. Your need for a love partner will increase in this year. You may spend some romantic time after 23 Oct.

Family Horoscope 2022

Scorpio 2022 family life will need attention and support after the mid of the year. Siblings can be the reason for your mental tensions after 5 June. Your parents will support you financially and will give you their blessings.

There can be get-togethers and small parties in home with celebration after Aug.

Education and health Horoscope 2022

Education will be good when you implement your new plan. If you spend focused time on studies, you will get desirable results in your exam. Competitions may increase but take care after July period.

You may feel distraction and obstacles in your study. Friends may not support you. You may get admission in any foreign college.

Your health will be good in this year but take care of your head during driving. Your mood swings may also be the reason of distractions after 12 Apr.

You must take proper treatment timely if you have any skin problem/Bp or memory loss. Stomach also needs care. So, avoid outside food, otherwise infections may take place after 29 July.

Month-wise Analysis

January - Mars will transit in the house of speech. So, take care of your harsh language and fake promises.

February- Issues and ego with family member in siblings might happen. There can be small travels too.

March – Avoid any type of disputes in this month, and also avoid travel.

April – Ego and aggression may increase. This will be a good month for govt projects.

May – Luck will favor you and your father and senior will be the reason of support.

June – Control aggression and fight with anyone and avoid court cases. This will be a good month for competitions.

July – You may get support from contacts and meetings. There will be increase in income with gains.

August - There will be lack of will power and overconfidence. So, avoid any major decisions. Increase meetings with friends.

September – You will feel energetic and plan for new associations and business.

October- You may spend time in charity and spiritual places. Your travels may increase.

November – You may feel low due to health issues. There can be an increase in hard work and no adequate time to rest.

December – There will be new growth in career and good income but avoid any investment in this month.

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Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio, you are the most mysterious, magnetic and of course, the most misunderstood of all the signs. You are talked of as standoffish, jealous, and covetous, part of which seems to be so due to your reserved personality. There is however, some truth to the image, such as you have a tendency to be possessive and vengeful, especially in love. But you are equally ambitious and determined in nature. When you take up a task, it is bound to lead to success. This Scorpio Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your a Scorpio Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.

You are a sensitive sign with intense emotions, often touch extremes, from sacrificing love to destructive hatred. When it comes to love compatibility, you go along well with emotional signs like Pisces and Cancer, those that can decipher the depths of your love and compassion for them. You hate to be ignored.  Symbolized by Scorpio, you have a tint of vengeance in nature. This reflects that the Scorpion has claws to possess and hold, and when that does not work, they have a stinging tail too. Mars is your ruling planet, which gives you a sense of determination and dedication, a streak to always win and come first. Mars gives you a fierce and magnetic personality with irresistible sensuality. You too have boundless energy, but it is not overflowing and out of control as of Aries. You have it clutched in your claws. You are very clear with your goals and the ways to achieve them. You never get scared of challenges or risk, giving up is not meant for you. You are a water sign, thus keep moving, your presence is everywhere. Your emotions and feelings are like underwater world, mysterious and deep.

There are endless secrets and stories hidden beneath the unfathomable and unreachable depths. You are a storm of emotions inside, best concealed behind the ice-like cold demeanor. Also, the fixed quality gives you the need for stability in life, especially in relationships. You tend to be very loyal; when you are in love, you are in it for eternity. Your compelling and compassionate personality is your biggest strength, it helps you win hearts. You are a loyal and giving person, with a great intelligence and mannerism. However, you become manipulative at times, when your needs are not met with the same level of intensity that you offer.

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