Scorpio Boss

Scorpio boss has a complex, intense personality and extreme temperament. He is brilliant and talented at what he does, but can be rather fixed about his views and ideas. His remarks and criticism of your work can be stone-cutting sharp and brutal sometimes. Yet, on good days, he will be cool and relaxed as a gentle breeze.

Scorpio boss is intuitive and has a mysterious quality of reading your mind and knowing your secrets, but nothing can penetrate his own deep mind. There’s no point lying to a Scorpio. He would know it anyway.

If a Scorpio boss likes you, he will help you advance in your career and even go beyond limits to better your personal life. There will simply be no limit to his generosity. But, unfortunately, if he doesn’t like you, you will get to know this hard truth in the most clear and cruel of ways from him. He is unlikely to change his mind, and your employment won't last long. He is least sympathetic to those he doesn’t like, for any reason.

This Scorpio boss horoscope is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Scorpio boss might not be very good at delegating responsibility in the team. He wants to do the most of the crucial and significant tasks on his own, and leave the rest for others. He thinks he can do it the best way possible. And perhaps he is right, but a DIY tendency might not be very beneficial to the team always and even reduces productivity.

If your talents overpower him, he can easily get jealous, cautious and insecure. He is also a very suspicious personality who doesn't trust anybody easily. You will have to go through his many tests before you enter his close network. Once he finds you trustworthy, however, things will be entirely different.

How to impress a Scorpio Boss?

Loyalty and trust are the utmost qualities that a Scorpio boss seeks in his employees. He also appreciates hard work, fresh ideas and creativity. Your genuine efforts and good contributions will always make it to his heart. He always rewards those he likes.

What can make a Scorpio Boss angry?

Scorpio boss wants the most capable people in his team. There’s no space for anyone he thinks is non-deserving. Scorpio boss can forgive a careless mistake, but not anything done with a bad intention. His anger is known to often take an extreme, vindictive turn. You may also like Career Analysis Reading. It is an intuitive Vedic analysis to understand how your career would shape up in the coming years. 

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