Scorpio Hobbies

Scorpio people are secretive, mysterious, sensual and oh so charming and charismatic. Their personality is spellbinding, and their mind - a kingdom of unmapped mysteries. The part of their personality that people see is only the tip of the iceberg. Much of it is hidden below the surface. They stand true to Voltaire’s saying, “the secret of being boring is to say everything”. Those born with Moon in Scorpio are acute observers. They are mind readers, read between the lines and easily identify others’ intentions, actions, thoughts, ideas, and so on. Their hobbies often turn into obsession; get engrossed to a level that they may not sense someone else’s presence in the room.

The following Scorpio Personality Characteristics & Scorpio Horoscope findings are based on the Moon sign, the sign where Moon was positioned at the time of birth. Are you a Scorpio Moon Sign? Find out instantly.

People with Scorpio in Moon have strong ‘radar’ – highly sensitive to the surrounding emotional field. Scorpio have exceptional ability to decipher human nature. You are not someone who likes to discuss the weather and science, but hopes, dreams, aspirations and secrets of life. This gift of intuition is very comforting to some, while threatening to others. The psychic power often drives Scorpio to occult subjects and interests such as magic, alchemy, and so on. Philosophy, astrology, religion, spiritual, yoga, and such are often the favorite subjects of study and area of employment of Scorpio. They love to read about mystical subjects and even practice them as a hobby.

Scorpio are drawn towards mystery. They are turned on by surprises, secrets, drama etc. Their home is often filled with secret drawers and doors, private rooms and so on. They like to design their homes in a manner to ooze powerful emotions. Due to being influenced by Mars, they love colors such as black, dark red and charcoal grey. These colors stand for power and magnetism, both imbibed deeply in Scorpian personality. Your home is often furnished with black leather couches, powerful artwork, intense colors, dark and mysterious décor, which might look dungeon-like to some, while appealing to others.

Scorpio is a Water Sign, thus have a special inclination towards seafood and moist and soft textures in food such as creamy pasta, sauces, yogurt and so on.  Spicy curries and red sauces are your favorite. Being a powerful water sign, mediation is the best hobby for you. Since you are happy practicing hobbies alone, meditation gives you time to calm down your waves of emotions.

Scorpio are physically strong, although their strength is not manifested as of Leos or Aries. Their actions are driven by competition and backed by courage. They remember the injuries forever, and who did what in the game.  Competitive sports such as karate, wrestling, archery, ping-pong, hockey, tennis, football, and especially water sports such as swimming are all their energy outlets. They are not likely to play it cool, they strive to win, and never forget if they lose. They have to have the upper hand.

Having said that, they are intellectually as sharp and determined as physically strong and resistant. Intellectual hobbies, specially mind games such as police riddle, poker, and card games excite Scorpio. They are particularly in love with murder mysteries, treasure hunts and love participating in masquerades, much for their love of mystery as well as music and elegance. Reading mystery novels and watching detective shows is also their favorite pastime. The unusual and rare attracts them, especially things appealing to the senses such as unique jewelry, perfumes, clothes, and so on.

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