Scorpio Love

Ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, Scorpio man and Scorpio woman are intense, complex and mysterious by nature. In love, they show extreme passions, emotions and sentiments that will either mercilessly scare you off or hopelessly hypnotize you - nothing less. Scorpio doesn’t know the art of living and loving in moderation, they do everything in maddening extremes. Being with a Scorpio can be addictive or exhaustive, or both at the same time.

Your Scorpio love partner has a high need for powerful emotional and physical love. They want to create a love story that looks envious and magical, a bond that's rock solid, a union that transcends earthly desires, and a relationship structure that can pass the test of time.

Scorpios man in love and Scorpio woman in love are known for their high sex drives. Intimacy and physical love with a Scorpio can be downright adventurous and exciting. However, for them, love making comes under the sacred and spiritual realm. So if you are looking for something casual and lustful, you are in the wrong zone.

This Scorpio love horoscope is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Scorpio love nature can be intuitive and psychic. They have an innate understanding of human nature. No wonder they understand your intentions and motives faster than you think possible. But, there is also a dark side to every Scorpio’s mind. As much as they can be lovable and sentimental, they can also surprise you with their obsession, jealousy and vindictiveness. They are also very secretive. Behind that cool smile and positive countenance, they might store resentments and despair.

Scorpios might get a lot of attention from the opposite gender, but they are extremely loyal partners. Monogamy is a set relationship code for Scorpio lovers.

If you have fallen in love with Scorpio, you may very well gear up for some exciting challenges and thrills of great highs and lows. Life will start to look anything but dull now. Loving a Scorpio is, perhaps, no easy. But you still wouldn't like to leave them.

What to expect when you are in Love with Scorpio?

When a Scorpio is romantically interested in you, they will transfer this message with their hawk-like gaze. There is a possibility that they were silently and secretively observing you for sometime now. And now that their analyses and research are complete, their feelings are in the open for you to consume them. Scorpio love compatibility is best with people who they feel are a total catch, who they can flaunt to everybody else.

How would you know your Scorpio lover is committed to you?

Your Scorpio love partner has a week understanding of the concept of casual love and harmless flirtation. Scorpio romance is fiery, intense and passionate. Either it has to be a striking soul mate connection, or they better not begin it in the first place. They better trade their heart to someone who deserves and values it. Even in those cases where an official commitment is beyond their reach, they will feel sincerely bonded with you from within.

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