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Taurus is a Fixed sign, rooted in their set ways. You seek consistency and security in life and work hard to achieve the same. Determination, concentration, practicality, patience and forethought are your biggest virtues. Once you have found your destination, you plod along without stopping, slow and steady yet win the race. Material aspect of life for you is as important to you as is emotional, since it helps you lead life in a better way. If someone tries to threaten the world of comforts and security that you have built, you deal with the power of the raging bull and everything seems fragile in front of you. Generally, you’re very calm and generous, however, there are certain things that rage you.

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Taurus, You Hate Change
You despise the unknown and the unpredictable and find comfort in familiar surroundings. You are very stubborn to change, have a set way to do things. Any drastic change in life is unwelcomed. You are conservative, have strong beliefs, and rarely do you give room for any modification. Change is still acceptable in the form of steady growth; however, nothing drastic interests you.  You are deeply rooted in your beliefs, lifestyle, commitments, and plans. However, evolution is necessary, and eventually, you go with the flow though it takes you longer than others to welcome the new.

Taurus, You Despise Chaos
Those born in Taurus like everything to be in order. Whenever they confront a messy situation that’s beyond your control, you get annoyed. You hate emotional outbursts, try to keep calm and organized as much as humanly possible. If there is some crisis or situation involving danger, you feel threatened. You do not want to compromise with security and worldly comforts at any cost. Losing something that you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in whether business or relationship, makes you unhappy. You do not like to be surrounded by people who are too loud, intolerant and have a speak-first attitude. If for Aries, ‘tomorrow never comes’, you are one of those who plan their ‘tomorrow in advance’.

Taurus, You hate to Move
Taurus do not do anything in a rush, you want stability. You do not want to jump off the mountain or go trekking, instead you take it slow and would prefer a lazy walk in a garden with rose beds. People born in Taurus fell pressured and irritated when someone asks them to hurry and finish a task or make a decision. You usually take your time to decide and take steps with caution. Not just physically, you are emotionally immovable too. If you have undertaken a course, no one can budge you as you are too determined to complete it.

Taurus, You Hate Betrayal
You do not fall for anyone and everyone, whether it is love or friendship. You like have a closely-knit friend circle with which you can go wine tasting or enjoy gourmet dinner. You are someone who can be trusted and relied upon. Those in trouble hunt you for help. You believe in long-lasting relationships, thus when someone is disloyal to you, it is intolerable and you may never forgive the betrayer. You take the grudges to grave, unlike Aries. You are loyal beings, can endure life-long relationships without cheating on and expect the same loyalty from others. In short, betrayal is the quickest way for someone to lose you forever.

Taurus, You Dislike Fake and Vulgar
You have a rich palate for the finest things the material aspect of life has to offer. You hate everything that is fake – phony people, artificial jewelry, bogus friends, imitation flowers and not to mention, fake food. You seek the finest in life, especially when it comes to material possessions. You have an eye for small details and love for all things genuine that tickle your senses. You love the fragrance of fresh flowers, the touch of silken lingerie, scrumptious slow-cooked food, relaxing music and a hot bubble bath.
Taurus is the most loyal and dependable person to have around, however, shall learn the art of forgiveness for it takes a strong man to forgive and move on. If you would be more open to change, things would end up pretty much as you expect.

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