Taurus Hobbies

Taurus follow a ‘live and let live policy’, just like a ‘bull’, however if someone tries to threaten their sense of security and comfort zone, they take it as a red flag and rest is usually history. Not the adventurous kind, your Sundays usually reflect an indulgent lifestyle - generally spent finding comfort in good music, good food and awe-inspiring scenery. In fact, food is your first love; you need a good cook in your life to really live merrily.

Taurus, the slave to the senses

You are sensual, ruled by the five senses. You have a taste for finer things. You often become antique collector right from childhood. Everything that involves affluence and persistence becomes your favorite pastime such as Jewelry making, art collection, horse-breeding, wine tasting, photography, pottery making, ceramics, and so on. The term “Finer things in life” to you does not just denote materialistic pleasures. In fact, things like smell of rain, a starry night, tweeting birds, chocolate covered strawberries, and a closely-knit family reunion could bring you the most delight. Whatever tickles the senses, become favored hobbies of Taurus especially gardening, painting, cooking, fishing, and bird watching. You love to pamper yourself with a massage by the pool, a spa session or a beauty routine.

Taurus, your Artistic Instinct

Venus rules Taurus Moon Sign, thus you are often artistically inclined, with an intense fondness for music, arts, dance, and drama. However, your taste is for the superior and the finest. If it is dance, you appreciate classical ballet, if it is music, you prefer ballad. Since Taurus is an Earth sign, you love nature, but instead of hiking or trekking, you prefer a lazy walk, relaxing on a beach, or going for an afternoon picnic.

Games and Activities for Taurus

Though those born in Taurus Moon Sign are capable of physically strenuous activities, yet prefer the ones that are slow and require patience. Do not be surprised to see a Taurus sitting in front of TV all day long. Home is their comfort zone and rarely do they find it exciting to get out of it. Rather than outdoor, they prefer indoor games and activities involving less physical motion.  Since their approach is methodological, they love games involving strategy and analysis of the situation such as chess, snooker, and carom board. Those born in Taurus are patient beings, often inclined towards hobbies such as reading, knitting, and embroidery.

Your resistance to welcome change and uncompromising nature could be a hurdle in your social and scholarly life, thus try to keep these aspects of your personality in check. Rest, you are born with a silver spoon.

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