Virgo Health Horoscope

Virgo are refined, sensitive, and possess a personality driven towards perfection. Your sense of perfection makes you scrutinize everything around you. You have an innate need for orderliness and high level of hygiene. Virgo have average height, pale complexion, beautiful eyes, sensitive mouth, big forehead, tender and a delicate body on the whole. You prefer to lead a simple and quiet life, and that is reflected in your sartorial sense and attitude. You cannot show off as Leo, nor can be impatient like Aries. Those born in Virgo are very much concerned with their health and sanitation level. The perks of it include tendency of having nutritional diet and regular exercise. However, the negative results of this over-sensitivity to environment are germ phobias, hypochondria, etc.

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Health Concerns for Virgo

Virgo are prone to everything that Gemini counterparts are, however, food sensitivity and allergies are some of the extras. You may have trouble with everything - the carpet in the room, the dust on the window, nylon stockings, greasy food, and so on, especially if you have an afflicted moon.

Mercury rules Virgo, which governs body parts such as intestines, navel, bowel, thyroid gland, pancreas, and such. Virgo particularly rules naval, so you may have delicate digestive system and intestinal health. You are health-conscious and have developed excellent food and exercise routine, but still tend to suffer from stomach acid, heartburns, excess wind and food allergies. You process food too quickly and this leads to inappropriate absorption of nutrients and minerals. You are constantly thinking, excessively worried about your health and eating habits, which further aggravates your problems.

Your sound fitness regime and diet generally build a defense mechanism for your body, thus you rarely get sick. However, any break in the routine makes you subside to health issues discussed above. Undue worry, in fact, makes you prone to psychosomatic disorders. You shall learn to let it go and take it easy.

Dietary Changes for Virgo

You are one of those who always have some special dietary request when travelling. You are obsessed about food. You prefer organic, than processed. Food rich in Vitamin B will help you with the nervous system, especially B 1 that is found in potatoes, oranges, sunflower seeds, trout fish, green peas, wheat bread etc.

When it comes to your digestive track, make sure to chew your food properly to make it running smooth. Prefer easy to digest food items. Make sure to include brown rice, green beans, lentils, spinach, and lettuce in your diet. Avoid cold drinks. If you are deficient of potassium, include tomatoes, apple, banana, yogurt, fish, avocados, mushrooms, and so on.

Health Advice for Virgo - Take It Easy

Those born in Virgo need to relax, not physically but mentally. Your mind is constantly on the go. You need time alone to release your mind off unnecessary thoughts and negativity. Meditation for you is the best activity. Virgo often complain of stomach issues when stressed. If you continue to thrive on negative emotions and opinions, you may gradually develop ulcers. Listen to your favorite music, practice yoga, pamper yourself with a massage, or read that book you always wanted to. This will help you calm down your active mind for some time.
And if you are too concerned about your health and not sure what to do (that’s natural being a Virgo), get a personalized horoscope reading to find out what your astral alignment has to say about your health. Health Profile / Medical Astrology is another useful horoscope report, you may like.

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