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Those with Virgo Moon Sign tend to find security and comfort in the little things in life. They are not after the finest life has to offer; they pay attention to the small details of everyday life and want to put everything in order to feel secure and content. Relaxation to you comes after you are free from paying your bills, running household tasks, and arranging books. Cleanliness is mostly associated with Virgo; however, this does not mean that you are obsessed rubbing bathroom tiles every weekend. It is just that you love to spend time making everything at home look tidy and orderly.

The following Virgo Personality Characteristics & Virgo Horoscope findings are based on the Moon sign, the sign where Moon was positioned at the time of birth. Are you a Virgo Moon Sign? Find out instantly.

Virgo are very logical, creative, and many have an inclination towards arts. You love to obtain as much information as possible through observation and analysis. You love reading, primarily because you love to gain knowledge. Writing also comes natural to you; it becomes a medium for you to express what you could not do verbally. Music and drama come under the umbrella too.

Virgo are very kind and compassionate; love to help those in need. You have a special love for animals. Animal husbandry is one of your favorite leisure pursuits. Joining a city farm nearby or keeping your own pet can be great ways to calm down your busy mind.

Those born in Virgo have an analytical mind. Even when they want to relax, they need to think, analyze and improve themselves. Therefore, a hobby that helps them express their need to analyze could be the best fit. Games and activities that require observation, analysis, precision and attention to detail are your preferred pastimes including chess, solving puzzles such as crosswords, and jigsaws. All these are food for your thought. You are obviously drawn to intellectual hobbies than those involving sports and vigorous physical activity.

However, this does not mean that you do not do well at sports. You by default are obsessed with health and fitness. You love to spend time at gym, exercise at home, go for morning walks and practice yoga.

When it comes to outdoor games, you do well in activities requiring attentiveness such as shooting, golf, billiards, croquet, archery, darts, and so on. You are not attracted towards exerting activities; you rather prefer sports that require attention to detail and moderate level of physical activity. This is because you are a sign of Mercury, head-oriented than body, you like to keep your brain active than your mind. This helps you channelize your mental as well as physical energy in harmony. However, you spend too much time thinking and analyzing, thus should take out time to relax your mind and soul. If you are not up for something physically demanding, try activities that help you meditate and give a break to your mind. Like what you read here? You may also like Career Planner Reading. It’s an intuitive reading to know your true calling. 

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