Virgo Man

The Virgo man in marriage is an out-and-out family guy. He’s a very dependable and sincere partner. He is smart, realistic and practical in his approach towards love and life in general. He will be caring, dutiful and responsible towards his family and kids. The only downside, perhaps, is that with such staunch realism and practicality, he misses out on highs and lows of romance and passion in a relationship. Deep down inside, he’s fascinated by extreme sentimentalism, but in reality adopts too practical a perspective to believe in it completely.

The Virgo man can be rather strict about time, discipline, organization. He also wants total cleanliness and hygiene at the home. In fact, he can be very fussy and demanding on these fronts sometimes. He wants everything well arranged, simplified and in order. He won’t do it all by himself. He expects you to take care of it with perfection.

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Virgo nature is to pay great attention to detail. He can analyze situations very well and give you useful feedback. He is an understanding and considerate partner, but very less tolerant of your flaws. His blunt criticism could hurt you, but will be spot on and up to the mark.

The Virgo love partner can be possessive, but never wildly and insanely jealous. He will demand loyalty and will be loyal to you, because he knows extra marital affairs destroy families, and he can never ever want that to happen to his own family. He wants respect and admiration in the eyes of his children.

Qualities you will love in your Virgo Man:

A Virgo man in relationship or marriage is very reliable, kind and dependable. He will show great courage and strength even amidst extreme difficult situations. You will melt seeing his sense of duty towards the family. He also has an upper hand at conversations and discussions. You will be charmed by his great social skills.

Traits you wish your Virgo Man never had:

When you are in love with Virgo, you will miss out a lot on the cheesy, dreamy romance, if that was on your wish list. Since Virgo lives and thrives well in realistic pictures, he harshly skips the fantasy and fairy tale romances. Of course, it would be a bit cruel to say that Virgo romance is an oxymoron. Family life and kids will give his life more purpose than idealistic, sentimental love stories. Besides, his pin pointing of smallest errors in your personality and brutal criticism might wound you badly sometimes.

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