Aquarius Dislikes

Person born with Moon in Aquarius is like a “butterfly”; you sit on every flower but belong to none. The whole world is your garden, where you prioritize the collective needs over personal, society over individual. You need to be part of a group, you cannot stand loneliness, but at the same time, there are moments of solitude when you need to contemplate and immerse yourself in the world of mind's eye. You have a tendency to explore the world, study human behavior, innovate new concepts, ideas and visualize a lot. Having a rigid attitude, you have strong likes and dislikes that shape your temperament.

You hate emotions and intimacy

Those born with moon in Aquarius are driven by ideas and concepts. You prefer to keep yourself away from emotional dependency or neediness. Even if you are to support the loved ones in some way, you tend to be more comfortable in providing support in practical ways than by getting emotionally involved. You firmly believe in logic and facts than emotions and intimacy. You like being popular, but dislike people who show off or take you for granted.

You disdain restrictions

Chances that you will subside to confining circumstances are rare. You hate being denied freedom, to act, to choose, or to explore. Your river of ideas has to flow freely in order for you to function. You like to fly as if part of the wind itself, and any attempts to cage you down make you furious. You may confirm to the ideas of the group, provided you support the aim. Blending in like-minded groups gives you strength and more freedom, provided you are not told what to do.

You despise violence

You are the backbone of the social body you are part of. You stand for values like social justice and equality. You do anything possible to avoid confrontations and consider arguments as needless. A born pacifist, you prefer to set things right by dialogue when needed than aggression and action. You despise violence, fights or emotional outbursts.  You somehow have the knack to find the middle ground where both parties can understand each other and reach an agreement.

You shun the “old ways”

While you may easily encounter an Aquarian who is an antique collector or enjoy all things nostalgic and vintage, but you will rarely find an Aquarian who appreciates conventional authority or the old ways of doing things. Due to their fertile imagination and ideas of innovation and novelty, Aquarians are rather known to bring radical changes. They are innovators who prefer to do things in novel ways than in conventional. They become socialists, radicals, and in some cases even extremists. They are known to bring equality, social justice, and peace in their community.

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