Capricorn Dislikes

Capricorn are emotionally stable and have a practical and realistic outlook towards end goals. They are not dreamers who over expect, they do however need a dream to keep going. They are very ambitious, hard working, and disciplined, in short have all that is needed to get things done. Capricorn is an earth sign, which is deeply connected to the physical world. Feelings and emotions are manifested in the physical body than heart or mind. Thus, when emotionally depressed, they often resort to work, you may see them in office working 24 hours until they re-emerge and get back to their emotional stability.

You hate emotional expression

You have a very strong dislike for people who express themselves in open, especially public display of affection. There is a fear deep in your heart of being rejection or disrespected, thus you always keep your emotional self guarded, unless you actually fall for someone and trust them after a realistic evaluation of the future of the relationship. Even the most romantic of Capricorn despise publicly showing their softer or passionate side.  In such situations, the sea-goat in them feels frustrated and looks for ways to retreat into the water.

You dislike indecorous behavior

Those born with Moon in Capricorn are usually solitary knights. They are emotionally stable and sound, their behavior tends to be classy. Even when they are angry, rather than bursting like a volcano, they suppress their anger and find outlet in the form of work. Being a Moon in Capricorn is not easy. Undignified behavior and emotional outbursts are not their cup of tea. That is not to say that Moon in Capricorn are not cheerful. They tend to cover up their secret emotional storms with a dry sense of humor.

You despise purposelessness

Those having Capricorn as their moon sign need a purpose, an ambition, a dream to sustain and keep going. Even if they have all the financial support needed to afford affluence, there is a constant need for achievement. The ambition is not always in the monetary terms, it can be either financial or spiritual. Capricorn give their 100% in whatever they aspire to do, primarily the reason why they become great leaders and achieve success in career. Even when they have retired with great amount of wealth, they still want to do something to make a mark in the world.

You find laziness objectionable

Moon in Capricorn are very active, both mentally as well as physically. They have what it takes to sacrifice short-term gratifications to achieve the bigger goals in life. Thus, indolence is not something they appreciate, in both themselves as well as others. When they are at work, they do not take nonsense and like to work in peace to fulfill their ambitions as quickly and with as little resources as possible. Their ambition-oriented personality driven by self-discipline and work ethics helps them set high standards for themselves. They often think why others cannot make the same sacrifices as they are.

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