A difficult day with multiple issues holding you back and causing the important issues to be relegated to the background. Work as well as personal matters will be under pressure today. You may feel disturbed, but hold on to your patience. Important issues should better be deferred to some other day.

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Today's Planetary Positions

- Ashburn, US
Planet Position Rashi Star
Ascendent 2° 8' 25" Pis P.Bhadrapada
Sun 9° 55' 1" Pis U.Bhadrapada
Moon 23° 28' 19" Cap Dhanistha
Mars 16° 16' 18" Ari Bharani
Mercury 25° 51' 49" Pis Revati
Jupiter(R) 25° 57' 54" Vir Chitra
Venus(R) 11° 27' 17" Pis U.Bhadrapada
Saturn 3° 33' 53" Sag Mula
Rahu 9° 0' 56" Leo Magha
Ketu 9° 0' 56" Aqu Satabhisaj
Uranus 29° 11' 36" Pis Revati
Neptune 18° 26' 45" Aqu Satabhisaj
Pluto 25° 7' 5" Sag P.Asadha


  Planet Ekadashi upto 13:53
  Yoga Siddha upto 28:17+
  Nakshatra Shravana upto 16:45
  Rahukala 10:56 - 12:27  
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Daily Astrology Planner

  • Business deals

    Ordinary day for business transactions throughout. Avoid major decisions as they could be emotional.

  • Love & relationships

    Average day. No major progress possible.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Good throughout the day.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Positive day but major investment should be avoided as chances of wrong emotional decision possible.

  • Important letters or email communication

    Favorable day. There will be reason and logic, which could bring success in the long term.

  • Journey

    Favourable day throughout.

  • Purchase of new house/ car

    Quite favorable. The move or purchase will be peaceful and positive.

  • Moving into new house

    Good day for moving into residential houses.

  • Gambling

    Insignificant day. It would be better to avoid gambling today.

  • Start new medicine /surgery

    Very good for both activities, especially for medicine throughout the day.

  • Initiating legal proceedings /notices

    Very good for cases filed today. More beneficial for non criminal cases.

  • Offensive action involving violence or aggression.

    Ineffective day mostly.

  • Construction/Building activity

    Good day throughout for all kinds of activities.

  • Educational activity /admissions

    Very favourable day for matters related to academics throughout.

  • Commence religious ceremonies

    Very auspicious for such activities throughout the day. This is the best day in the next 15 days.

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