Libra Dislikes

Libra is an Air Sign. Those born in Libra have an easy-going personality with an airy quality and elegance to them. Charming, outgoing and adaptable, Libra have an eye for aesthetics too. You seek balance in everything whether relationships, arguments, or even your home. Being ruled by Venus, you have a special inclination towards beauty. Your home reflects the perfect blend of beauty and balance, oozing symmetry and proportion with living room often mirrored along a central axis. You seek a calm and clutter-free environment. Here are a few things that bring out the Gorillian side of you.

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You hate imbalance

Libra hunt for balance in all areas of their life - coordination with people, cooperation in relationship, proportion in body, symmetry in decoration, a balanced diet and so on. When dealing with people and conflicts, you excel at finding the middle ground. In love, you make compromises to have a harmonious relationship. You know how to dress to complement your proportion and bring out your best features. You love to make your home a showplace, decorating it to drip understanding of style and symmetry. Your mascot, a scale weighs and measures, and so do you. You keep changing things until you achieve equilibrium.

You hate chaos

Due to your higher-than-average sense of balance, you hate crisis and situations when there is chaos. Places that are calm and serene suit you best. You like to keep your surrounding clutter-free. You listen to two sides of the story and try to find a feasible negotiation. When there is balance and harmony in your life, you become the center of your universe.  However, when in chaotic situation, you end up as a mess – indecisive, dependant and self-indulging. Any loud and angry response to your polite request upends your scale of balance.

You hate to be disliked

People sense your fair-minded approach and come to you for solutions to their issues. You earn others trust easily but you are prone to dependency. You rely on relationships and seek approval of those around you. When you sense the possibility of rejection or being disliked, you change your opinion to suit the situation rather than voicing your truest observations.

You hate loneliness

This can be a universal fact that applies on all born in Libra. You just cannot stay alone. Even if you have to go pick up grocery, you need company. You are happiest when with someone. Given the choice between solitude and twosome, you of course choose the latter in every situation. Your emotions, behavior and actions are driven by relationship with other people. In the truest sense, you are a ‘people person’. When you have to face separation, your whole world falls apart including your sense of justice, decisiveness, and charm. To be you, you have to be among others.

You hate injustice

Those born in Libra are justice lovers and seekers. Your sense of balance means you seek equality and when you sense a threat, you immediately stand for the downtrodden. You are known as fair and grounded, thus you often end up being a troubleshooter of your social and domestic circle. You are a mediator and often involved in situations where there is a need for someone who can patiently perceive both sides of the coin and strike a balance. You are attentive to feelings and emotions of others. Your open and fair-minded approach makes you a justice upholder. You have what is called the art of peacemaking; you can make people feel better with your just and kind words.

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