Scorpio Dislikes

Scorpio have either a black or white outlook towards life. They are drawn towards the unconventional. Their career is often associated with risk and danger in some way. If their emotional intensity is focused towards a positive course, they create success and happiness. And if it is channelized in the wrong direction, it may lead to revenge, attraction to paranormal and negative occult fields. Nevertheless, Scorpio are mysterious and have a magnetic charisma. They display extremity of emotions, and have strong likes and dislikes. If they love something, they love it to the point of obsession, and if they hate something, they hate it to the point of outright rage. Here are some things that Scorpio hate to the extreme level.

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I am not a backup plan

Scorpios are living lie detector machines; they have the ability to sense when someone is lying. So never dare to be disloyal to a Scorpio. Little details become the biggest connecting threads, unveiling the whole story to them. Keeping secrets from a Scorpio is a vain effort. It is better to stay loyal or stay away! Scorpios immediately lose interest in false characters. They are quick to sense disloyalty because they also hold themselves to high standards of straightforwardness and loyalty. Once you fall in their eyes, you may never rise. Scorpio may even forgive but they never forget. The only way to set things right with a Scorpio is to make a huge effort from your heart and make them feel that you are remorseful.

Adventure is dangerous. Routine is death

Scorpio love challenges in their life. Whether it is about their career or leisure time, their pursuits always involve dare, things that require a certain amount of courage and fearlessness. If you really want to impress a Scorpio, do something out of the box. Scorpios love surprises, so next time you want to win a Scorpio’s interest, surprise them. And by surprise, we do not mean a surprise bash at their home, they rarely welcome invasion of their private sphere.  Take them to a place they have never been to or look out for an art exhibition, as Scorpio love arts and music. Add a flavor of mystery in your daily life to keep a Scorpio hooked.

Zero tolerance for disrespect

Scorpio have a tendency to take things personally, even if it isn’t about them. Thus, any display of disrespect towards them is not suggested as they tend to be fired up by criticism and little things, sometimes as little as not getting a response to text messages. Nevertheless, Scorpio love with all heart and soul. Their zero tolerance for disrespect is raged up in cases when a stranger tries to snap judgments. If a Scorpio meets a shy person, they may believe that the person does not like them. Rather than simply try to win them over with their magnetic persona, they tend to give a cold shoulder.

No personal questions please!
Scorpio like privacy, they do not tend to reveal much about themselves. They believe that the lesser they reveal, the more others wonder. This is how they ooze mystery and magnetism. Asking a personal question to a Scorpio is not advisable, as they cannot take any invasion of privacy lightly. Their home is a private globe; they rarely prefer to entertain guests at home unless they are really inclined to do so. They do not prefer guests to come uninvited or unexpected.

No wait game for me!
Scorpio hate lethargy, they are people driven by action and ambition. They like to be associated with people who have goals in life. If you do not have a goal and a plan to achieve that, there is no place for you in a Scorpio’s life. More the determination and drive, the more appealing you are to a Scorpio. Commitment is very important to Scorpio, not just in love but all areas of life. Therefore, when they commit to a project, they leave no stone unturned to complete it on time with perfection and expect the same from others. And if a Scorpio does not have a challenge their life, they have the tendency to find one.
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