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People having Virgo Moon Sign are intellectual than emotional and have a very sharp mind. Your memory is exceptional and so is the learning capability. You have an analytical mind with a desire to learn about people and the environment surrounding you. You learn from experience, thus, it is highly unlikely for you to repeat mistakes. You love to analyze people and situations and offer solution, which is often in the form of critique or sensible advice. Your insights often come off as harsh since you are not a slave to idealism and show the real picture. You have a systematic and practical approach to life. Thus, there are things that you just cannot stand in order to keep your sense of security and serenity intact.

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Virgo, you hate chaos and disorderliness

Virgos pay attention to minutest of details and have an inherent need for order. The motto of your life is to “keep everything in place”. You like to keep your lives systematic, organized and routine. You are the happiest when there is a well-established system, but this makes you over-controlling person on the domestic front. Things like unplanned trips, loud emotional outbursts, disorganized notes, unrehearsed answers, chaotic situations and any break in routine cause you extreme stress.

Virgo, you hate not being needed

Those born in Virgo are considerate beings; they love to serve others, especially on a mental level. You never cease to give advice to those under stress and confusion. Your need to serve others is so intense that you hate not being needed. When people take you for granted or do not consider your advice, you submerge in solitude. The best compliment you can get is, “it would not have been possible without you”. You hate situations when people face issues after not listening to your sage advice and later pretend that they are fine.

Virgo, you hate crowd and noise   

 Who says Virgos are not sociable? Those born in Virgo are social beings but they do not like crowd and noise. Virgos seem distant when in a crowd because you wait for the opportunity to come if you want to speak to someone. You do not like to interrupt. If the opportunity does not come, you will simply leave. Virgos find it annoying to be around superficial and loud people, especially those who do not think before they speak. Virgos need their personal space, even when among the crowd. You do not want to be the center of attention. That is primarily the reason why you do not like hot colors such as red. You rather prefer earthy shades such as pasture green, honey brown and wood chocolate to blend in the environment as if you cease to exist.

Virgo, you dislike impoliteness

 Virgos are known to be refined, courteous and modest in their manner. It is not advisable to behave vulgar and careless in front of Virgos or one will lose their respect. Virgos simply cannot understand those who do not consider the outcome of their actions. They rarely get along with those born in Aries because of their recklessness and impatience. When visiting a Virgo, it is advised to not touch any of their possessions or change their position as you may come off as careless and rude. Rather than simply jumping into things, Virgos are one of those who read the instructional manual carefully before assembling something.

Virgo, you dislike invasion of privacy

Those born in Virgo are polite, humble, polished, and simple in nature. You do not like to blow your own trumpet. Even when you lend a helping hand, you do not seek gratitude or attention in return. You are happy to work behind the scene. You do not like to reveal secrets, whether yours or someone else’s. This is primarily the reason why you come off as trustworthy and a good secret keeper. For you, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Your rarely approve of your friends gossiping about your personal life. A little politesse is the key to unlock the door to Virgos’ love and support.

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