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About Taurus Horoscope

This Astrology reading is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth.
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As per Vedic Astrology, Taurus sign is ruled by Venus - the planet of beauty and material comforts and Moon is exalted in this sign. They are generous and magnanimous people. They have a natural ability to make money. And financial stability and their emotional dependence on their soul mate - their spouse are the two important aspects to them. They are sociable and nice people to be with. Not very emotionally spontaneous, they are rather more realistic. They like to finish off one task before taking up another. Material well-being is very important to them. They make a great, reliable, and stable lover. They love to make friends and have social circle. They are not truly the home bodies, though home and comfort are important to them. They would rather spend their energies in social pursuits. They have a great taste in arts and tend to collect ethnic things. They bring to their relationships a sense of stability and maturity. Once they have found in you the soul mate, they would go any length to stay back with you through their life. Taurus Horoscope can be analyzed to understand more specific Taurus traits.

Taurus Man

Your Taurus husband can give you complete stability, safety and security in a marriage. Ruled by the planet of glamour and beauty Venus, your Taurus husband would enjoy filling » More

Taurus Woman

There are not many women on the planet as resilient and strong as your Taurus wife. This woman has many wonderful, admirable qualities. » More

Taurus Love

Taurus individuals make very dependable, caring and loving partners. Ruled by the beauty plant planet Venus, Taurus has natural fondness for good looks, glamour and luxury. » More

Taurus Boss

Taurus is practical, sensible and a natural lover of material things. A Taurus boss will never be satisfied running a small business. » More

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