Taurus Health Horoscope

Second in the zodiac wheel, those born in Taurus are immovable beings. They will not step an inch until sure of the possibilities. Their life revolves around sensory pleasures and possessions, not that they are materialistic but because they have a liking for the finer things in life.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, thus endowed with beauty and charm when it comes to physical attributes. Those born in Taurus are generally healthy and of medium to tall height. Their body structure is somewhat thick and square, shoulders broad. They pretty much resemble their mascot, bull. They have attractive eyes and fuller & round face. Even those who are not obese look strong and solid. In a nutshell, they are some of the most attractive people on earth.

Are you a Taurus Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly. This detailed Horoscope reading is prepared on the basis of Moon Sign. Moon Sign is a very significant astrological sign to know your future! 

Health Issues Taurus Face

Each sign in the zodiac represents certain external and internal body parts/organs. Internally, Taurus rules the jugular vein, submaxillary gland, tonsils, cricoids cartilage, thyroid cartilage, thyroid gland, spinal accessory nerve and clavicle. Vulnerable body parts of Taurus include upper torso, throat, teeth, chin, palate, neck, larynx, ears, and jaw area. You will often find a Taurus complaining of croup, tonsils, stiff neck, cervical pain, sore throat, swollen glands, laryngitis, injuries around neck and earaches.
Good food tickles your taste buds. You have a deep fondness for indulgence. You should sternly be careful to over eat or drink too much. You are quite likely to fall victim to over-indulgence, which may lead you to obesity soon. Moreover, as you get older, the situation may worsen. In order to lead a healthy life, you need to curb your urge to over-indulge.

Suggested Activities for Taurus

Your attitude is laid-back; you unknowingly have a dislike for exercise. You are disciplined in every area of life except health. Taurus rules thyroid gland, so if it malfunctions, it will lead to serious weight issues. You need to make a fitness routine and stick to it. Moderate exercise has to be a part of your life. Since you will not really stick to a strenuous jogging routine and are not a morning person, you could include some moderate exercises in your daily life such as brisk walking, mowing the lawn, washing the car, golfing, water aerobics, volleyball, hose riding, yoga, and cycling.

Dietary Changes for Taurus

So many people born in Taurus fight the war of weight throughout their life. It is essential for you to keep a check on your inches and make sure to adopt a diet low in fat, sugar, and starch. To keep your thyroid operational, you should include natural iodine in your food in the form of seafood, especially fish. Green salads and fresh fruits should also be included in the diet. Heavy rich food items to be avoided; if not completely than at least you should set a limit for yourself.

Governing your food habits and including some sort of moderate exercises in your everyday life will really help you avoid the health hassles.

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