Taurus Boss

Taurus is practical, sensible and a natural lover of material things. A Taurus boss will never be satisfied running a small business. He will persistently work hard to build a bigger empire. This means you will have ample opportunities to make progress working with him.

Taurus boss will seem to have an enormously patient, easy going and peaceful demeanor. He is not one of those kinds who would nag or fuss on unnecessary things every now and then. You will find him cool and calm generally. You must remember, however, that he is nice and polite with you not because he is weak, less confident or timid, but because he wants to give you enough chances and opportunities to shine and rectify your mistakes.

This Taurus Boss Personality reading is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Taurus boss is not judgmental and carries no prejudices. He will have no problems if you learn things slowly and take time to complete your assignments. He will give you fair number of chances and periods of rest. He is not a believer of doing things in haste. He knows solid and stable structures need time to build.

But Taurus boss could be very stubborn sometimes, forcing you to do things only his way. He will be rather fixed on his procedures and methods, which could look a bit old fashioned at times. The reason is that he wants to go with safe, tried and tested techniques. He is less open to experimenting newer, riskier ways.

How to impress a Taurus Boss?

Taurus boss admires discipline and self improvement skills in his employees. He is also fond of employees who are stable, sincere, dependable and reliable. You will earn extra points if you look neat, presentable and polished as Taurus is a natural lover of beauty.

What can make a Taurus Boss angry?

Taurus boss is generally far more tolerant and forgiving of your flaws and goof ups, but only if you learn to not repeat them. Do not try to take advantage of his casual attitude and good nature beyond a point. His considerate, gentle attitude wouldn’t stay like that forever. He will be silently noticing your work quality and attitude and making clear points. And if he finds you dishonest towards your work, he can fire you without notice. And you will wonder how that kindness, softness and sensitivity transformed into an explosive outburst?  You may also like Career Analysis Reading. It is an intuitive Vedic analysis to understand how your career would shape up in the coming years. 

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