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Aries are almost synonymous with the term “fast and furious”. Aries is a Fire sign and the first sign in the zodiac. It stands for new beginnings, unbridled energy, and an urge for power and control. You despise distraction, criticism, and cannot enjoy life when under stress. Your flare-ups are short-lived and behavior, child-like. Your life is a series of emergencies; you cannot hold grudges because you need to move on to whatever is next. Often the first one in a queue, Aries is quick to act, generally possesses a strong built and sound health as per Aries Horoscope Reading. However, your hastiness, lack of control, impatience, and aggression break you down often.

This Aries Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign. Are you an Aries Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very significant astrological sign to know your future!

Health Issues Aries Face

You just cannot slowdown, and hate every speed-breaker that comes in your way, distractions to be precise. Your recklessness and impatience to get things done in a rush and inability to finish off what you started, leaves you under stress, often affecting your food habits and health. If Moon is afflicted in an Aries Birth Chart, it brings about ailments related to blood, lungs, and breathing.
Your passion and enthusiasm govern your actions, thus to make the most of your assets, you should learn anger management skills right from the start. If your energy is directionless and you’re forced to work under a 9 to 5 desk job, your health will suffer.

Aries are prone to inflammation, rashes, and headaches due to over-activity and aggression. Mars rules Aries and also the energy, impulse, blood, and immune system. If you skip meals or eat junk food in a hurry, your digestive system will cease to function. You could suffer from low energy level at times, or headaches, constipation, fever and symptoms of burn-out.

The ruling body part of Aries is head. Do not overwork your brain as it may cause headache and trouble with eyes. Being workaholic could also lead to permanent migraine. Aries are accident-prone; frequently suffer from head injuries, falls, bruises and burns, often due to recklessness and aggression.

Suggested Activities for Aries for a Sound Body, Mind and Soul

Anything that satiates your urge to release the physical energy and explore the unknown is good for your overall health. Find an outlet for your energy and impulsiveness, like jogging, yoga, meditation, or cycling. When angry, use your aggression as a fuel for a healthier lifestyle, and instead of pulling Godzilla and destroying things. Play badminton, squash, or practice martial arts. These activities help release a massive amount of energy in a short span. Do not forget to get yourself more time to sleep to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge.

Suggested Dietary Changes for Aries Horoscope

The word “fast food” is literally meant for Aries, if not figuratively. Just like everything in your life, you eat quickly; most of you swallow rather than chew, and engage in the next stressful activity as soon as you are done. Your food should be light, fiber-rich and easily digestible, but at the same time, should boost energy with lots of nutrients and calories. A DETOX diet with plenty of fiber and liquids is recommended for you, as it will cleanse your body of the toxins. Although do not avoid meat or fish completely (if you are not a vegetarian) for a long period as you need sufficient amount of protein and energy to keep you in the ever-active mode. To stay away from unnecessary headaches, high blood pressure, and rashes, spicy food and caffeine should also be avoided as much as possible.

Aries having weak placement of planets often suffer from health issues and concerns. There are certain Astrological Remedies and measures relative to each natal chart for which you could consult an expert astrologer.

Health Profile / Medical Astrology is another useful reading, which you may like to read.

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