Foundation Pillars of your life

Foundation Pillars of your life


Just like a treasure hunt, the treasure of good luck and prosperity are parked in certain ‘pockets’ of your horoscope. These blocks when strong, are potent enough to offset the misfortunes caused by challenging & weaker sectors of a birth chart. These are the 4 quadrants, also called the Kendras of a horoscope. These four ‘Kendras’ are the foundation pillar of your life. Each Foundation Pillar of your life supports the following high impact areas:

1. Your own self, health, personality, character( first pillar)

2. Your mother, happiness, landed property & assets like vehicles( second pillar)

3. Marriage & business partnerships, ability to create business ventures dealing with foreign lands (third pillar)

4. Your karma, career, what you would do to make your living & your social circle ( fourth pillar)

Each of these 4 pillars gets activated at different time in life. It depends on the dasa period of the ruling planet of these kendras. And it’s just futile to run after work when you should be focusing on your relationships. Similarly, it’s no point going after position & professional success when actually it’s another foundation pillar - say your health that needs attention and is activated currently. If such consciousness is there, good progress and success can be achieved in all pursuits of life.

But most of us are likely to focusing on an aspect whose time is not ripe; which can wait while the time for another important area is flying past us! The formula to succeed is to know the strength of each pillar and the timing when each one gets activated & planets support your actions granting success in that area of your life.

Benefits of Foundation Pillars Report

  • The very intriguing foundation pillar report charts out the analysis of each of your 4 foundation pillars
  • Their strength & weakness, any afflictions and how they could be lessened by astrological remedies and your efforts - your freewill.
  • Which area & when it should become your focus to harness the true potential of your birth chart.
  • Finding out which is the next foundation pillar that’s getting activated
  • Should your focus be on your health, home, family, marriage or you should chase pure play position & lofty professional goals at present.
  • Advice on how each pillar of your life would fare over the next 2-15 years
  • Guidance on what aspect of your life to focus on at what stage of life.

Helpful Tips:

  • Analysis of each of your 4 foundation pillars, their strength & weakness.
  • Afflictions & how to lessen them.
  • What area to focus on & when to harness the true potential of your horoscope.
  • Discover which is your next foundation pillar that’s getting activated.
  • Learn what should you now focus on - health, home, family, marriage, or career.
  • Guidance on what to focus on at what stage of life.

Report Size:

12 Pages