Natal Rahu Report

The importance of Rahu planet occupies the significant place and role in the celestial bodies.

As per ancient mythology Rahu is considered as a shadowy planet that has no real physical existence. Rahu represents the head of the dragon which was cut by deception and it does not have the sense of discriminate between good and evil so it works against the standards of what is morally right. Rahu’s nature is to deceive, tease, give a lot and take away even more using diplomacy, deception & illusions. This is the reason Rahu is synonymous with deception & is a formless planet which is shadowy and acts covertly.

Rahu’s Role in Vedic Natal Astrology

  • Planet Rahu is the vital malefic planet in Vedic Astrology which is the root cause of illusion and deception in every mortal’s life.
  • Rahu is involved in material and earthly matters and it represents focus where you are most likely to put your efforts and in this it can also represent insatiable desires too. One of our challenges will be to curb or control desires in order to find some balance in our lives.
  • Rahu creates extreme love that can be obsessive, desires that can be lustful to a depraved level, material desires that goes to greed & obsession & within the body extreme expansion in cells that causes obesity & malignancy in tissues when Rahu is badly placed.
  • A positive Rahu multiplies finances & income sky high, a Rahu induced position can catapult you to the position of the head of an organization & a king. Rahu can drive the imagination of people crazy & helps one attain political fame & instant stardom in performing arts. A positive & favorable Rahu is like a strong wind in your favor that clears up your path for unprecedently gains.

Rahu in your Horoscope:

As explained above, Rahu, like other planets is judged in many ways. The house placement is just one of the many ways it is done. To give you a quick idea, effects of Rahu in each house is as below:

Rahu in 12 houses

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 1st house and influences you in a manner that makes Rahu as a significant factor in your personality. The first house governs you nature, name & fame, confidence and general welfare in life. Placement of Rahu here gives you a very strong power of imagination, a very fixed outlook towards life, an independent streak that does not let you bow down to anybody. The level of ambition will always be very high for you, it is immaterial whether you are pursuing material objects or spiritual path in life. The dasa of Rahu brings success after challenges. Health for you & spouse could also see some challenges in this dasa. Rahu 1st house dasa becomes a period of learning & you will come out stronger towards the end. This position causes disputes & eventually gains from father’s estate besides issues with siblings. Rahu in the 1st house brings success with tremendous challenges & deep imaginative skills. If we go into history & successful people with 1st house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Raj Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Charles Dickens & Nicola Tesla.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 2nd house and influences your thinking & sub-conscious in a significant manner. The 2nd house governs your finance, material possession, family, self, values. An 2nd house Rahu beneficial to make prosperous in life, with good wealth, name & fame, high status in society, great singer, an influential public speaker & a plump spouse in later age. The dasa of Rahu bring variety of aspects to grow more and benefits in life. Along with all this during its period you may face challenging relation with co-born or face frequent & cyclical hurdles in your journeys. The dasa of Rahu in 2nd house also bring challenging time in marriage and bring chances of second marriage. There is an element of politics & intrigue in family matters that might see a lot of behinds the scenes activity in family matters. Rahu in 2nd gives intense love affairs & deep caring for partner. If we go into history & successful people with 2nd house Rahu placement, we are not surprised to see the names of Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan,Tiger Woods & Steffi Graff.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 3rd house and influences your career & public life in a significant manner. The third house governs your siblings, communication, mental health, intelligence, travel, creativity, and habits. The position of Rahu in 3rd house gives you courage, strong will-power, better communication, loving siblings and innovative ideas. Here, it will give you radical ideas and out of the box thinking. The dasa of Rahu blesses success in every venture but it also taints your life with some challenges related to health of siblings or father. This dasa will be the period of learning and to deeply explore and understand religion and self-realization. Rahu in 3rd house motivates you to guidance and help to others. This position of Rahu blesses you with talent and proficient skills for wealth accumulations. If we go into history & successful people with 3rd house Jupiter placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Ravi Shastri, Dhirubhai Ambani, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Jackson.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 4th house and influences you in a significant manner. The fourth house governs happiness, mental peace, emotional satisfaction, material possessions, traditions & culture, home, mother and career of your spouse. The position of Rahu in 4th house gives a distinct personality or brings lots of twist and turns in life. It may give challenges in terms of your as well as your mother’s health. The dasa of Rahu brings success in yours and spouse career after some challenges. Your mother’s health may keep delicate during Rahu period. Yours or your spouse career also may face difficulty during 4th house Rahu dasa. This dasa brings testing periods for life love life. However with some testing periods Rahu period may be the time of transformation for betterment. If we go into history & successful people with 4th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Karisma Kapoor, Himesh Reshamia, Sarena Williams and Ariana Grande.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 5th house and influences your mind & creativity in a significant manner. The fifth house governs first conception of child, pleasures, social inclinations, artistic talents, recreation, entertainment, romance & love in life, affair, cinema. The position of Rahu in 5th house bless you with remarkable management skills and capabilities. This also gives an ego in mind from very early stage of life. The dasa of Rahu brings intense prosperity, vast spiritual knowledge, romantic pleasures and happiness from children in your present incarnation. This period of Rahu may give challenges in terms of your health or your children health, your life style and bring difficulty in managing money in initial period. There will be some transformation in your career that you will experience during the dasa of Rahu in 5th house. If we go into history & successful people with 5th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Narendra Modi, Mary Kom, Pele and Jim Carrey.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 6th house and influences you in a significant manner. The sixth house corresponds with health, wellness, and daily routines, including odd jobs. The position of Rahu in 6th house will be highly effective and helpful in all sphere of life. This also generally give a pink health or in any health issue occurs it will cure soon without any much complications. Rahu in 6th house also protect you from enemies. Here Rahu bless you with intelligence and courage. The dasa of 6th house Rahu will give mixed results, get success in competitions and career, generally you will keep calm and humble but at some situation, you may lose temper and exhibit disruptive attitude. You may lose faith on others during this period and you may face recurrence of old disease in Rahu 6th house dasa. To overcome from any odd situation and back to normal easily, Rahu 6th house bless you with this unique quality. If we go into history & successful people with 6th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Bill gates, Angelina Jolie, Randeep Honda & Mel Gibson.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 7th house and influences you in a significant manner. The seventh house depicts relationship, marriage, spouse, business partner and adjusting in odd situations. Success in professional life, partnership in business, longevity of marriage, your confidence, courage, health etc all are influenced from Rahu in 7th house. The dasa of Rahu in 7th house bring package of joys and sorrows like if you are going good in marriage then your marriage will be blissful but if you face any tough time then this period will deteriorate your married life. You will get success in business and career but there may be setbacks in partnership. Health of your spouse may get affected during this period. You may be confused in your decisions and take comparatively more time to decide anything. It may give name & fame and contacts with high authorities. If we go into history & successful people with 7th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Huma Quershi,-Sheikh Hasina.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 8st house and influences you in a significant manner. The eighth house signifies longevity as its prime affect on someone’s life, and accordingly also depicts the related events such as accidents, injuries, some major medical issues and likewise. The dasa of Rahu in 8th house also deals with the alterations and conversions that your life may go through and tells about the impediments you are likely to face. Rahu when it is placed in 8th house is a bliss if you are into a profession in secrecy domain such as being a spy, secret agent or detective etc, for that matter even practicing occult science or black magic. It will create a sense of innovativeness in you, bless you with out of the box thought and inclination to explore and pursue deep research. On a contrasting note, here Rahu will lure you towards all untoward things and develop your darker side of personality. If we go into history & successful people with 8th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Smriti Irani, Ravi Shankar, Bradely Coooper.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 9th house and influences you in a significant manner. The ninth house represents fortune, higher education, higher learning, thoughts and higher knowledge, spiritual inclination invention, discovery, exploration etc. The position of Rahu in 9th house may be influential in getting more knowledge and wisdom with higher studies, higher profile jobs or business with new influential contacts. This position of Rahu may demand little more efforts but luck will be on your side in all sphere. The dasa of 9th house Rahu makes you more spiritual and transform your personality from being materialistic to a contented soul with minimal desires, independent in thoughts and very -well satisfied person. This period also may turn you in good guidance or mentor for people around you. There may be challenging health issue to your father during Rahu period. If we go into history & successful people with 9th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Manoj Vajpayee, Anil Ambani, Charlie Chaplin & Agatha Christie.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 10th house and influences you in a significant manner. The tenth house represents profession and your means of earning, high achievements, prestige, position, honour, father etc. It also makes you bold and blunt in your speech. The position of Rahu in 10th makes you a successful mass leader and also success in speculation or stock market. This position of Rahu is also good for sports person, athletes or advertisement industry. The dasa of Rahu in 10th house gives successful in career related to masses or social work more, it may give sudden high and sudden low period in your profession. This period brings challenges with siblings and father or father will face serious health issue. This period of Rahu may give multiple love affairs which leads to challenges and testing period in married life. In career you may rise high if you choose your profession wisely. If we go into history & successful people with 10th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Sauruv Ganguly, Neha Kakkar, Chris Gayel’s and Mathew McConaughey.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 11st house and influences you in a significant manner. The eleventh house is the house of gains and signifies fulfilling of your desires, it also portrays your benevolence and your social activities at a large. Rahu in the 11th house blesses you with auspicious results, brings about prosperity, makes you courageous and keeps you inclined for riches and luxuries. During it’s dasa, Rahu in eleventh house may bring fortunate wealth gains and your expectations will be fulfilled. With the lady luck by your side, foreign connections will be blissful and yield good returns of your financial dealings. You will have profound skills of expression and invariably hold high and powerful appoints in your profession. If we go into history & successful people with 11th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Dev Anand, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Abraham Lincon & Niel Armstrong.

Rahu in your horoscope: Rahu is placed in your 12th house and influences you in a significant manner. The twelfth house governs "unseen realm," and governs all things that exist without physical forms, like dreams, secrets, and emotions, also it includes bed pleasure, immoral relationships. The position of Rahu in 12th house may give permanent foreign settlement, this position of Rahu also give proneness to Black magic effect, need to be careful. The dasa of Rahu may take you to foreign land in terms of your profession or visits to foreign during its period. There may be indulgence in immoral intimate relationship which leads difficulty for you in longer period. This period also give visits to hospital for yourself or your near ones. There may be lacking in confidence or face problem in decision making or you may face issues from your wrong decisions. Rahu in 12th definitely ne blessing for those who want to settle abroad. If we go into history & successful people with 12th house Rahu placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Roger Fredrer.

Natal Rahu Report: This is one of the most useful reports which is prepared after a lengthy research, focusing on the following elements for our valuable members:

  • Numeric number associated with Rahu’s strength, the waxing & waning strength
  • The aspects of life that will grow or bring challenges due to Rahu (This gives us a good idea whether to give Rahu more power or subdue it with your Karma)
  • 5,10,15-year forecasts due to Rahu
  • Some suggestions on how to use Rahu’s energy for yourself.
  • Cautions & Remedies for Rahu’s effect on you.

Objective of the report: To acquaint you with the energy & EQ (or the deficiency of it) that Rahu brings to your horoscope & your character. The idea is to help you find the areas of strength & weaknesses associated with Rahu, special yogas that Rahu participates in your horoscope (both positive & negative).


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