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Read Your  Own Horoscope

So now for illustration if Sinha (Leo) was rising at the time of birth on the eastern horizon the HOROSCOPE will read like the following chart:

So for clarification now:

  • Simha (Leo) is in the 1st house
  • Kanya (Virgo) is in the 2nd house
  • Tula (Libra) is in the 3rd house
  • Vrishchika (Scorpio) is in the 4th house
  • Dhanus (Sagittarius) is in the 5th house
  • Makara (Capricon) is in the 6th house
  • Kumbha (Aquarius) is in the 7th house
  • Meena (Pisces) is in the 8th house
  • Mesha (Aries) is in the 9th house
  • Vrishabha (Taurus) is in the 10th house
  • Mithuna (Gemini) is in the 11th house
  • Kataka (Cancer) is in the 12th house


Further now as per the example if the planets are placed in the following signs at the time of birth :

  • Sun - Mesha (Aries)
  • Moon- Makara (Capricorn)
  • Mercury- Vrishabha (Taurus)
  • Mars- Kanya (Virgo)
  • Jupiter- Kumbha (Aquarius)
  • Saturn- Vrishabha (Taurus)
  • Venus- Mesha (Aries)
  • Rahu- Mithuna (Gemini)
  • Ketu- Dhanus (Sagittarius)