Cancer Dislikes

Those with Cancer Moon sign are nurturing souls, have a strong sense of duty towards others, particularly their family. Just as a crab, they are quite engrossed in themselves. They have an innate capability to be in touch with their feelings. In fact, they also have intuitive capability to understand what others feel and need. They seek a familiar and secure domestic life and need a family to live with and belong to. They are quite peace-loving souls with a loony sense of humor. They are very affectionate, loving and quite sensitive to emotions. They are much attached to people that they care for and often cling to things, their home and possessions. Those born in Cancer are very devoted, compromising and straightforward and hate superficiality. Here are a few more things that Cancer people can just not stand.

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You dread rejection or isolation

Cancerians express their feelings with hesitation. The fear of rejection is deeply rooted in their psyche. Rejection switches their ‘Oh, Poor me’ mode on. Therefore, when there is a slightest chance of being abandoned by someone, especially in love, they retreat into their shells or take a sideways route just like crabs do when they spot danger. In an attempt to seek approval, they sometimes become manipulative too due to dreading the thought of isolation. They always need a partner, someone who can offer them tender support and a shoulder to lay their head on when needed. In addition, when they have a partner who can offer them caring support, the ties between them are often long-term.

You hate to get hurt

Due to being over sensitive and emotional, Cancer people are prone to feeling left out, unloved, and rejected. Indifference of their loved ones hurts them to a deeper level. They are not likely to share their feelings with someone; they would rather prefer to bottle them up. They keep one foot rooted in the past. If someone has wronged, betrayed, or rejected them, they will store the incident forever in their mental hard drive. They may forgive, but will never forget. While others have moved on, those born in Cancer, dwell in the past and hold grudges.

You dislike unfamiliar environments

Cancer moon sign find unfamiliar and new environments a bit awkward. They are sociable but when they are in an unfamiliar situation, they act shy and introvert. However, once they adjust in the surrounding or have conversed with the strangers, they show their real side and turn out to be a great company. In general, those born in Cancer feel more comfortable in familiar territories, especially their home. Once they adjust to the surrounding, they return compassion with abundance of tenderness and warmth. They bear a calming influence on others due to their sensitive nature towards others and good sense of humor.

You avoid direct confrontation

Unlike Gemini, those born in Cancer do not like to talk it out. Their personality is strongly rooted in past. When they love, they are quite demanding although hold themselves to the same standard. They hide their inner emotions. Thus, when someone wrongs them or takes them for granted, they avoid confronting them in an attempt to avoid arguments. They use other means and ways to seek attention but never directly express their concern. In fact, they keep resentments for long, sometimes for things done unintentionally. They may even use manipulation in some cases.

You resent domestic instability

Those of Cancer Moon sign are loyal beings. They are driven by family ties and domesticity comes natural to them .They need a sense of belongingness, a family and a place that they can call their home. They need a romantic and loyal partner who understands their emotions and offers tender support when needed. Anything causing domestic instability whether it is a fleeting partner or financial vicissitudes causes deep concern and depression to Cancer.

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