Cancer Relationship Compatibility

Cancer are the most loyal, loving, and nurturing lovers on the planet. They are a perfect blend of ‘tough and tender’ in their relationships. Emotions and feelings affect them to a deeper level. When in love, they expect a greater level of trust and loyalty from their partner. You are not up for any monetary flings. You need a stable relationship, and do not make the move unless you are very sure of the person because you are quite vulnerable in love. It takes you years to heal any emotional wounds inflicted upon you. Cancer are highly protective, nurturing, and moody which makes it difficult for them to adjust in love relationships. Their relationship compatibility with other Moon signs suffers due to this reason. You need someone who can get past your moody and clingy outer shell and see the gentle soul hidden underneath. Here is how your relationship compatibility is with all Moon signs. (Know your Moon Sign instantly)

Cancer and Aries

The sense of independence and free will is highly important to Aries. And when Cancer native becomes clingy and overly protective of them, it stifles Aries. On the other hand, Cancer may think of their Aries partner as an emotionally aloof and self-sufficient person, which could affect the relationship negatively over time.

Cancer and Taurus

A union between Cancer and Taurus is bound to be successful and quite balanced indeed. One provides material comforts and an abundant home while the other takes care of it all, nothing seems to go wrong here since both seek a stable relationship and are homebodies.

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Cancer and Gemini

These two souls are at opposite poles. While Cancer is driven by emotions and intuitions, Gemini is governed by intellect. Cancer need someone who they can laugh with and cry to, someone who can offer them support in stressful situations than give logical explanations. They will need to work hard to make this union thrive.

Cancer and Cancer

Cancer and Cancer obviously gel well with each other because their lifestyle choices and thinking pattern is quite similar to each other. But too much clinging to each other could stifle the possibility of personal development.

Cancer and Leo

Leo needs compliments and Cancer is good at appreciation and nurturing, so this union is likely to work. Cancer natives won’t mind if Leo want to take the center stage, since they anyway need a decisive partner.

Cancer and Virgo

Both Cancer and Virgo are cautious, calm and highly compassionate beings, thus their union is likely to flourish. However, Virgo need to keep their tendency to criticize at bay in order to avoid hurting Cancer who are too sensitive to take any blunt remarks positively.

Cancer and Libra

Libra need a balanced person, one who can devote enough time into a relationship to make it work. Their relationship could work wonders if Cancer understand that Libra need a lover, a passionate and romantic partner than a family-oriented homebody. If Cancer can strike a balance between allotting time to family and partner, the relationships would be harmonious.

Cancer and Scorpio

This is bound to be an intensely satisfying union for both. The relationship between the crab and the Scorpion is quite beyond human imagination. It is a meeting of the minds, as both are protective, intuitive, caring, loving, and loyal.

Cancer and Sagittarius

With some compromises, a union between Cancer and Sagittarius can work. The only problem is that Cancer is a homebody while Sagittarius are outdoorsy. The overly clingy nature of Cancer may smother the carefree freedom-loving Sagittarius. If these two fall in love, Sagittarians need to keep a check on their blunt speech.

Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer need emotional depth to bloom, which Capricorn find hard to provide. Nevertheless, a relationship between these two is possible due to the fact that both need stability and loyalty from their partner. One takes care of the business, while the other takes care of the home, thus it is going to be a balanced union.

Cancer and Aquarius

Both will find their initial attraction to each other as alluring as well as annoying. Aquarius need to learn to take out time to spend with their Cancer partner in order for the relationship to work. And Cancer too should get past the initial impression of Aquarius and see how humble and humane they are. If both can do that, the relationship will simply be fulfilling, else futile.

Cancer and Pisces

These two are perfect soul mates. Their union and understanding does not require verbal exchange to flourish. It is a meeting of two souls, since both are intuitive and driven by emotions.  

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