Pisces Dislikes

Those born with Moon in Pisces are the most sensitive and gentle of all. You have a higher sense of intuition and perception and can quickly decipher the emotions and feelings of others. You are very empathetic; but your empathy is a double-edged sword. It is a blessing because it makes you generous and compassionate but it is also a curse making you too sensitive to the emotional undercurrent surrounding you. You get immersed and lose yourself in the feelings of others. You constantly twirl in your emotional hurricane and show extreme emotions, sometimes highest of cheerfulness and at others, deepest depression.

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Pisces dislike rudeness

Pisces are very kind and sympathetic; their manner oozes politeness and concurrence. Thus harsh words, criticism, all make you feel depressed and offended. You never take these lightly, even if meant for your own good. You rarely accept your mistakes. The reason is that you are in touch with your emotions to a level that you find it hard to decipher others’ opinions against them. You hold grudges until eternity. Even if you forgive, you never forget, often tend to rake up old wounds when situations and scenarios demand.

Pisces dislike excuses and lies

Pisces are honest. Pisces respect people who are downright truthful; you want to hear the truth, no matter in what rawest forms. You cannot stand lies and excuses. You have a heightened intuitive ability, which makes it easy for you to know it all. You do not need someone to tell you the whole story. A look into the eyes is enough. Therefore, for those working with a Piscean boss, it is better to tell him the scenario than trying to discount him as old fool. They can X-ray your head and see what is in there.

Pisces disdain betrayal

Pisces is synonymous with extreme. There is either all or nothing, white or black. There is no gray in their life, let alone 50 shades of it. When you fall for someone, you shower them with undying love and loyalty. And when someone dares to wrong you, you turn into a water snake, those who wait for the opportunity and then sting hard. Not all Pisceans are revengeful but betrayal is something that they just cannot take. Even if their vengeful plan is just a vision, they are satisfied as long as they can make the wrongdoer regret.

Pisces hate rules and restrictions

Pisces are free-spirited, they are very emotional and sensitive thus cannot work under pressure. You are dreamers, the ones who remain absent-minded in classroom. It is difficult for you to stay focused in the real world. Nothing that threatens your sense of freedom to imagine is welcome. This is why you find it hard to abide by rules and regulations in any form.

Pisces despise reality

Represented by two fish swimming in opposite direction, Pisces often live in two different worlds all the time, the real and the imaginative. Your realm of fantasy, the world in the mind is so interesting that you rarely seem to be in touch with reality. You always look detached and absent-minded. You think with heart and imagination than with reason and conventions. When someone threatens your magical view of the world, you tend to disdain it.

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