Pisces Love

Ruled by the planet of illusion and fantasy Neptune, Pisces man and Pisces women are very charming, delicate and mystically romantic beings through and through. If you crave emotional depth and dreamy sentimentalism over adventure and thrill, you have landed in the arms of the right person.

This Pisces love horoscope is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Of course, Pisces love partner might appear way too emotional and sentimental, sometimes behaving rather tortured, self-deceptive and insecure to others. Inside, they might not be very strong and stable emotionally. They don't like to hurt others, and might feel sorrowful for a long time seeing suffering and pain.

Pisces love nature is to rely on intuitiveness and inner voices. Pisces man in love and Pisces woman in love can become day dreamers, often visualizing fantasy scenarios of being together with the one they love in the surreal world. They are known to have escapist tendencies that let them stay away from harsh realities and responsibilities of life.

Pisces are also very creative and artsy individuals. It is, thus, not uncommon for Pisces romance to have vivid, colorful overtones. Love with Pisces can widen your horizons on spiritual and aesthetical levels.

Pisces love dating in an old fashioned, fairy tale romance kind of a set up along with sweet, sensual love making. Passion and excitement may very well be the part of the romantic picture, but rarely aggressiveness and lust.

What to expect when you are in Love with Pisces?

When a Pisces like you, they will give you a tender, soulful and undying gaze. Perhaps, they are already fantasizing and dreaming about you. And all of that reflects in those mystical eyes. They might give you thoughtful, artsy gifts and write you poetry with undying rhyme. Pisces romance can be magical with the potential to sweep you off your feet.

How’d you know your Pisces lover is committed to you?

Even if your Pisces love partner loves you a lot, they might be indecisive and passive about a real deal commitment. They need healthy space, boundaries and some solitude occasionally to dwell deeper into their own surreal world. From somewhere within, they don’t feel ready for the hard responsibilities required in marriage. For this reason, they might not say it directly to you that they feel committed to you, but their actions speak louder than promises of being together life long. If they love being around you and don’t want to leave you, it means they feel safe and compatible with you. Expect magical romantic moments and death-do-us-part scenarios.

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