Astrology and Marriage Issues

Marriage and compatibility issues are quite common. To understand the intricacies which can help you in leading a better relationship or taking an important decision, it is important to know the various aspects that affect the longevity of marriage and the probability for singles. The 9 common aspects and combinations in individual and combined charts are mentioned below.

Astrology and Marriage Issues

Marriage is not just a significant event in life but also a major decision and a sacrament in the life of individuals. It is imperative that the person you marry has a deep understanding of who you are, is able to go through issues with you, and most importantly depends on you to resolve issues.

  • Often we see that a couple may be extremely incompatible and when things don’t work out, they start blaming everyone around them for the outcome, even though their decision to be together was solely their own. This is to imply that they were fully aware and understanding of who the other person really is, their temperaments were matching, and they were respectful of each other from the very beginning of the relationship and, throughout, knew each other completely before entering into the relationship.
  • However, that’s not always the case. Often, many ‘love marriages’ and relationships suffer because of incompatibility not realized at the beginning of the relationship, during the ‘honeymoon phase’, and often the same happens going forward as well.
  • But life and the responsibility of marriage is much more than just the ‘honeymoon phase’. In fact, the honeymoon feeling goes out of the window when incompatibilities crop up.
  • On the contrary, there are relationships that succeed the test of time and see things as they are. They see who the person is from the beginning, see the compatibility between each other and understand their moods how they react, what ticks them off, what sits well with them, what and how they expect to be loved.

This is why astrology is important. Every time you feel like the world is ‘against you’, take a look at your chart and your mutual compatibility to check if that really is the case or are you mutually incompatible to begin with. You will have your answers.

To help you with this, here are some cues which are taken in regard while proceeding with marriage as well as to know the nature and quality of relationships that a person is individually capable of. This will help you know the pain points in your own life which might have been a recurring event.

Timing of Marriage

  • The timing of marriage for a person or a couple who wants to get married can be checked from the position of Saturn and its transit. Saturn is taken in consideration where it should be related to the 7th house or the lord of that house during it transit, such as passing through the 7th house, which is calculated from Sun, Moon or ascendant charts. It is also considered if it has its effect of transit or is transiting over Venus (for men) and Jupiter (for women). This is one of the conditions required for marriage to take place.
  • Jupiter should be able to create a relation through aspect and placement with the ascendant for marriage to take place. If Jupiter in its period aspects or relates to the 7th house or the lord of the 7th house from Moon or Venus (for men), then marriage can take place during that time. This is the second condition which depicts probability of marriage.
  • Marriage is most likely to take place during the above conditions. If both, then marriage is a definite yes.

Delays in Marriage

  • Delays in marriage can be observed if Saturn aspects the 7th lord or occupies the 7th house from the Ascendant or Moon.
  • The presence of Saturn, Moon and Venus in the 7th house can lead to delayed marriage up to the age of 30 to 35 years.

Spouse Indicators

  • Marriage to a person from a different nationality or far-off geographic location is indicated when Moon is situated in the 7th house or malefics occupy 5th and 9th houses from the Moon.
  • The presence of Venus in the 7th house or if aspecting its own dispositor indicates marriage to a person close by, such as- same city, location, town, neighborhood.
  • Spouse can have certain physical ailments or challenges in the limbs if Sun & Venus is present in conjunction in the 5th, 7th or 9th houses.

Matching of Horoscopes (Gun Milan)

  • Indian matchmaking considers matching of Moon signs and Moon charts for an accurate depiction of relationship compatibility on various levels between the groom & the bride.
  • The maximum number of Gunas in Indian match-making is 36. The higher the number of points scored, the better the relationship. A minimum of 18 is considered without Mars afflictions or other doshas (such as Nadi dosh for the couple) to go ahead with an alliance. An alliance with full points scored but with a Mangal dosh is not considered for marriage.

A happy married life is indicated if:

  • The placement of Sun in the girl’s chart and the Moon’s placement in the boy’s chart are 120 degrees apart.
  • The Sun in the girl’s chart and the Moon placement in the boy’s chart interchange their houses.
  • The Sun in the girl’s chart and placement of Moon in the boy’s chart aspect each other.

The match is approved if Samasaptama Yoga is present

  • Samasaptama yog is formed in a couple’s chart when their Ascendant or Moon signs are 7 zodiac signs apart. This indicates friendliness between the couple and a natural affinity between them.
  • It is also formed if the Ascendant/Navamsa/Moon sign of the girl is 7 signs away from the Ascendant sign of the boy.
  • The running Dasa of the boy and the girl should be mutually friendly. Both going through a similar dasa or antardasha also leads to Sama Saptama. Example: Mahadasha (Main period)or antardasha (Sub-period) of any natural negative or any natural positive results in similar nature of dasa.
  • Dasa Sandhi*should not be present at the time of marriage.

* Dasa Sandhi is the Bhukti period (last leg of a mahadasha) or the period immediately before one mahadasha ends and another begins.

Love Marriage

Love marriage is quite sought after in this age, the determination of its success is based on the following astrological dynamics:

Successful marriage if:

  • The lord of the 5th and 7th house lords, the 5th house, Venus and Jupiter (determinators for spouse & marriage respectively) have strength in both their charts.
  • If the lord of the 7th house , 5th house, and Venus are strong and have benefic aspects or are aspecting each-other positively through each other’s placements.

Unsuccessful marriage if:

  • Presence of Venus in the 7th house in the natal chart (birth chart) and in Navamsa.
  • The presence of 3 planet conjunction Venus, Mars and Saturn in 7th house or aspecting each other through the 7th house or presence of Saturn in the 2nd house.

Marital Separation/Discord/Divorce

Separation can be indicated if Saturn and Mars are related to the lord of the 7th house through aspects or share the same aspects with Venus.

Discord is indicated

  • Conjunction of 3 planets- Mars, Venus and Saturn in the 8th house (house of in-laws).
  • Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the Ascendant.
  • If Venus is mutually aspecting Mars and Jupiter in either of the charts or both combined.

Second Marriage if:

  • Conjunction of Moon and Venus with both holding great strength.
  • The lord of the 7th house is debilitated in Navamsa, is combust or in an enemy house.
  • Venus-Ketu conjunction or aspect in 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th houses.
  • Moon-Saturn conjunction in the 7th house.

No Marriage if:

  • The lord of the Ascendant is present in 2nd and 12th positions.
  • Ascendant lord and 7th house lord are positioned in the 6th and 8th houses.
  • 7th lord and are Sun placed in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses.

Marriage is the most important sacrament and a sacred institution that brings two souls to become one in each other. Saptadhi or the 7 sacred vows taken around the fire by the couple to love, comfort and support each other institutionalizes a Hindu marriage.

The marriage is considered binding the moment the 7th vow is taken. They couple promises that they would be true and loyal to each other and remain respectful and be each other’s companion for as long as they live, and amongst Indian marriages, for 7 consecutive lifetimes.