Compatible Business Partners for Women Entrepreneurs as per Vedic Astrology

Women have been ruling the entrepreneurial grounds for a long time now. All around the world, there are plenty of successful businesses run by women and their associates. Since these women entrepreneurs have the agency and authority to choose their business partners, it is extremely important that they find a partner who they are compatible with.

Compatible Business Partners for Women Entrepreneurs as per Vedic Astrology


Entrepreneurships is a domain synonymous with men when it comes to real, larger than life projects or even the small ones. However, the numbers for women entrepreneurs are rising and even if women been in business on a smaller scale, the numbers are going up since the past decade when it comes to building gigantic empires and taking up big entrepreneurial projects.

These women have contributed across all industries including e-Commerce, FMCG, Logistics, and IT. Some examples are Falguni Nayar, CEO, Nykaa; Aditi Gupta, a graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad working in entrepreneurial projects regarding menstrual products and affordable sanitary napkins; Sairee Chahal, CEO, SHEROES, working to bring gender parity and pay parity for women; Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Chairperson of HCL Tech.

However, starting a business from scratch is not an easy process. It requires careful examination and enormous amounts of contemplation and reasoning. A strategy, sound financial knowledge, resources, sponsorships, partnerships, logistics involved and getting the workspace in place all by a single woman isn’t a cakewalk.

In today’s competitive environment, it is very difficult to handle all the divisions of a business single-handedly. Hence, it helps having a collaboration or partnership for reasons more than one. A business partner not only gives additional support for the smooth sailing of the business, but they also offer a unique business perspective on things.
Here’s an astrological guide on what and who could enhance these wonder women to make it larger than life.

What is Astrological Career Compatibility?

We meet so many people in our lives as well as our workspace, but do we get along with everyone equally? No. We get along so well, without having to put in much effort with some people. It seems like things were meant to be. On the other hand, there are so many people, with whom things just don’t fit right, regardless of how hard you try.

This is what you call compatibility and Vedic Astrology plays a crucial role in determining it. This Astrological Compatibility between two individuals determines a lot of things in our lives - right from career to marriage to family ties.

  • Astrological stalwarts believe that how well or bad two people get along depends on the placement of their planets. That is why, it is important to find out the astrological compatibility before embarking on any kind of journey, especially before starting a business. How a business runs depends largely upon how well its partners get along.
  • This astrological compatibility is calculated by matching the horoscopes of the two potential partners and then all the factors needed for a business compatibility are compared and analyzed.
  • In fact, majority of entrepreneurs ensure this before embarking on any project partnership.

How to Choose the Right Business Partner According to Your Zodiac Sign?

This is one of the most important questions that one needs to set right before choosing a partner to do business with. It is absolutely crucial to choose the right partner for your business, as that decides the fate of the business, whether it is going to succeed or fail.

  • While choosing the right business partner, Astrology plays quite an important role. There are various astrological aspects to check the business partnership compatibility.
  • To find a compatible business partner, you need to examine the Birth Chart of the person. Business Compatibility is checked through the planetary placements, conjunction, aspect, and the nature of the houses in action.
  • Thus, the birth charts of the partners in business need to be analyzed deeply to find the synergy between the business partners.
  • Some important houses and placements such as the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses are important along with ensuring they don’t have any negative aspect from the trines or the 5 evil houses.
  • That charts need to be studied individually as well as collectively to understand the future prospects of the partnership.

What Makes Two People Compatible?

The instant answer would be their character, manner, style, and general temperament. You can know your compatible zodiac partner through the study of your Moon sign. Similarly, business compatibility can also be checked through the Moon and Saturn and Mars signs of two potential business partners. The strength of the Sun is taken into account to check if they match well in the worldly aspects of their business, their fate and their presentation, amongst other things, which are integral to stay in business.

Compatibility regarding the nature and type of business; if the potential business partners understand and resonate what they have to contribute creatively and in what capacity can be checked through Astrology.

As per zodiac signs, we would recommend:

Earth sign to take up the responsibility of all financial matters and matters of diplomacy and tact.

  • The water signs are great with finances as well as their creative bend of mind to come up with innovation.
  • The Air signs are perfect for the energy they bring to the table, therefore, anything related to human resources, sponsorships, getting potential partners, advertisement and marketing are their domain.
  • Fire signs are great for the passion they infuse amongst all, especially Aries who’s raw, electric and a risk-taking bond enough to put their voice forward loud and clear. Therefore, leadership roles backed by a good professional journey in similar positions can be given to the fire signs as well.

Although all of these sign elements can be used in proportions within a business, certain elements go well together.

Earth & Air signs bring a lot of leadership to the table. Taurus & Libra, Virgo & Gemini, Capricorn & Aquarius. They are different yet; their attitudes can be same. Taurus & Libra are Venusian, Gemini and Virgo are Mercurial, and Capricorn & Aquarius are Saturnian. For business partnerships, they can work individually but have a similar point of view.

Fire & Air signs for leadership: Fire is not extinguished by air, unlike water, instead it grows and gets inspired, therefore we suggest that for leadership positions, they can work well together as each inspires and helps the other grow and improve which is conducive for the future of the business.

Earth & Water signs: Earth finds something to absorb itself in and water blends easily and mixes with Earth. This brings the whole idea of merging together which goes very well with ideas in business.

Water signs can express themselves easily to the Earth signs who will understand their creativity and tell them ways on how to get the idea started, at the same time ensuring the finances are taken care of for the business idea to work.

This ensures that while the business has its stability, it doesn’t get boring. Water signs will come up with new innovations and infuse passion into their ideas which will get the business an edge above its competitors. Also, they both value and respect their own authority and leadership as well as each other’s, this simply put means that there will be no jealousy, envy, clash within the partnership and they will ensure the other prospers and work towards a common goal.