Gemini Horoscope


You will be in a thoughtful mood today. Your mind will be preoccupied with your thoughts ruling your mind. Most of your important tasks and issues get deferred to some other day as your thoughts do not leave you with enough time for actions. Even then, you carry a romantic outlook all through the day. Today, the children could be the focus of your attention. more

Till: morning A thought-provoking day with your mind getting attuned to a philosophical mode. You will be immersed in your thoughts. Your kids, the apple of your eyes, might seek attention today so sit with them and hear out their concerns or cater to their needs. Most of the work will get postponed to some other day. Romance is in the air so express your feelings without any hesitation. However, an upset stomach could play a spoilsport!
Thereafter till tomorrow: "Career" will be a priority today bringing good results for people in jobs / services. All your hard work will get adequately rewarded and you might as well expect a promotion, a verbal recognition or get an applause from your seniors. Enjoy a lovely and romantic... more

Raise a toast to your success this day! It is a favorable day likely to bring in good progress at work front. Let your foot loose and hang out with friends today as there is a strong probability of a happy get together with friends. The day is rewarding for people employed in jobs / services as it leaves behind a marked progress making it a special day. more

April 2019 would be a positive month as you will find yourself in control as well as find success in anything new or creative that you do. Mind would buzz with activity while your temperament could remain unsteady at times till the 22nd April 2019. A general expansion in your scope of work would be felt now. As long as you keep a clear mind, very good growth at work and generally in life would come about. Career – would be very active and high level of growth would come about during this month. You will be very impulsive at times and you need to be cautious about making some sudden and rash decisions, which could backfire on you, if not thought through carefully. Creative work will be richly rewarded. Avoid conflict with... more

Gemini, 2019 is round the corner and things are looking bright for you. Your intelligence and intellectual brilliance paired with your active involvement at work makes you brave enough to take on challenges by aspecting your moon sign. Gemini, you may face challenges at work, yet you would proceed courageously and eventually reach your goals. more

Gemini - An Overview, Read All About Gemini Horoscope

Gemini is the bird of the zodiac, swiftly flocking here and there, chirping around, and never wants anybody to clip its wings of freedom. Gemini love to talk, about everything, with everyone, almost endlessly. You are best matched with signs that want to communicate and set you free, so reserved and possessive Scorpio is certainly not an option. You are a very charming person, with great intelligence and a sharp memory. You love to gather information, but sometimes it turns into gossip. You need to understand the difference between being childlike and childish. This Gemini  Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your a Gemini Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.

Your mascot – twins hints to your dual nature, thus you are prone to mood swings. It is like, there is a constant battle between your devil and angelic forces, and you never seem to decide which one to agree with, thus become indecisive. Mercury is your ruling planet, the fastest in the solar system, and so are you, quick, spontaneous and restless. Mercury also gives you intelligence and communication. You have the ability to talk and listen, but not to act decisively. Also, since you are an air sign, you are quite easy going and flighty. Like air, you keep changing directions, and thus have an unpredictable and changeable personality. Gemini is of mutable quality, thus if there is anything you want constant in life is change. You are an adaptable sign, thus quickly adjust to situations. You are not rigid with your values and ideals. You can adapt yourself as per the environment. This also downplays at times, as you tend to be indecisive and easygoing in situations when your values are at stake.

Demanding situations make you give up too easily. Rather than not budging to protect your values and needs, you tend to adapt and compromise to suit the situation. Your biggest strength is your tactfulness and flexibility. You are a charming person, the most live-spirited of all signs. Your presence is a breath of fresh air, a source of comfort. There is a sense of pleasantness and friendliness in your personality that makes you irresistible. You are quite intelligent too, with a witty sense of humor. Gemini weaknesses include indecisive and jumpy nature. Due to endless thoughts, you are prone to anxiety and stress too. You tend to be quite moody and inconsistent, which makes you appear as an unreliable person at times. Some of you also turn out to be gossip mongers thus hard to be trusted with secrets. This page details out more fascinating facts on Gemini Man, Woman, Lover, Boss & Gemini traits. 

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