Gemini Dislikes

Those of Gemini Moon Sign possess a persona of high voltage electricity. The flow of emotional, mental and physical energy is rarely smooth, rather one consisting of constant electric charges. This energy can be channelized in the right direction, but not for long. Always in high-strung mode, those born in Gemini are very active, sociable, merry, and intellectual. You focus more on intellect, thoughts and facts than emotions.  You are very talkative, sometimes to the point of annoyance. Your social calendar is often very busy, stringing from one rendezvous to another. You give more importance to the practical aspect; have an analytical and logical mindset. You have the art of communication, you can say things contrary to your emotions, and you have a mysterious ability to know what others want to hear from you. You are fond of debate and chatter and similarly, there are things that you despise and just cannot stand. Here are some.

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Monotony horrifies you

As a person, you are always occupied and edgy; the thought of boredom leads you to emotional instability, often affecting your decision-making abilities. In an attempt to satiate your urge of constant activity and novelty, you end up flitting from one task to another. What you may find interesting today may not appeal to you tomorrow at all. Completion of a task following a routine is the biggest challenge you face. Your action driven life keeps you active, energized and others captivated, however at the same time, it gives you a reputation as fickle as you rarely stick to something for long.

You dislike being tied down

You seek freedom – to talk, to socialize, to move, and to explore the world in front of you to the fullest. You despise permanence and continuity in life. You dislike being tied down to a routine or a place. You constantly need change in your lifestyle. Most Gemini can be found forever reorganizing their homes in an attempt to seek novelty. However, it is outside the home where you find supreme emotional fulfillment. You may change intellectual pursuits, groups of social interaction, jobs, and even residences throughout your life. In essence, you have itchy feet.

You hate melodrama

Gemini people do not take life seriously, at least emotionally. You focus on intellect, rationality, logic, ideas, thoughts, and concepts rather than emotions. When problems come up, you try to solve them with logic, judgment, and humor, instead of emotions. You experience feelings as a set of thoughts, which may seem superficial to many people. You tend to remain detached from emotions and despise displaying your emotions to others. You like to maintain secrecy of inner feelings and hate those who display emotional outbursts and melodrama.

You dislike emotional dependency and neediness

Gemini cannot survive without socializing. You do not want your friends, family or partner to tie you down to emotional knots. If you closed ones become clingy, needy, and emotionally dependent on you, it makes you feel stifled and confined. You cannot remain with a partner who is jealous and possessive, as you need to socialize to stay tuned. You have a huge circle and always up to something, thus rarely give time to your loved ones. Thus, situations involving blame, jealousy, and possessiveness on the domestic front irritate you to a level intolerable. You cannot survive with dominating people, those who try to restrict your need for socializing, change, freedom, and variety.

You despise emotional involvement

Gemini-born people usually suppress their feelings. You have a tendency to analyze a situation and talk it out with someone rather than simply experiencing it emotionally. This leads you to being misunderstood as you give mixed signals due to being out of touch with your own feelings. You are easily influenced and blend others’ opinions in yours and speak out as your own. You can even deal with situations deceitfully in order to avoid emotional involvement and any messy emotional outbursts or scenes. You run away from problems and tell people what they want to hear instead of communicating your true inner feelings. This tendency needs to be suppressed in order to enjoy a meaningful life with people around you. Otherwise, it will result in emotional instability, superficial behavior, and discussion on topics that actually do not matter to you.

You cannot bother lamebrains

You are mentally sharp, intellectual, love learning new concepts, and absorb new ideas and innovations around you. You seek to become a storehouse of knowledge, or rather facts. You do not prefer staying with block-headed people. Rather than having a partner with just good looks, you will seek someone who can challenge you on the mental and intellectual level. Those who provide you mental stimulation and enlightenment of some sort often share a long-lasting bond with you. If you are a man, you seek a woman who fits the phrase ‘beauty with brain’.

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