Gemini Man

Commitment to one person for the entire life is not typical of a Gemini man, because he loves his freedom and free-spiritedness a little too much. For this reason, we find most Gemini men marrying late or divorcing early. But this is not to say that Gemini men do not have successful marriages at all, because, in fact, they do. Over the years, a Gemini man becomes very mature in his outlook and tries to handle his dual personality in a more responsible way. This means that his marriage would have higher chances of survival if it happens at later years of his life, when he is more than ready to finally experience the beauty of an unbreakable, strong relationship.

Once he has found a comfortable space with you in a relationship, he would not want to undergo the same turmoil again and do the same things all over again with someone else. He thinks his time is too valuable for that. This stage is, of course, likely to come after a long wait.

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The Gemini man in marriage likes variety and change. This could be strange and annoying. But the key to be happy with the Gemini man in relationship is to change and evolve with him, and to live in the moment. If you try too hard to decode and understand him, you might get confused.

Qualities you will love in your Gemini Man:

A Gemini man in love with you would love to have great, mentally-stimulating conversations with you in private, which will widen your horizons like never before. He can be a complete charmer inside and outside the bedroom. But don’t expect your Gemini husband to give all his attention and energy to you all the time. Apart from deep intimacy, he also strongly wants a healthy space in the marriage.

Traits you wish your Gemini Man never had:

Gemini husbands can be very unpredictable. They want one thing today and something completely different tomorrow. You will wonder if he intentionally broke those innumerable, lovely promises he threw before you in one of those highly romantic moments. While in reality, his intention was not to do that. It is Gemini nature to be unable to stick on to anything for too long, not even the promises. Gemini lives the best in the moment and then searches for his next adventure.

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