AQUARIUS August Horoscope


Overview: Aquarius, your monthly horoscope shows a sparkling term for you in August. A retrograde Saturn is aspecting your sign this month. Success will be yours this month but only after delays & hurdles. Multiple attempts may be needed to get certain things done. You will observe strong & long lasting results with your dedicated approach towards work. However, delays in completion of work can keep you stressed. Near mid-August, profits for your partner from govt. contacts are likely which will get them a new position.

You will be more interest towards religious work & may spend on it as well. Social work & charity will interest you now. Work related foreign trips might not bring the expected profits. Financial stability is likely to improve, with new sources of income on the cards. If in politics, then good progress & support is indicated for you. You will be courageous & full of enthusiasm. Luck will be by your side & success will come to you through hard work & diligent efforts. Stay away from arguments or making any financial commitments. Visits to court & hospital may occur. Creative work will interest you.           

Career: Professionally, this period may keep you stressed for you, Aquarius. Delays are on the cards. Hasty actions or decisions should be avoided; otherwise, you may have to rework on it. Clashes are likely with your business partner at the start of the month, though post 17th Aug, partnerships will see success & good gains. Frequent work related trips are possible, but will fail to bring in the desired results. You may face frequent changes in your staff. Profits & expansion of contacts are likely to come in at the hands of a new project.

If in a job, uncertainties would prevail. You may find a good job offer you will remain doubtful about accepting it. Take any major decisions only in the next month. Relations with colleagues can see difficulties & sharing your emotions with anyone at work would not be a good idea. Boss or seniors will mostly support you. A desired salary as well as position is likely only from next month onwards; thus, carry on with the hard work & efforts till then.

Love & Marriage: Confusions are likely for love & marriage prospects. Lovers, involvement of a third person can severely harm your relation. Keeping a clear communication will help you sort matters peacefully.
Singles, the period is not favorable for a new start & you should avoid expressing your feelings to a loved one.
Marital relations look spoilt due to ego clashes now. Post mid-Aug, matters are expected to improve. New work opportunities are likely for your partner, which may help restore the harmony. Your partner can help you travel abroad now.

Money & Finance: The month looks splendid for your finances. Financial stability will prevail. Your savings may improve & expenses will mostly be within control. A land related investment can result in a loss or deceit, thus, be very careful. Making investments under somebody’s influence needs to be avoided. Stay away from lending or borrowing of money this month. Travel can prove to be stressful, as it will add to your expenses & may not be too beneficial. Profits from foreign companies are possible.  

Students & Children: Students will observe a term of improvements & progress. Your skills will enhance now. Clashes with anyone should be avoided this month. Post mid-Aug, expected results will come your way & admission in a college of your choice is possible. You may find sources for a part time income. If appearing for competitions, prepare well. Seniors can help you select your stream for specialization.
Your kids may demand hefty expenses to be made this month. They may enter clashes with others. Their health should be given attention. By the end of the month, they are likely to bring a good news that will make you proud.  

Family & Health:                     
Family front appears under a comfortable environment. A birthday or celebration for children’s accomplishments is quite likely & boost everyone’s spirits. Your mother’s health might need your attention. You will enjoy cordial relations with your father. Younger brother can cause some problems on the domestic front.

Your health appears to be affected to some extent & you should remain careful. Skin infections or blood pressure related problems are also possible. Consuming street food needs to be avoided & be careful while driving. Leg aches are possible & practicing yoga can bring improvements.
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