Aquarius December Horoscope


Overview: This month will see a rise in your reticent behavior and you also get more resolute than before during the month of December 2019. This month try and share your feelings with your closed ones. It is essential for you to de-stress yourself otherwise, focusing on important things such as your work or education can prove to be a tough job for you this month. Your new marketing-related job will provide you with some new and exciting opportunities this month. This month will provide you many vibrant opportunities to learn many new things and skills that will be beneficial for you in the long run.

December will bless you with the fruits of your hard work and labor you have put in your work. There are good chances that you will save a good amount of money for your future as well. Always remember that there is no shortcut to success and the one that promises have a very little lifespan attached to it. This month will encourage you to get interested in social work and services and you will get yourself involved in various such projects in order to be of some help to the people around you.
Just in case you are in a job, you are soon to receive good news related to your promotion with a decent hike in your salary this month. Overseas traveling will prove beneficial for your job or business. This month you will organize a religious program or activity at your lace and will be a good one where everyone will enjoy it including you. You will have all the support and blessing from your parents as well.

Career: A project with a foreign company will help to fulfill your dreams of having a successful career in December 2019. There are good chances that you will learn some new skills which will be useful and beneficial for your great career growth and success. It will be good if you abstained from ordering anything at all without having sufficient money as it will lead to financial crisis and burden beyond your expectations this month making it difficult for you to clear soon.
Try and work on your skills so as to improve your working capabilities and capacity and also try and control your aggressive behavior towards your workers as well as people in general before it causes severe damages in your career.

From 16th December 2019, you will most probably start some new technical work. There are chances that you can also start some part-time jobs in order to earn some extra income to help build up your savings for future. In case you are facing difficulty in your current workplace, chances are you might make a job change or get a good salary package that will take care of your troubles. Your colleagues will remain helpful and support you whenever needed.
Post 20th December 2019, get ready to be appraised by your boss and seniors for your good work and hard labor you have out in your work. There will rise of respect along with your salary at your workplace.

Love and Marriage: December will not be a supportive month for Aquarius Moon Sign lover as you will face confus8ions and conflicts with your lover. Having high expectations along with serious doubts on the loyalty and intention of your lover or partner will be a deadly combination and may cost you heavily on the relationship front this month as you could lose a good partner because of your doubtful nature. in order to avoid such disaster to occur, you need to rather spend more time with your partner while trying to openly talk about to apprehensions with him or her in  order to have a stronger mutual understanding and respect for one another. It will be good for your relationship if you bestowed your partner or lover with surprises and gifts every now and then.

Just in case you have confessed your love or proposed your partner or lover recently, you will need to be patient and wait for the positive response to come to you in its own sweet time. Do not try to expedite it and compel your partner to give any reaction before he or she is comfortable otherwise, the results may vary from your expectations.
If you are married, your spouse expects some support and love from you this month. However, it is your responsibility to spend some quality time with your spouse as well in order to improve the quality of communication and mutual understanding you share together. Try and plan a romantic outing with your spouse or partner.

Post 17th December seems to be a bad time phase for your married life and keep a control on your ego so that it does not ruin things for you. This is the time for you to strike a balance in your life and openly talk to your spouse or partner to resolve issues (if any) from aggravating further.

Money and Finance: This is going to be a financially profitable month for you as you will be able to get some good returns from the investments you had made in the past. This month, your bank balance will remain good and reflect a good saving for you. Try and refrain from spending money on unnecessary things. It will be good if you hear more of your practical side than your emotional one otherwise you will face betrayal by a swindler this month. There are good chances that you will apply for a financial loan this month for personal or professional purposes.

This is the time for you to keep a tight grip on your expenses and be cautious about your debit and ATM cards. At your workplace, there are chances that you will be able to get some financial benefits and salary hike which will come to you as a reward for your hard work during December 2019.
This will be a good time for you to invest money in the share market after consulting your seniors for the same. The land-related investment will also be good for your financial growth after 20th December 2019. The money will be spent on home and office furniture as well.

Students and Children: As an Aquarius Moon Sign student, in order to receive good results, you need to start working harder than before just in case you want to get through some good educational institute that is away from your hometown. This month your seniors will not be supportive and hence you should drop your hopes of getting the important notes from them as well. You need to keep control of your expenses on your study-related materials including books that cost a fortune for you. this will be the right time for you to get down to serious business of focusing completely on your own and to put your best foot forward to prepare for the upcoming examinations and competitions. Try and remain good at time management otherwise you can get late to your examination and might even miss the chance of sitting in the same. you will be able to bag a chance to study at a good college or a university and will get the opportunity on sports quota which you should not miss at any cost either.

Your children will do something really special this month that will make you happy. However, as a parent, you will have to be strong enough and protected them from falling victim to various distractions such as games which could make them lose focus from their prime goal or target. Your children will receive appreciation from their teachers at their school for their participation in school activities. Try and keep your children away from your marital disputes as they might get completely pulled into the ugly debate you will have with your spouse.

Family and Health: Your family will have your back in December however you need to control your ego that can create chaos in your otherwise happy life as you will get into conflicts or disputes with your family members. If possible, plan a family trip to some good place this month probably to a religious or spiritual place. There are strong chances that you will fall prey to some sort of confusion with your elder brother and your close friends.

On the health front, you need to be really careful and need to keep a constant check on your Blood Pressure and any infection that you might catch this month. If you are diabetic, it is extremely important for you to keep strict control over the same in order to avoid any further health complications. Stay away from eating the stale or leftover food which can cause health-related issues such as stomach infection or food poisoning. Also follow a healthy diet and abstain from your old habit of overeating or stress eating as it is not good for your health.

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