AQUARIUS February Horoscope


Overview: Aquarius, the monthly horoscope for February is here and the readings show a traverse of self-improvement and personal fulfillment for you. Your well being will mostly remain in the best shape and your stamina and immunity will be high, in general. A few minor health issues will fail to dampen your spirits, as you recover quickly to regain your vitality. You have a versatile personality. It will enable to get noticed by your superiors at work and offer professional flourishing. Accumulation of wealth and assets appears to be your motive this month. The term till 13th Feb is unfavorable for your life partner’s health. Your spouse is likely to turn egoistic and lay emphasis on self-esteem, resulting in a rough period for your conjugal relation. After 13th Feb 2018, your life partner can turn commanding. Your spiritual inclination may see a rise this month, resulting in a pilgrimage to achieve mental serenity. Your thirst for adventure may be quenched in this phase by undertaking suitable sports or activities.

Career: The monthly readings for career features strength and development for you in February. Career stability is broadly indicated in this period. Your vitality levels stay high, and your eagerness and perseverance make you a dependable individual professionally. Your area of expertise may expand, taking you way ahead of your competition at work. Nonetheless, you should be very careful with your choice of words on the work front. For better professional growth, adopt a calm and diplomatic demeanor, as it will not only help you build better relations at work but also push your career to new heights. This term may see your coordination at work suffer due to unstable professional association with superiors or colleagues. However, this may only be transitory and should not result in you opting for a job change. A change in job may turn out to be unfavorable in this term.

There are high possibilities of a pay hike or appraisal within this phase for you. Promising new projects should be accepted. For businesspersons, this period appears mostly as a shining spot. The time after 15th Feb looks particularly inviting for fiscal rewards. Cordial business relations are on the cards. Professional front looks promising and flourishing almost throughout the month. Nevertheless, keep your anger and speech in check.

Career Advice - This term brings high energy levels for you. Use this energy in the right direction to get the desired professional push. Keep your anger under control and adopt a charming tone of speech for greater success in career.

Love and Marriage: Aquarius, the monthly forecasts show plenty of romance in your relations this month. Connection with existing partner will become stronger and is likely to remain positive. Married couples will experience an outburst of romantic ventures this month. However, things may change after 15th Feb, when your partner’s health is likely to take a back seat. The period may see your spouse lay greater emphasis on ego and self-esteem. This phase will demand a diplomatic approach from your side. Try not to dominate your partner as he/she is likely to remain bossy, especially after 13th Feb.

For singles, the presence of Saturn in a strong position this month will most likely cause hindrances for new beginnings. Hence, your blooming dreams may not see the light of day in this period. Progeny prospects don't seem very bright. Care and rest must be taken in this span.

Money and Finance: The monthly predictions look encouraging on the monetary front for Aquarius in February. Formation of a good "Dhana Yoga" makes this period particularly auspicious, promising good fiscal gains and profits almost throughout this month. Nonetheless, the span does not support good returns from any form of investments. Thus, you are advised to stay clear of investing or trading in this period. Expenditures may mostly revolve around entertainment and personal satisfaction, and are expected to remain under control. Flow of funds is likely to remain favorable for the entire month.

Students and Children: The monthly indications for youngsters highlight signs of diversions in February. Health of children may remain unstable throughout this period. Frequent mood swings are expected and they may display hints of aggression and perverseness. Treat them with care as they will need help and support of family in this span.

Students seeking advanced education are likely to face distractions due to the sprouting feelings of infatuation towards the opposite sex. Parental check is needed and a strict discipline needs to be put in order. Academic success will require hard work and undivided dedication.

Family and Health: The monthly readings for family and health display assorted results in February for Aquarius. Your personal well being is likely to stay on good terms, in general despite minor seasonal ailments doing their rounds. Health of family members and spouse, however, may remain a point of concern. Any symptoms should not be neglected and proper treatment should be taken, as and when needed.

Home conditions seem to be under disturbed circumstances. The presence of Mars in a strong position will result in frequent clashes of opinions and quarrels among members of the family. Take a patient approach and implement a soft speech.
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