AQUARIUS June Horoscope


Overview: Aquarius, your monthly horoscope has spoken & patience is the word! The ruler of your sign, Saturn is retrograding & can lead to indecisiveness or uncertainty in important matters. You may face delays in receiving the results as well. You will succeed in most of your ventures but only through your sheer hard work & consistent efforts. Now you will be inclined towards religious & social work. If you are associated with political work, then you need to work very hard to make things work. You will receive a project this month, which will be successfully completed & it will bring you appreciation & rise in reputation. Avoid making hasty decisions now, & stay away from being a part of too many meetings. You are likely to encounter influential people at work, who might also work with you in future & boost your prospects. You may have to travel for work, however, the results might be less than satisfactory. There are indications for your opponents to be on a rise in this period, & you should remain careful as they might act against your interests. If you work in the field of occult sciences or related work, you can expect good gains. Strictly stay clear of procrastination & completing all commitments in the designated time should be your top priority. Not only will this improve your reputation, but also improve your chances in the future.

Career: Professionally, the month appears to be sluggish for you. Uncertainties reign on the work front now. Avoid taking any decisions about a new work or venture this month. Also, do not follow others’ advice & let your instincts guide you. Remain patient with your current condition of work & take any work related decisions after discussions with your partners. Foreign related work may become strenuous for you now. Any ventures in your existing work should be dealt with diligently. Do not wait for your partners to act & start working on it yourself, immediately. Chances of foreign travel are on the cards but should be avoided this month.

The initial stages of the month will keep matters sorted on the professional front, but as the month progresses, you may encounter some hindrance. Submit all assignments within the designated time to maintain your reputation in front of your superiors & boss at work. A rise in pay may not be possible this month. If you are aiming for an appraisal, then start working on it right from the beginning of the month. Keep your work ethics & secrets to yourself & avoid sharing them with anyone.      

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast implies a soothing period for love relations. Relation with your lover will be cordial & they will support you in every situation. Even if a misunderstanding rises, you will be easily able to overcome it with open communication. You are likely to make extravagant expenses on your partner now & will equally receive gifts from them. Singles, the time looks highly favorable for new beginnings & if you are planning on proposing to a loved one, then do it now! Response will most likely be positive.

Married couples, the period looks favorable & comfortable for you, with chances of a family trip on the cards for you. Pack your bags & go spend some time together. This will further nurture your bond & conjugal life. Your life partner is likely to receive a rise in pay or a promotion.
If you are looking to get married, then mid-June onwards, the cosmic changes make for favorable conditions for love marriage or marriage with a person of your choice.

Money & Finance: The monthly readings depict a rosy term for your finances in June. Financial conditions will mostly be stable for you. Success will be yours in almost all the ventures you undertake, however, your hard work will lay the path to success. Matters related to purchase of a property will bear fruitful results. After mid-June, take additional care while making monetary transactions. Retrograding Saturn in your house of income could lead to delays & holding back of income to some extent. You should remain patient this month. Your expenses are likely to rise now. Any plans to travel should be made only in accordance with the availability of funds with you. Long term investments are highly favored now, especially in speculation & share market. Make all financial transactions very carefully. Lending of money should be done only after careful scrutiny. You are likely to get financial support from your elder brother this month. Some expenses are expected to be directed towards the domestic front. Completely stay away from taking a loan against your house.

Students & Children: Students are likely to enjoy a splendid term in June. Your positive viewpoint towards studies & consistent hard work will bring you success in all ventures. However, keep a disciplined approach & assign only a limited time to be spent on social networking & with friends. For getting the desired results in competitions & exams, prepare well & stay away from overconfidence. Distractions are likely to cross your path & deviate you from your career path. If you are seeking a loan from the govt. for studies, you may receive it. Chances are that if you have applied for studying abroad, then your efforts will bring positive news soon.

Kids may bring some challenging situations on the home front, as they may remain frustrated & prefer spending more time outside of the house. Kids may demand some expenses to be made. If you are working towards sending them to foreign lands for studies, then your efforts will work in your favor.

Family & Health:            
Your family appears to enjoy a comfortable period now. Harmony will prevail on the family front. You will receive the respect & love of everyone in the family. Occurrence of an auspicious gathering on the domestic front may further improve mutual understanding. Nonetheless, hefty spending on the domestic front might hurt your pocket & peace of mind. Your family will be supportive. Any new work or professional venture will get the support of your family in every possible way.

Your wellbeing may suffer to some extent, as mental stress is likely to keep you disturbed. Fever, headache, or blood pressure related ailments are also possible. Remain watchful towards any infections that might make things worse for you.         
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