Aquarius February Horoscope


Overview: The month of February will mark the beginning of a learning phase for the natives of Aquarius moon sign. You are going through the first phase of Saturn’s seven and a half year transit known as Sade Sati, which will bring about transformation in your life at personal, professional, social and emotional level. This phase requires you to remain disciplined, persevering and patient in all situations. Hard work and focus will bring many opportunities of growth for you and your success will be determined by the honesty and persistence in your efforts. This month will present ample opportunities for career growth and you will work dedicatedly to achieve your goals. There will be gains and income from your profession which will enhance your financial standing.

You might consider starting a business or a new venture which will ensue gains. You will have a supportive work environment which will help to increase your productivity and lead to professional advancement. Sudden gains and windfalls will surprise you this month. Mid of the month onwards will bring many opportunities to travel abroad and there will be success in foreign projects and collaborations. You will have a warm and cordial relationship with your family and friends. Parents will be supportive of your endeavors during this time and their help and blessings will be a source of encouragement for you. However, you need to curb the tendency to be egoistic and dominating during this time as that will hamper your growth prospects. You might be introspective during this time and your spiritual travels will increase.       
Career: This month will bring new career opportunities leading to growth but at the same time there will be struggles and obstacles. Your determination and steadfastness will help you overcome challenging situations at workplace and achieve your goals. If you are running your own business, this month will bring good gains and profits.  You will make plans to expand your business and will be able to materialize those plans. Your reputation and image in business will increase and you will get new contracts and assignments.

If you are working as a freelancer, you will get good opportunities and income. You will undertake many foreign travels this month and find success in foreign collaborations and ventures. You will be able to initiate new projects with ease and find the necessary support and cooperation. However, you should not take hasty or reckless decisions regarding your career plans as they might backfire. You might feel dissatisfied in your job and consider a change, however you should remain patient and take well thought decisions. Time from mid of the month will bring relaxation in work and good support from colleagues and seniors.

Money & Finance: This month will bring good money inflow making your financial condition stable. Your efforts towards career growth will reap gains and rewards during this time. You will be able to generate extra sources of income however your savings will not be as per your expectations. Nevertheless, you will be able to manage your expenditure well and maintain a healthy bank balance. Jupiter is currently transiting your eleventh house of gains and income and will be beneficial for wealth accumulation. You might invest in share market and past investments will give good returns this month. You should try to avoid disputes and litigations as it might incur huge expenditure. Real estate deals and investments will prove to be gainful this month and you might spend money in renovating or beautifying your home. If you are involved in cosmetic or designing business, you will come across lucrative opportunities during this month.

Love & Marriage: Love life of Aquarius moon sign natives will see a mixed phase this month as there will be both sweet and sour moments in relationships. Your words might bring troubles in your relationship hence you should choose them wisely and remain polite and humble in your interactions. Being egoistic and harsh will disturb your domestic environment, hence you should be understanding of the needs of your partner and flexible in your approach. Married life will undergo some challenges as there could be conflicts due to the interference of a third person.

You should be loyal towards your relationship and honest in your communications. Remain respectful and trustworthy towards your spouse to ensure quick mending of relationships. Time from 16th February will be better in terms of marital happiness as there will be increase in the level of trust and understanding between you and your spouse which will lead to stability in the relationship and peace in domestic environment.

Students & Children: Students will find this month favorable for education and academics. If you are planning to go abroad for higher education, you will hear good news in that regard. You will be able to get admission in a college or university of your choice, which will be a source of encouragement for you. However, you might have to mentally prepare yourself to stay away from home and family which might make you a little anxious. However, you will be able to overcome your doubts and fears as you will have the necessary support from your parents. Those looking for a part time job will be able to find one and start a source of income for themselves. Friends might be a source of distraction for you during this time and you may have to distance yourself from them to concentrate on your studies.

Family & Health: Family life will largely remain peaceful and stable this month as there will be increased cooperation between the family members. You will be caring towards your family and will receive help and support from them in times of need which will bring a sense of unity and togetherness. Your parents will be affectionate towards you during this month and their blessings will be a source of encouragement for you. You will also be loving and respectful towards them, which will help to maintain an amiable domestic environment.  However, your father’s health might be a cause of concern and you might have to pay extra attention towards his health during this month. A religious activity or ceremony at home would help to maintain peaceful atmosphere and cordiality.

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