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Overview: As per September 2020 Aquarius Horoscope, this will be a period of self-analysis. This is because you’re under the influence of Sade Sati. You will be working very hard this month. You may be stacked with a lot of energy. The transit of the Sun will be very favourable for you. Politicians can gain political powers and fame during this month.
During this month, Mars will transit in its sign. This planetary position is slightly unfavourable for career-related matters. The present situation will demand a lot of hard work from you. You should try to maintain a sensible attitude. You will have to keep your cool during the tough situations. You can discuss your problems with someone as it will help you feel lighter.

However, on a separate note, there are chances that you’ll finalize a real estate deal this month, which will turn out to be very profitable. Jupiter becomes direct on 13th September 2020. People may ask for your advice. You may start a new work or invest in your business after 15th September 2020.
Some of you may arrange auspicious programs at your home after 23rd September 2020. This is because Rahu will move to Taurus sign during this period, thereby making you inclined towards religious and spiritual activities.

Career: As per September 2020 Aquarius Career Horoscope, the starting of the month may be a little challenging for you. However, things will start improving after some time. You can start new work during this month. If you’re planning to expand your business, then this is the right time. You’re likely to receive a good return on investment. Some of you may receive work proposals from foreign countries but you should avoid travelling during this period. Indastro suggests that you should try to maintain an amicable relationship with your business partner.

Job-seekers may get job offers during this period. Your colleagues will be very supportive. However on a separate note, a female senior may create some problems for you at the workplace. It is better to maintain a strategic distance from female colleagues. Your boss will perceive your hard work and you may receive appreciation for your noteworthy contribution towards the growth of the organisation.

Money and Finance: As per September 2020 Aquarius Money Horoscope, it appears that this month will be very favourable for you as far as the financial matters are concerned. The inflow of money would be good during the month. You may get rid of monetary challenges, and be able to repay your old debts and borrowed amount. This is a good time to invest money in share and stock market provided you’re aware of the changing trends of these markets. Investment done in the past may prove to be very beneficial during this time. You’re likely to spend some of your money on house renovation, furnishing and on the arrangement of auspicious programs, which might be held at your place during this month.

Love and Marriage: As per September 2020 Aquarius Love Horoscope, this month may be good for singles. Single natives may find their ideal match this month. Talking about lovers, you may need to work on your relationship. Avoid doubting each other and do not let work take a toll on your love life. You should devote time to your partner and try to increase your communication. You should plan outings and spend beautiful moments together.

As per September 2020 Aquarius Married Horoscope, the first 15 days of the month will be favourable, however, the latter half may be quite challenging. Avoid doing anything that can hurt your partner’s sentiments. Do not impose your decisions on them because they may not like this attitude of yours. Make sure that you do not hide anything from your spouse. Hence, it is very important to act rightfully for a happy married life.

Students and Children: As per September 2020 Aquarius Education Horoscope, students will perform well on the academic front. You will be able to concentrate on your studies, without falling prey to distractions. Students preparing for competitive exams may be required to work harder this month. Those who are pursuing graduation and post-graduation will make good progress this month. Students, planning for higher studies may be able to secure a seat in their desired college/university. School-going children will manage their studies very well. They may start liking the concept of online education, and this will help in generating their interest in the studies.

Family and Health: As per September 2020 Aquarius Family Horoscope, the first few days of the month may be quite challenging for the Aquarius natives.The planetary positions may give rise to stressful situations in the family, till 13th September 2020. But this is just a temporary phase. You will see a ray of hope after 13th, and your family situation may start improving. The previous matters will be resolved and you will get expected support from your siblings. You may also plan to invest in your family business. Your parents will be very supportive throughout this period.

As far as health is concerned, people with some neurological issues will need to remain very careful during this month. Do not let stress take a toll on your mental health. It is better to consult your doctor regularly. Do not take any medicine without doctor’s prescription. Also, drive slowly and maintain a nutritious diet. You can also do yoga and some light exercises in the morning to keep yourself fit and healthy.

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