Aquarius September Horoscope


You may feel seriousness in your nature due to Saturn retro from 17th June and sadde saati. You should express your heart feelings with someone who is close to you, it might help you feel relaxed and give mental peace. You should go out and meet or call your friends for solves your problems. Be aware of getting deceived on your sale or purchase vehicle from 21st June as Mercury is combust. People may come to you for advice and counselling. You will get new opportunities in career and you will learn new things. Your skills will increase and your past stuck work will resume. You will feel full of energety and get reorganization in society from 15th June. You may get reward from Govt or get seat in politics. Avoid disputes with enemies and competitors. Your partner and spouse might have egoistic nature with you. Spend time in home in religious programmed and avoid travels for deal or meetings.                        
Avoid starting new work or business or invest for better growth as Mars is debilitated. You might get offer from big company, but it will not be successful, so avoid wasting time from 17th as Saturn is retro. You will show your talent in business and get reorganization in your firm with your hard work. Don’t argue with work partner and try to avoid separation due to ego. You may get new job or call for interview, however, try to avoid job change. You will not be supported by your colleagues. Be careful of disputes with female seniors. You will get new project from MNC companies with your hard work. Your boss might not be satisfied with your marketing and sales. You should come out of confusions with work.
Money & Finance
You will get income, gain and support form spouse after 15th June. You will also get gain from past investment You can invest in speculation till 21st June. You will get loan for business or home if you want. Avoid giving money to someone especially female with emotions. Income is good but financial position may not be good this month. Avoid spending money on travels, furniture and renovate of home. You might get high income from rent or other income. You should spend time and money in religious place.   
Love & Marriage
Avoid proposing someone after 21st if you fallin love. Stay away from arguments and disputes with lover due to confusions. To have better romantic life start spending more quality time with each other to build strong relationship. Be careful of arising problems in love life. You need to keep your faith and trust on your partner for better life. Start respecting spouse from the core of your heart. Try to avoid past sourness with life partner. You should give surprises and gifts to your partner. Share everything with your spouse/partner to avoid doubt. You will go with life partner in a memorable place. Take care of emotions and health.     
Students & Children
You will choose new subjects and courses. or start professional courses or even start part time business for income. Avoid disputes with friends and partner. You should focus on your studies and increase concentration for better results. You will get admission in better college and admission in high colleges. Avoid confusions while choosing new subjects. Be confident when you take up any competition. Children will get involved in school online activities and get prizes. Parents should watch them during studying and focus on guidance and tuitions. Children may spend their time with friends in end of the month.      
Family & Health
You will come out of all family problems. Avoid involvement with females in family disputes. You may spend time in religious places with family. Siblings will support you and invest in family business. Avoid purchase of any land or in renovation of home. Respect the elder members in your family. Parents will support you. Take care of mental stress and neurology problem, if you have any. Go for treatment if you feel pain in legs. Drive slowly and carefully.

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