Aquarius October Horoscope


Overview: As Saturn will be influencing your moon sign in October, you will feel lonely during this month. Try and talk to people you are closed and spend time with them in order to get out of this loneliness. There will be a sudden expenditure on clothes and luxury items as well. Overconfidence and small distance traveling need to be kept under control during this month. This is a good month to invest money in your business. Your opponents will try their best to bring you down.

The career graph will be on the rising axis for you this month and you will diligently work extremely hard in order to fulfill your goals. During this month you may come face to face with office politics at the workplace. However, you will get new chances to learn new things this month. Overseas traveling will be beneficial in regards to your career this month. Occult science will become an extremely attractive subject for you this month and you will try searching new books on the same subject.  You will get social recognition and popularity in society. It is imperative for you to stay away from any dispute or conflict with family until 16th October. An auspicious program will be organized at the home front which will be an enjoyable time for the entire family.

Career: The month will be good to start new work until the mid of the month but try and avoid overseas meeting this month. You will enjoy seeing your new project coming to an end for which you have worked really hard. You will have to work harder this month in order to have a good career graph. The support of your worker will not waver even for once. Things will remain good at workplace but if you want to try for a job change, you can give it a try this month.

The Boss and Seniors will like you to be on board for a new project, you need to be proactive and give your positive feedback for the same. This month is asking you to have strong faith and trust in your hard work and performance as it is a good month for a promotion or a transfer.

Love and Marriage: Love is on your side as you will find the love of your life this month but will remain hesitant to confess your feelings to him or her. Go ahead and propose your love and get a positive response for the same. Your relationship will be full of love, passion, and happiness and will share a bond with your lover. Try and spend as much time together as possible otherwise you may fall into the vicious trap of confusion and misunderstanding that may create distance between you two. The element of surprising your partner can be helpful in saving your relationship.

It is not that great a month for those of you who are married therefore keeping your ego, aggression and sarcastic comments aside will be a good decision for now. There are good chances that your partner will get a good Government job or any new job opportunity in their workplace this month. With the involvement of a third person, you may face some difficulties in your married life. So try and void any outside influence to come in between you two.

Money and Finance: October will be a good month for investing in speculations and lotteries until 16th October. If you need a loan this month, you will be able to get it on time. This is not a good time to lend money to anyone at all. Making an investment in land or property and a long term investment will prove beneficial to you.
During this month, you may purchase a new house and will spend money on its renovation work as well. Other personal expenses on clothes and jewelry can be possible during this month. Your financial status will improve and expenses on traveling, religious programs and a new course on occult science will increase. Luck will remain on your side along with the full financial support of your parents.

Student and Children: During this month, you may have a strong feeling to change your subject or stream. Try and consult your seniors before taking the big decision in order to have a second opinion on the same. There are good chances that you will either start a new career-related course or may start working on a part-time basis. Try and stay away from junk and outside food as far as possible this month. Also, be aware of mean and selfish friends who may only come to you for money and their necessities. It is time for you to stay completely focused on your studies in order to get the desired results.

Your children may remain confused in studies and would need your guidance to stay on the right track. They will make you proud as they will receive prizes in various games and competitions. In order to increase or build his or her interest in studies, you will have to get involve and help them concentrate on studies.

Family and Health: The family atmosphere will remain healthy and harmonious in the month of October. There will be multiple spiritual or religious traveling will be taking place this month. You may have to face disputes with your sibling hence, try and maintain a healthy relationship with them. There is a requirement for you to spend some quality with your family and friends for which money will also be spent.

Going on a vacation will be good for you as it will help you relaxed your stressed mind and will be a good change from the regular mundane schedule. Yoga and morning walks will also be a good and positive change in your life which will help you maintain a healthy life. It is imperative for you to keep control of your anger and aggression this month in order to have a better functioning and relaxed mind. Health-related problems such as headache or eye problems may trouble you this month.

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