AQUARIUS April Horoscope


Hey Aquarius! Your monthly horoscope is out & it is time to rejoice as the month looks fabulous. Fiscal profits & monetary growth are favored by the cosmic powers. Professional front appears to be comfortable and shining, with chances of bringing added rewards for you. With all the positivity & energy in the atmosphere, you should make sure not to put your health on the backseat or you will suffer. The term after 14th April can see your life partner’s wellbeing suffer to some extent. You will be wise and possess a magnetic charm this month. The period after 20th April can see some expenses being made on the family front towards luxuries and comforts. The second half of the month indicates that your spouse can adopt an egoistic temperament & you should maintain a diplomatic approach in this period. Luck will be by your side. Your interest in spirituality will increase and can even make you undertake a pilgrimage. Govt. related work can lead to short & fruitful trips after 14th April.

Career: Aquarius, your monthly indication simply a fruitful term for career. Professional stability will most likely prevail. You would easily outperform your opponents and competition at work. Nonetheless, keep your temperament in check as you can make illogical decisions at times. A job change or relocation should be avoided for now. Energy levels look very good throughout the month, allowing you to be hard working and dedicated. You will adopt a competitive temperament, which will significantly impress your superiors. Coworkers appear to be mostly supportive, leading to a comfortable work environment. A rise in pay, additional rewards or other benefits are almost certain for you. Stepping into new ventures and projects can benefit you if hefty returns are promised. Businesspersons will also enjoy a splendid term with plenty of gains & profits apparent. Partners and associates will further boost your accumulated wealth with their skills.

Career Advice – The month is mostly favorable & success is almost certain. Yet, be wary of your opponents and their attempts to hinder your success. Adopt a diplomatic approach and cut through your competition with your actions, and not harsh words.

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast for love and marriage imply a month of changing times. The term after 14th April can see your life partner adopt an egoistic demeanor. This will however, not hamper your bonding or the harmony in your conjugal life. You need to be diplomatic & put in more efforts to reignite the lost spark in your marital relation.

Singles may not be too lucky this month in finding a suitable partner, as the cosmic powers remain unfavorable for now. Stepping in this direction can add to your mental stress & thus, should be avoided for now. Progeny prospects seem to face hiccups in this period. Proper care is needed. Take plenty of rest and avoid overexerting yourself.

Money & Finance: The monthly readings for money & finances show a sparkling span ahead. Plenty of gains & rewards are indicated. Financial stability is likely to prevail for the entire month. Stock market trading should be stayed away from, as fiscal losses are depicted. Carefully analyzed financial decisions should be made. Manage your savings and funds skillfully. Expenses appear to be within safety limits. Flow of funds should be excellent throughout the month.

Students & Children: The monthly predictions for children and students denotes them under stressed conditions. Their wellbeing appears to remain badly affected with regular illnesses for almost the whole month. As such, they can become irate or even aggressive. Take cautions and consult a doctor if needed.
Students pursuing advanced education can fall prey to loss of focus this month. Attraction towards the opposite sex can distract them from their selected career path & negatively affect their results. Parents need to impose strict discipline & emphasize hard work.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family and health holds promise for a comfortable term. The initial stages of the month seem to see you in deteriorated health, but as the month progresses matters should improve significantly. Take proper care of your health & avoid being careless. Consult a professional if needed.
Family front is mostly peaceful and under comfortable conditions this month. After 20th April, the domestic environment is especially favorable &luxuries and materialistic comforts are largely highlighted. Mutual understanding and respect for each other will make your family front serene and cordial.
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