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Overview: Aquarius, Saturn, the lord of your sign, is in your 11th house. Mental stress seems to bother you in October. Delays in new work might cause difficulties. You should learn to go easy on yourself or your sleep might suffer. Some relief is possible after 12th October, when Jupiter changes its sign. Religious work will catch your attention and you may go on a pilgrimage. Financial issues seem to be resolved. Difficulties are possible with foreign travels or foreign related work. Focus on your goals to find success. Stress due to worthless travels is likely. You may start an old work and you may have to spend on it. If interested in sports, you will find new opportunities and chances to play at a higher level. Avoid clashes with anyone, as matters might take a bad turn. Chances of meeting an influential personality look good this month, which would boost your future prospects. If interested in occult sciences, a new research may interest you. Health of younger sibling may suffer and you should be careful towards it.   
Career: Professionally, the month looks passive for you, Aquarius. Work conditions seem disturbed. Maintaining diplomatic relations with foreign as well as govt. companies will help you in the future. Working with a foreign company might result in a loss and should be avoided this month. You will get the needed financial support for work. Work related stress is possible and when needed, ask for help from someone you trust. If working in a partnership, don’t act blindly and keep a check on your partner’s work till 15th October. Chances of getting into a partnership with a female are there.

If in a job, unexpected favorable changes at work seem to occur till mid-October. Your horoscope indicates a possible promotion, appreciation, and increase in income. A job change is not favored in October and you advised to focus on your current job for now. Maintain cordial relations with your boss, especially after mid-October. Coworkers may conspire against you, thus, be careful.

Love & Marriage: Aquarius, your horoscope depicts a bright period for your love and marriage life. Harmony and romance in your relation will keep you at peace. Spending quality time with your lover now would boost your bonding. In case of minor issues, exchanging unique gifts and planning surprises for each other would bring peaceful and quick resolution.

Chances are your spouse may develop an ego this month, which might trouble your relation. Proceed diplomatically. A fragrant gift would work like a charm and make things better.
If married, the month may start on a rough note with some hiccups possible. As the month progresses, things will begin to improve. Your partner may observe work related profits and a desired salary, which will improve your financial conditions. Try to spend more time with your spouse for betterment.           
Money & Finance:
Your finances look stable in October, Aquarius. Good rewards from old investments are quite possible. Land or property related investments would bring profitable returns this month. You may spend on home decoration and luxury items now. Purchase of a vehicle is indicated. You may buy ornaments for your wife or a female friend. Share market looks beneficial for investments. Loans should be avoided.       
Students & Children: The month looks favorable for students. The needed support for your studies is likely to come to you, which will be a relief. Results will mostly match your expectations. Focus and hard work can bring you the desired success. You may get admission in a college or school of your choice. Around the end of October, avoid wasting your time over friends or social media and take care of your well being.

Your kids seem more inclined towards sports now. They may get a chance to play at higher level, and your support will encourage them. A positive outlook towards studies is likely. Your dream to send them abroad for further studies will come true.       
Family & Health:                       
Your family front looks peaceful this month. Relations with family seem harmonious and cordial. A guest may grace your house with their presence and bring happiness. Parents will be supportive and their health seems better this month. New work opportunities for your parents are possible, which will bring profits as well. Your father can help you in your work in October.
Your health seems stable throughout October, yet be careful against possible skin problems. An old injury might trouble you.

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