Aquarius January Horoscope


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First phase of sadde ssati is running due to which whatever decisions you take; they will change again and again, and the results will also come late. Due to mental trouble, sleep will also be less at night, which will result in stress. Jupiter will transit in Aquarius, so with interest in the work of religious deeds, there will also be trips to religious places, and you will also spend money there and feel relaxed. Problems can arise due to work of going abroad or any project related to abroad.

Unnecessary travel and expenses will be troublesome. Mercury will combust from 18th. If there is interest in sports, then this time will be good as there may be an offer to play in competitions from 16 Jan as Mars will transit in Sagittarius. Do not get entangled in any debate, nor get caught in unnecessary debate. A small matter can go to the court as Saturn will transit with Sun from 14. Those interested in research will make new discoveries. There may be trouble in the health of your younger siblings and there is also possibility of an accident.

Things will not be better regarding work; keep your dealings right with the foreign company and be careful about your work as axis of Rahu/ Ketu is in career house. Do not do any new work with a foreign company right from 14 Jan. There will be financial support for your work. There will be a running race for the work, due to which success will also be needed and someone’s cooperation as well will be needed in your work. Keeping your ego on one side, work ahead with cooperation from 16 Jan.

Listen to your partner and you will also benefit from them. A new work offer may come from a female partner, which will be beneficial for you. You will do something new in your job field with your expertise, which will give you success in the coming time. Due to this, you will get promotion and salary will also increase with appreciation. Instead of looking for a new job, if you focus on bettering yourself where you are, then it will be good for you. Your rapport with your boss will be good, but colleagues working together can conspire behind you, so take care.

Love & Marriage
You will spend romantic time with the person you love, but due to some old issues, there may be confusion and tension. You will not like their nature, due to which you will not want to spend much time with them. If you do not want to lose them, then it will be best to forget everything and go ahead and plan some surprise for your partner.

In your married life, everyone will be happy in the month till 14 Jan, your partner will get benefits and desired income in his work, which will also reduce your financial problems. After 14 Jan, there will be a fear of the situation becoming delicate, due to which there will be tension in the family. There will be mutual tension and there will be less conversation.

Money & Finance
The situation regarding money will be better than before, old investments will benefit, you can invest in land or house, you will benefit. Money will be spent on luxury things; money will be spent on the decoration of the house, or a big car can also be planned. You can also buy an expensive ornament for a friend or partner. If there is confusion about investing in the share market, then you can proceed by taking advice from someone from 18 Jan onwards. There is no good time to take a loan now, it would be better if you can postpone it. Be careful about borrowing money from any friend or a known person. Hands will be open regarding expenses, money can be spent again on a big and expensive item.

Students & Children
For the students, confusion will remain in studies. The mind will also be less motivated. The hard work that was already done will bring good results, so that you will get admission in your desired college, and you will get success in the competition. Take full care of your health and spend less time with your friends. Children's mind will be in sports and games; there may also be an opportunity to play outside. You should go ahead and support your child. You will have to be cautious about their studies and keep talking to their teacher as well. If you wanted to go out to study, then that dream would also be fulfilled.

Family & Health
This month, everyone's cooperation with love will remain in the family. Sympathy towards each other will remain. The arrival of a new guest in the house will bring happiness. Mother will get support, and her health will also be better than before. There will also be full cooperation with your father and your parents may get new opportunities in their workplace. Time will be decent for health but due to any chronic disease, there will be trouble. So, do not be careless. Skin problems and neuro pain in legs may bother you. The pain of an old injury can be bothering you now. Drive any vehicle carefully.

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