Aquarius January Horoscope


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Overview of the trends in January -  
Planet of Influence: Saturn
Predominating Emotion: Sensuality and Spirituality will go hand in hand.

According to the predictions based on the Aquarius moon sign January 2021 horoscope, the native will adopt a new spiritual path that blends sensuality within their core values. This strange discourse with sensuality may give you a philosophical attitude towards forging cosmic relationships. You may also be authoritative towards your family and friends this month. Your willpower will be rather strong but your expenses will remain high. The possibilities of visiting a foreign land with a chance to learn more about occult studies or religion are pretty high too. Your research abilities will grow. Aquarius natives who are studying may take new research-related courses. Your partner may bring luck and gains to your life.

Career -
Planets of Influence: Mars, Ketu
Major trend: Sudden obstacles at work.

The Career horoscope for the Aquarius native indicates that January 2021 may bring trouble at the workplace. High expenditure and losses of some kind are equally likely this month. In spite of all your efforts, you will not yield the expected results. If there was a promotion due, it's likely that it will get delayed. Your charitable attitude may make your seniors and clients take undue advantage of you. You may buy a new property for generating extra revenue in January 2021. You may have to travel for your business but it might not bring you the desired positive result. However, during 2nd half of the month, some foreign contracts or clients may help you bring gains in your business.  

Love, Marriage & Relationships -
Planets of influence: Sun & Mercury
Major trends: Introduction with your crush, difficult married time

The love horoscope for the Aquarius native shows that January 2021 will be the perfect time to meet someone you secretly admire. This is the month where you will forge a new connection with instant emotional and sensual attraction. You may take your lover for a romantic trip. Also, your bond may grow from sensual to spiritual. The 2nd half of the month may bring some confusion and misunderstandings when it comes to married couples. It may even lead to separation if ignored and not sorted out on time.

Money & Finance -
Planets of Influence: Jupiter.
Major Trend: High expenses and possibility of loss.

As far as finances are concerned, the Aquarius moon sign January 2021 horoscope indicates unwanted, unexpected losses or expenses in your business. Any sort of joint savings with your spouse may give you some kind of relief temporarily. This joint venture you have with your partner may also give you gains. Money that comes from some sort of foreign source may also give you profit. Investment in share trading may not give you a benefit. However, investment in real estate can yield profits. Lending money to friends and family may not return and your helping attitude may put you in more debt instead.

Health -
Planet of influence: Moon, Mercury, Saturn
Major Trend: Minor health issues may disturb

According to the Aquarius moon sign January 2021 horoscope, there won't be any major health issues this month. However, take care of yourself, or else you may have to face some kind of ailments. Sleep-related disorders, skin boils, fever or infection in the eye is mere possibilities for the native this month. Taking a proper diet and not getting stressed due to undue work pressure are recommended for the native. Meditation and yoga will also help in reducing the chances of any kind of ill health effects.  

Students & Education -
Planets of Influence: Mercury
Major trend: Successful result after expenses.

The January 2021 horoscope for the Aquarius native indicates that you may get admission to a foreign university if they have been planning to. Also, the chances of traveling abroad in order to learn more about occult science or other kinds of religious studies are expected. Your subject of interest may change this January due to some surprising event in your life. This is a great month to start on the original research that you have been planning for months. Accounting students who have recently sit through their exams will get good marks. You will also excel in competitive exams. A government job interview will be successful if it's related to defence, aviation, or foreign services.

Family -
Planets of influence: Jupiter, Rahu
Major trends: Property issues may escalate

The predictions instated by the January 2021 horoscope for the Aquarius native indicate some misunderstandings and disputes that may arise on the family front. The reason for the argument may most probably be due to disagreement on paternal property inheritance. The best way out of this is to talk amicably and not letting your family members feel as if you are dominating them. Chances are, your family will find you more authoritative than usual this month. However, it is possible that you may end up showing your charitable side by leaving the offer be. Giving it away will feel right the right solution but chances are you might feel cheated in the end.

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