Aquarius March Horoscope


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Saturn is in Aquarius, indicating that success and professional achievement will come through dedicated labour. You may encounter challenges along the way, but you'll overcome them with bravery and confidence.
You may begin a new job and make new friends in March. Also, you will gain experience through failing at various projects, and with perseverance, you will close a new contract during this time.

This month, international business or project travel may be conceivable. The month will also see the conclusion of any pending litigation or disagreements. Try to save money because unnecessary spending will disrupt your financial situation.
You and your parents could spend more time visiting places of worship.

This month is ideal for career-related activities. You could be eager and motivated to begin a new job that will be a little difficult for you, but it is best to consult a senior before taking any chances.
This month may see the conclusion of an overseas transaction. But this is not a good month for salaried people to move jobs.
Your employer and senior may like your straightforward attitude and diligent work on a challenging assignment, and you will likely receive a pay raise this month.

Money & Finance
Jupiter's passage in your sign in the house of money may improve your financial situation.
This month, you could benefit from prior investments. Try to save some money for the future because there will be more spending on land or house investments, as well as on home renovations during this time.
Investments in the stock market should be made after consulting professionals.

Love & Marriage
Mercury, the lord of Love, will remain conjunct until March 27th, thus ego and misunderstanding will cause a split between you and your spouse. Give each other some space this month because there is a risk that you may split up with your companion.
Venus is exalted till March 12th, so you could be too busy or unable to see your companion for some reason.
Try to spend some nice moments with your partner and stay away from ego disputes, although there may be disagreements – which, because of the impact of the Sun and Saturn, will persist through March 15th.

Students & Children
You will have to put forth a lot of effort this month to succeed academically. Avoid spending time on social media and with your buddies.
This is a good month for you if you're getting ready for graduate school.
Research-related projects may encounter challenges; thus, persevere and work diligently. Due to your diligence and commitment, you will be successful this month in any competition or competitive exam for government service.

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