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Aquarius April monthly horoscope 2021
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: Overview

The horoscope indicates that you are currently in the first phase of Sade Sati, which will cause stress and confusion in life. However, on the other hand, you will become more patient and your tolerance power will increase with each passing day. On 6th April, Jupiter will enter the first house of your horoscope helping you overcome the challenges and problems. Change of residence is also quite possible this month. Avoid foreign deals at this time, as the concerned planets are not in a good position.

Sun, the royal planet, will be exalted from 14th April in the third house of courage. You will see progress and improvement in your confidence level. You will no longer be scared of taking risks in life. The students of the Aquarius sign will be seen participating in sports, debates, and extracurricular activities. You will have the complete favor of luck during this period. Short travels with friends and family are quite possible this month. You will spend your money on the purchase of luxurious things. The horoscope suggests you should plan a pilgrimage with your parents. This will bring peace and positivity to your life.

Aquarius Career

This may be a challenging month in terms of career and business. Try not to do many experiments or changes in your business this month. You may suffer from stress and anxiety because of the financial losses that you’re likely to face in the coming days of April 2021. Mars has the Lordship of your career house. Mars will conjunct Rahu until the 14th of April causing ups and downs in your business and profession. You may undergo some mild conflicts with your business partner. The working professionals of the Aquarius sign will face stiff competition at their workplace during this month which is why they will have to upgrade their skills. Promotion and appraisal are on the cards this month! Try to keep control over your anger and beware of your colleagues as they may try to plan dirty games behind your back.

Aquarius Money & Finance Horoscope

This will be an average month in terms of wealth and finance. Investment done in the past will prove to be very profitable at this time. Also, this month is good for speculations and real-estate dealings. However, avoid taking a loan at this time. Try not to waste your money and resources on foreign deals. Also, avoid lending money to your friends and relatives. You may spend a good lot of money on house renovation and re-furnishing. Chances of hospitalization are also there so be very careful and take the necessary precautions to avoid medical expenses. Lastly, avoid getting involved in legal troubles.

Love, Marriage & Relationship Horoscope of Aquarius

This month will bring a mixed bag of fortunes and surprises for both single and committed Aquarius natives. Single natives are most likely to find their compatible matches this month. You should try to build a good understating with your partner and make your communication game strong. Spend quality time with your partner and take her out on dates and drives. This way, you will be able to revive your relationship. Married natives need to be very practical, mature, and realistic in the married matters to ensure happiness in their married life. Don’t let a third person intervene in your matters. There are chances that you may develop feelings for someone outside of your marriage. This will not only destroy your marital happiness but will also drift you both apart from each other. Your partner may get a promotion or appraisal at their workplace and this will become the reason for celebration.

Aquarius Students & Education Horoscope

You will mostly go in the right direction and will be sincere regarding your studies. The chances of getting admission to your choice of college are quite high at this time. You will make decent progress on the academic front. Some of you may join a new professional/online course to enhance your memorizing powers. Those who are preparing for competitive exams will get flying colors. You will get a lot of opportunities to showcase your talent and skills. Students with the Aquarius sign will do well in sports. Those seeking internships/jobs will get an internship/job in April 2021.

Family & Health Horoscope of Aquarius

You are likely to undergo some mild conflicts with your family members this month. This is not a good month for your family life. You will see a high rise in expenses. You may organize get together at your place to resolve the issues and misunderstandings with your family members. You may plan to take a pilgrimage with your family or friends. You may reunite with your long-distant family members. The month demands attentiveness towards health issues related to the abdomen. There is also a possibility of getting involved in accidents so be very careful while driving or crossing the streets.

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