Aquarius April Horoscope


April 2019 would be a positive month as gains from various quarters would help you overcome issues and pressures of the last month. Your thinking and personality would remain quite volatile and unsteady this month due to which decision making would remain suspect.
You will find this month very busy in terms of family matters and an expansion in family as well as a celebration in the family would be possible too.
You need to be careful about your speech and some comments made unknowingly could back fire on you till the 16th April 2019.
Career – will be in a positive period of growth. You will see gains, although the level of expenses and outflows connected with such work would be high too.
Work environment will be positive but quite hectic. You will see chances of some gains and work opportunities with friends and siblings.
Coworkers will bring in gains and there would be support from well placed colleagues for growth after the 15th April 2019. You need to avoid verbal conflict this month till the 16th April 2019 through.
Money & Financial matters will be richly rewarding. You will find your financial position will continue to grow throughout. There would be gains from expansion from multiple sources, while your position will grow as the month progresses.
Income would be very good throughout. You should make the most of the gains this month and remain oriented towards savings rather than the tendency to spend and indulge more. Wasteful expenses possible and so be cautious.
Investments will be very gainful and rewarding, although gains would remain erratic till the 16th April 2019. You need to avoid any sort of speculation as that could turn out to be a bad decision.
Family & health – Family life will be very hectic. You will be busy with family throughout. Speak carefully or some controversy could spoil the outlook. If you are careful, loads of happiness and a celebration in the family possible.
Health will be average and some worries could come up. Stamina & overall resistance will be good however.
Love & marriage – Love life will be positive. You will be a success socially. This month will see very good chances of a new love prospect till the 15th April 2019. A steady but slower phase occurs after the 14th April 2019.
Relationships will be happy but fluctuating till the 16th April 2019. A good month which would pave way to resolution of some long standing issues from next month.
Marriages would be happy this month. Family life could see some ego issues due to spouse till the 15th April 2019.
Second half of the month would be better than first half of the month.

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