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Overview: Aquarius, your December horoscope shows mixed results. Confusions might lead to stress. However, sharing your problems with friends and trusted people would help you relax. Sudden expenses might disturb your monthly balance. Take calculated decisions and avoid hasty actions. Family members seem supportive this month. Saturn is transiting Sagittarius in December. New career opportunities would come your way, though delays are possible. Your reputation is likely to enhance. Involvement in social work would improve your social circle. Be careful against an old competitor near mid-December. Travelling for short durations might be profitable. Spending on home decoration and luxurious items for your home is likely. Religious events and celebrations on your domestic front are indicated. Take well-calculated decisions around the end of December.

Career: Aquarius, December horoscope shows a rosy term for your career. If working towards getting a particular project, things might take time to finalize. Your professional skills would increase notably. If working in a partnership, take all decisions after discussing with your partner and deal with them diplomatically. Your competitors seem active and you should remain alert against them. You may start a new work this month, though do so only before 15th December.

If working in a job, the period till mid-December looks great for you. Beyond that, uncertainties and doubts might cause stress. A job change seems unfavorable and the new job might also fail to satisfy you. Speak politely with everyone at work and be diplomatic in your approach. Your image seems good in front of your boss. Work hard and believe in yourself. A promotion and a raise in income are quite likely. New opportunities at work to display your talent would motivate you to work more sincerely. Possibility of a desired relocation looks good in December.     

Love & Marriage: Love life for Aquarius looks rough this December. If in a relationship, be polite and humble with your partner, as frequent arguments might spoil your relation. Improvements are likely near mid-December. Make time for each other and exchange gifts to improve the harmony.

If you have proposed to a loved one and waiting for their reply, some doubts or confusions are possible.
Aquarius, your marriage life might face some confusion this month. Ego clashes and anger outbursts would spoil your bonding with your spouse. Chances are your spouse might grab a govt. job. Traveling with your partner would bring you closer and improve your relation.

Money & Finance:
Aquarius, December looks splendid for your finances. Old investments are likely to deliver good gains this month. You may invest profitably this month. If seeking a loan, you may do so before mid-December. Be very careful while lending money, as a financial loss is indicated. Your financial position seems largely stable throughout December. Profits from old income source are possible. Expenses on traveling abroad are likely. Home decoration or repairs of a vehicle would require spending. Take care of your health; otherwise, expenses on medical treatment could disturb your monthly budget. You would spend on religious activities this month. Strictly stay away from clashes, as it would lead to a financial loss around the end of the month.    

Students & Children:
Aquarius students, it is time to work hard & focus on your goals. Desired results would come only through sincere efforts. Plan and move strategically. You might face difficulties in getting admission in a college of your choice. Competition looks tough; prepare well.
Aquarius, December shows a pleasant picture for your children. They would get the desired results in studies. Accomplishments in sports would make you proud. They would be playful and jolly, yet chances of clashes are there out of anger.

Family & Health: 
Aquarius, your domestic life looks tough. Arguments with family members are likely. A pilgrimage with family would help sort things peacefully. If needed, stay away from your family for some time. Chances of clashes with your elder brother are present, & you should remain calm and patient. A celebration at home could improve the situation.
Health wise, an infection or food poisoning is possible in December. To avoid stress, think less and indulge in entertainment activities.   

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