Aquarius (Kumbha)

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For Aquarius, the monthly horoscope for November indicates a phoenix emerging from the flames. The month and your luck should be in general, favorable but still you may encounter some hurdles. You may experience low energy levels, followed by a possible lack of courage and boldness that you may otherwise possess. Siblings and children may not be at their healthiest selves. On the positive side, spiritual inclination might lead to a rejuvenating journey that may brighten your spirits.

You may develop a money-driven attitude during this time. A profitable foreign trip is on the cards that may lead to an increase in your wealth and prosperity. For relationships, the first half of the month may not be as auspicious. Health of spouse may take a hit. However, you would see a lot of improvement in the second half. The period after 16th November 2017 is highly promising for Government related matters. Career and should be of high priority this month as indications of disappointments, misfortune and obstructions are visible. Meditation and divine worship should help you get through this time peacefully.

Career: There could be some disappointment on the career front. Relationship with boss or superiors may not be comfortable. You may run into arguments and disputes with seniors. Colleagues may try to become dominating, causing stress at work. The period after 16th November should bring in some relief though. For businesspersons, high profits are not indicated during this time. The relation with partner should remain comfortable though.

Love & Marriage: The first half of the month holds possibilities for some romantic opportunities. The month of November could remain stressful for married couples. You may expect some ego issues and clashes with your spouse. Health of spouse could be a matter of concern. . The time is not opportune or favorable for progeny prospects. Thus, you should be careful.

Money & Finance: Financial opportunities look average this month. You may acquire some monetary gains despite a rough environment at work. Indulging in investments during this time should prove to be fruitful in the future. However, your personal needs may demand additional expenses. You may also spend on spiritual activities and on acquiring mystical knowledge during this month. Flow of cash may remain equal in both the directions so should work on creating a balance between your income and expenses.

Students & Children: For the month of November, the horoscope indicates signs of lethargy and lack of energy. Children may not be in best shape as their health could be sub-par. They may display a mix of attributes like anger or frustration in their nature. Hence, you should be patient and treat them with love and affection.
Students should expect mixed results during this time. Your communication skills may fail to impress during November. Energy level may be low and you may not be as enthusiastic about studies. For success in competition, you should put in a lot of hard work.

Family & Health: During November, Jupiter graces you with a stable personal health. Minor health issues may crawl in but they should be manageable in general. Domestic atmosphere should be cordial and you may share special moments with your father. An auspicious or ceremonious activity on the home front is indicated. On the down side, health of your siblings may suffer. But this should only be temporary as they may recover quickly.

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