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You may feel anxiety and loneliness this month due to second phase and influence of Saade Sati. You should enjoy this month and share your feelings with your close one to relax your mind. There will be sudden expenses on luxuries and garments. Avoid being overconfident and small travels too. Your opponent will try to lay you down. Jupiter transit will support you and hence, you will have good income and get new projects. You will take your finances and commitments seriously and work on them to achieve your goals.

There will be politics against you at the workplace. Foreign journey will be fruitful regarding your career. You will be busy in searching new occult books. You will gain name and fame from the society. Avoid conflicts with family in this phase. You will organize auspicious program at home and will be busy in playing games as well.

This is a good period to start new work. Avoid partnership and foreign connections. You may face obstacles in completing new projects. Competition in business sector will rise and you will have to come up with new ideas for business that will be fruitful. You should work hard to achieve success in your career. Co-workers/colleagues will support you.

You will feel happy at your workplace but if you want to change your job, then, you can search new job this month; but there will be delay in joining. Don’t get into politics at workplace. Boss and senior may connect with you for a new project from 15th June; you should go ahead and give your positive view on it. You should trust your hard work and do well to get promotion and transfer.

Love & Marriage
You may fall in love this month, but you will hesitate to share your feelings. You should propose as you will get positive results this month. Your relationship with your partner will be full of happiness, love and pleasure. There will be less meetings, parties, long drive, outings, etc. this month. Don’t get into any confusion with your partner, otherwise, you may face distance and misunderstanding with them.

This phase is medium for married people. Try to avoid ego, aggression and harsh language with your partner. Your spouse may get confused between govt. job and new opportunities at their workplace. You may face difficulties in your married life this month due to someone else.

Money & Finance
This is a good phase for speculation or lotteries. You will get loan on time as well as pay your loan on time. Avoid lending money to someone. Long-term investment will be fruitful. There will be delays in purchasing a house, so, you may spend money on renovation. You will spend money on jewellery and garments. There will be a satisfying financial position from 17th June. Expenses on education will increase and you may spend money on religious program. Parents will support you financially.

Students & Children
You may change your decisions in studies, but, before taking any decision, you should take advise from your senior. You may start any career related course or part time job. Avoid junk food to maintain good health. Friends may cheat you and use your money in other activities. You should focus on your studies to get good results. You will get results from past exam.

Children will be confused, so, parents should take care of their studies. They will get opportunities in games and other outdoor activities. They will get prizes in competitions or games. Concentrate on their studies and help them out.   

Family & Health
Family atmosphere will be happy and enjoyable. You will be busy this month in spiritual and religious program. There may be disputes with siblings, so, you should maintain a cordial relation with them. You may spend time and money on family and friends. Be attentive to maintain balance in personal and professional life.
You should go for outings and entertainment to relax your mind. Practice yoga and go for morning walks to maintain your health. Control your anger and aggression for a relaxed mind. You may suffer from headache or there may be problems in your eyes.  

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