ARIES July Horoscope


Overview: Your monthly horoscope is here, Aries, & times ahead seem sluggish for you. The lord of your sign, Mars, is with Ketu in your career house & can bring uncertainties on the work front. This may be accompanied by frequent work related trips. An old or pending work would now require additional efforts to be completed. You will face difficulties, yet your brave & confident approach accompanied by your hard work will fetch you the much-deserved success. Rahu & Mercury are posited together & are likely to create stressful conditions & confusions. Issues on the domestic front can make the atmosphere tensed now, but family will fully support you & bring some relief. Financial stability will get better this month.

However, delays in payments are quite possible. You may take calculated risks till 15th July & expect to get profitable rewards. Post mid-July, you might become frustrated & your speech can damage your bonding with family members. Your plans for a journey abroad might be delayed due to paperwork. Thus, complete all documentation & verify all the formalities well within time to avoid such issues. Such trips can prove to be worthless & multiple trips might have to be made to get things done. Expenses appear to remain on a rise & are expected to be directed mostly towards traveling, jewelry, & luxury items. Chances of a deceit are present & you should trust people carefully now. You will come across new & dynamic people this month.
Career: The monthly predictions imply a rocky period for you, professionally. Work environment appears to be strenuous, with possible hindrances & difficulties indicated. You will get an unplanned project this month, which will require completion on time & will eventually bring juicy rewards. Your personality will reflect aggression & courage now & make sure to stay away from laziness, as it will lead to losses. Success will be yours but only through hard work. You may face a fallout with a foreign client, as they might refuse to fulfill their side of the deal or a promise. Consulting a senior before starting a new work will help you majorly. Post mid-July, remain watchful towards possible work related losses.

Jobholders, you are likely to face uncertainties at work & your concentration levels may fall. Hasty actions & impulsive decisions need to be avoided now. You should analyze any new offers for work carefully now, as first impressions may be deceptive & reality might be completely different. Don’t jump into conclusions & take your time before making the final call. Your relations with superiors at work may take a hit now & coworkers may try to hinder your progress. Travels related to work will be there & leave you more distressed.

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast depicts a rosy term for love & marriage. Love partners, your relation will mostly remain cordial & journeys are likely with partner this month. Nonetheless, in the period after 15th July, doubts & misunderstandings may create differences & you should work on eliminating any such elements.

Singles, the period looks quite favorable for you. Expressing your feelings to your loved one is likely to bring positive response from them at the earliest. Chances of a love marriage are on the cards.
For married people, your spouse will be a source of monetary gains for you. Old issues are likely to crawl back & cause bumps in your marriage. Let your past go & focus on improving your present. This can severely affect your relations with your in-laws too. You should look after your life partner’s wellbeing now & accept your duties. Clearly, stay away from an extra marital affair for stability in life.     
Money & Finance: Financially, the monthly predictions denote a favorable term for your finances. Rise in your finances is quite likely this month along with a hike in your expenses, which will mostly focus on your entertainment & luxury items. Costly items will demand more funds be spent on them & cause wasteful spending. Purchasing of a house or a vehicle is indicated & may lead to some tension. Avoid real estate investments for now. Saturn is aspecting your house of income & promises gains & a possible pay hike, though it may occur later than expected. Be extremely careful while making transactions. You will be involved in work of social causes now & may even spend on it. Investments may be made in the share market, but only before 15th July. Matters related to loans should be dealt with post 15th July, as that period looks to bring favorable results.
Students & Children: For students, the monthly predictions signify a splendid period. You will be able to pave a strong foundation for your career now, provided you manage your time properly & avoid wasting it on social media. Admission in a college of your choice is also quite possible, but only if you work diligently without fail. Turn your focus towards saving instead of spending of money.

Your kids will be keen on playing & traveling, & might neglect their academics. Treat them tenderly & explain the importance of studies over wasteful playing. A stern approach might make things worse. Their confidence & zeal will be high this month. Prizes at school are possible for them, which will make your family proud. Expenses towards them are also indicated.

Family & Health:                    
Atmosphere on your domestic front appears to be uncomfortable now. Stress may prevail within the family. However, members will be supportive & this will provide you some mental relief. A party or a gathering may be organized this month at your place. Stay on good terms with everyone. Your parents’ support & your efforts will combine to bring you the desired results & success in most of your endeavors. Your bonding with younger siblings may take a hit this month, & you should be cautious along those lines.

Your health may suffer at the hands of stress & you may experience frequent headaches this month. You should plan a trip with your family & carefully try not to spend only on your own interests. While shopping, keep everyone in mind. Dust or pollution might cause breathing issues. Take all the necessary precautions.   
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