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At the starting of the month, Aries will see your planet Mars transit in the 3rd house, which is good for courage and will power, in this month. From 4th May, Venus and Mercury will transit in the Taurus sign, in 2nd house from your zodiac, making this period better for taking any decision and controlling expenses. Sun will transit in Aries sign, so you must avoid ego and irritation and try to control your anger and overconfidence and not take any decision without thinking, till mid of the month. Aries native should start any investment after 14th May. Family friend from the past may revisit you, making it necessary to take care of your family life. Spend time pursuing some artistic and designing work. Spend money in travelling to religious places, only after 24 May. You will have to work hard for achieving success in your work, so keep patient and try not to stress. Avoid unnecessary arguments with siblings due to ego. You may attain political success in this month with help of some influential person. Jupiter is reason, why there is an increase of desires in this month, for Aries sign.  

This month might bring obstacles in your career and push you towards more work. Maintain a disciplined nature so that you are able to overcome these challenges. You should be able to put increased trust on your business partner and co-workers after 5th May. Start any pending business decision and work after 14th May. Take career advice from seniors, which will help in smooth sailing in your career. This month looks positive for starting any new business. It will be a good month for those engaged in creative fields or with the beauty industry. If you are looking for a change in job or a new job altogether, you will achieve success. Your colleagues at your work place will be cooperative and help you. Increase your hard work for better performance. You might get offers on new project or even transfer of the new project, facilitating work related travels.

Money & Finance
This month you will spend money on either renovation of your house or in buying a new vehicle. It is better to invest this month rather than spending money on unnecessary things. This will be a good month for speculation in share market. You will gain good profit from land/real estate and past investments. This is also a good time to start investing on land or buying property. You will spend money on your children, catering to their education, clothes, travelling or parties. There are chances that some payment might get stuck during the end of the month. Try to recover any loan that you might have given someone. Do not spend any unnecessary money. This is a good month to get returns from heritage or ancestral properties. Your expenditure might increase due to court cases/disputes.

Love & Marriage
Your ego may cause misunderstandings and create dispute between you and your partner. Try not to have undue expectations in order to run the relationship smoothly. You must try to bring this situation under control or else you will feel alone and lonely. If you are single, there are chances that you might fall in love with someone from your workplace. You should express your feelings before May 13th for positive results. You will have a romantic month with your partner with long drives and coffee dates and spend intimate time with each other. Confusions and disputes in your marital life may arise after May 4. Both you and your partner should try to avoid anger. Do not get involved in extra marital affairs. You must take care of your spouse’s health and also emotional needs.

Students & Children
This month looks good in terms of studies and competitive exams. You will get expected results from exams that had taken place in the past. There might be distractions in your studies due to too much involvement with friends and spending too much time on social media and internet, after the mid of the month. You should consult with seniors and elders if you think of changing your course or subject. Do not trust your classmates and friends blindly. Students will excel in academics after putting in hard work. You may get admission in government colleges or start some government course, should you wish. Expenditure on children will increase. Your children will enjoy their time in travel/picnic with friends and enjoy other school functions. Try to build up their confidence by alleviating anxiety.

Family & Health                        
You will spend good time with your family this month but try to avoid any confusion with your siblings owing to your ego. This may cause disturbance in your family. There are chances that you might gains from your heritage/ancestral properties. There can be gatherings or parties at home due to your children’s birthday or their achievements in career or studies. Your family financial condition may improve this month. You will have the support of your parents. Auspicious events may take place in this month, at home. You should go to religious places for peace of mind. Go for your daily routine check-up to avoid any health issues. Drive carefully and avoid drunk driving. Stomach infection may also take place, so avoid any kind of junk or outside food.                     

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