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You should control your aggressiveness, overconfidence, and avoid taking hasty decisions as your zodiac shows debilitated Mars transit in 4th house with Venus.  You can take major decisions before 21st June as Mercury will be combust after that. You can spend your time in any artistic or designing work or even in home renovation. Your money will be spent in religious places and small travels.

Friends might try to cheat and use you. you will feel courageous because of Rahu, however, do not take any step-in confusion. So, you can take advice from seniors and avoid using harsh language. You will be able to finish your pending work. You might experience stress while trying to achieve success at work. You should stay away from any kind of arguments with your siblings. There are possibilities of getting political success. Try to avoid any court cases and arguments with females.  
You will face lots of obstacles and confusion in your career from 17th June due to retro Saturn. Avoid trusting your colleagues and females. Meeting and small travels due to work. You should work on pending tasks till 17th June. your career will experience delay and will not run smoothly due to retro Saturn. After 21st June, time will not be good for any kind of job change. Steer clear from any promotion discussion. Avoid partnerships with females. It will be better if you want to start work with spouse. 
Money & Finance
You can start investment in share market and speculation. Possibility of getting share from a heritage property. You will invest in land or property. You will spend on children. You will get back old stuck payment. You should try to recover loan and give money to any female or partner. There will be increase in expenditure on past court cases or disputes. Try to avoid sudden investment. Enjoy home and vehicles pleasure in this month due to spend money and renovation.

Love & Marriage
You will fall in love with your close friend if you are single. You should express your feeling for positive results. You may develop great relation with your lover and go on dates. In this romantic period drive, spend time with each other. Your marital life may be favourable in starting of the month. Disputes may arise but try to avoid confusion due to anger/ego. Do not get involved in extra marital affairs. Take care of spouse health and their emotions.

Students & Children
For students, you will have a better time in studies and competitions and get desired results from past exams. Distraction/confusions in study might occur due to involvement with friends and social media. Take advice from seniors while making decisions, if you want to change any subject. Do not put blind faith on your classmates. If you work hard, you excel in your academics and get admission in govt college or other govt courses. Expenditure will increase on children. Children will enjoy their time with friends and online schoolwork. Control their anxiety otherwise they feel lack of confidence.
Family & Health                        
Family life is normal but you should avoid any confusion with siblings. There will be  party at home due to father receiving award from govt or any other achievement in his career. Your family financial condition may improve. You will get support from parents. Small auspicious events might take place at home. You should visit religious places for peace of mind. Get your daily check-ups done. Avoid drink and drink. Stay away from junk food to avoid stomach infections.                  

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