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Mars, the lord of your zodiac, will transit along with Sun and Mercury in the struggle house till mid of the of the month, due to which there will be increased courage and hard work regarding work this month. Rahu is a reason to spend money and try to avoid promises and have control over your language. Mercury is retro and combust till 18 Oct, so avoid any decision and any major step in the job. Sun is in the sixth house till 17 Oct, with great enthusiasm and courage. You will easily win any kind of debate.

Whatever responsibility you take will be fulfilled this month. There may also be some kind of mental problem regarding the house during 10-15 Oct. This month Jupiter is direct in the career house with Saturn from 18 Oct, so you will get relief in career as well. But with the full support of colleagues, there will be relief in stress. The financial situation will be better than before, in which your life partner will have full support. After 17th October, the Sun will transit in the seventh house, due to which, there will be irritation on one thing or the other and there may be trouble with your life partner too.

There will be some kind of trouble in the business till Saturn and Jupiter retro in the career house, due to which there will be mental trouble. You will benefit if you get a new order suddenly, you just have to show your better performance on time after 20 Oct. Although you will work with great valor and courage this month, even a little laziness can harm your work. Work may be delayed, but small work will also be done. Relationships with foreign parties will be good. Before taking up any new job, please consult your senior. In the middle of the month, there may be loss due to work, so be careful. Time will be better from 18 Oct (Mercury direct) regarding the job.

There will be a promotion if you are in a government job, due to which your money will increase with work. Do not take any step in haste. If you are getting a new job opportunity, then it will be beneficial. There will be help from your boss and seniors. Old differences will end and colleagues working with you will also support you. There will be a trip for the job, which will not give you any rest.

Love & Marriage
The situation regarding love will be very good. Your relationship with your partner will remain sweet. You will also go out for a long time. From the middle of the month, your love may culminate into marriage. If there is a small issue, it will soon become clear. If you are going to express your love to someone, then talk about your feelings to them and the answer will be positive. Some kind of benefit can also be obtained with the help of your spouse. Relationship with your life partner will not become sweet and they will not give full support to you. Your spouse will get benefits from government work,. You should fulfill your responsibility completely and take full care of their health. Stay away from any kind of extra marital affair.

Money & Finance
Financial conditions will remain good, but expenses will also be high. You will spend a lot on your pleasures and entertainment. The idea of buying some expensive item will be formed. There will also be expenses on your house or vehicle, which will also cause mental problems. Do not make any investment related to land from 10-18 Oct. There will be profit and income from past investment but with delay and obstruction.

Be careful regarding any kind of transaction. Money will be spent on social work. If you want to make any investment in the share market, then do it till the middle of the month. If you want to take a loan, apply after 18. If you had given money to someone, it would come back.

Students & Children
The time will be very good for the students, but if you waste your money in luxury or online shopping then this good time will also be lost. If any government help is needed, it will be found and hard work will pay off and the result will be desired, which will give admission in a good college. Take care of money, avoid extra expenses. Children will feel more interested in roaming around and playing. Make sure that whatever you explain, you do it with great love. Stop getting angry at them over small things. There will be confidence and will power. Children can also get a reward for doing a good deed. Expenses will be more.

Family & Health
There will be no mental peace in the house, and there will be no support of family members, which will cause you mental problems. There can be a party in the house on the birthday of a child or because of any other achievement. Maintain good relations with everyone, only with the blessings and cooperation of parents, you will get success, maintain good relations with them.

The relationship that was spoiled due to misunderstanding with your younger brother will also get better. Mental tension will remain due to headache, if you go for a walk outside for some time, there may be a problem of dust or lungs in the chest, so take care of that. There will be pain in the knees or back as well.

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