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You may be feeling irritable and confused due to Sun transit with Rahu till 15 May in Aries sign. There could be needless arguments even on small matters. Also, due to some reason, the first 15 days will be filled with negative mental state, so to avoid this negativity, it will be better if you connect yourself with art. Saturn will transit in Aquarius sign with Mars till 17 May. This conjunction will bring to you multiple opportunities. There will be an opportunity to do something new and artistic.

You are a courageous and enthusiastic person by behavior, but this month you will feel a lack of enthusiasm, lack of confidence in work and obstacles can also be faced. Due to the retrograde of Mercury from 10 May, the time will not be beneficial for you to utilize your skills. Spend some less time with your friends because there can be excess expenditure on their account. If you do not give more time to your family, your family environment can get spoiled. Religious and other travels will bring expenditure.

This month is good for change but problems in career may also arise. So, avoid irritation. Do not do any new work in a hurry. You can start any new work even in partnership; the partnership that is already running will also be fine. Travel for work may increase and bring you benefit. You will get great opportunities in art design and creative work due Venus being exalted till 23 May. Be careful while signing on any papers or cheque. Mercury combusts from 13 May, so there can also be a possibility of argument and aggression in your professional life.

This month will be good for the job seekers but avoid being egoistic. This is a good time to find a new job. You will have the support of your seniors. Travel may increase and personal relation may improve with your co-workers. Promotion take place due to your better performance at work.

Love & Marriage
Give more time to the person whom you love, otherwise this complaint of your partner will become a reason for your arguments. In the middle of the month, someone from your past may come back in your life. If there was any resentment, that too will go away. A new partner may also come in your life, due to which you will not feel loneliness anymore.

Those who are trying for marriage, your wait will end, and you will get your desired partner. External relationships can cause trouble for married people till 15 May, so be careful. Your life partner will help you in your work. There will also be support from your in-laws. Take care of your life partner's health. Your life partner may get new opportunities till 23 May.

Money & Finance
Venus remains exalted till 23 May, so your expenses on luxurious things and renovation of home will be high. Also, be careful about your home and vehicle. Be careful in taking and giving money, otherwise you will have to face financial problems. This month will be good for real estate and speculation. Don't give any loans to anyone after 10 May. Time is good regarding ancestral property. You will get the benefit of money from MNCs. Money will be spent on children and travel. You will earn from other income sources with freelance work or part time work.

Students & Children
This month, there could be obstacles regarding education. Due to not getting the desired result, your mental state will be restless. So, increase your focus on your studies. Before taking up any new subject, definitely take the opinion of your seniors. Take good care of your mother's health. Don't waste time with friends and don't trust anyone blindly.

By the middle of the month, the expenses related to children will be high. After May 15, the atmosphere in the house will be happy due to the arrival of some good news from your children. You will get admission in your desired college and school. You should also support your family by spending quality time.

Family & Health
There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family; there could be a good party for children's birthday or for any big achievement. But avoid egoistic attitude with your family members. Take care of mother's health and be calm and patient with her. Time is auspicious regarding your health, but due to some mental agitation, you will not be able to take prompt decisions. It would be better for you to go to some religious place with your family. Take care of blood or skin related problems. Headache or migraine may disturb you.  

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