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Starting of the month zodiac lord Mars transit with Venus in 5th house. It is good for enjoyment and entertainment in this month. You must have a control on your over purchasing and expenditure. This is a good month for getting heritage property. There will be an increase in hard work and responsibilities. You will get profit and success with help of a third person. There may be increase in travels due to work and personal reasons but you must take care your health. Sun will transit in Leo sign from 17 August. You can start new work with support of your superiors. You can spend time in your hobbies due to Mercury transit in Leo from 9 August. You should not promise anyone anything in this month, as you may not be able to fulfill them. You may come out from court cases.  

You should try to avoid start of any new work in this month due to retro. Travels in work may give you stress. Don’t take interest in any short term work for extra income. You will feel confident and have courage from 17 August onwards. There is a good chance in Government job or you may get support from Government sector. There will be help and support from colleagues and co- workers but try to avoid misunderstanding with seniors. You will feel stress with new project which started by last month. Your boss may not also support you. This month is good for new job or change of job. Good relationship with partner and new partnership in this month is visible.          

Love & Marriage
There will be good relationship with your love partner but avoid ego and take care your relation after 17 August. You will meet new partner, if you are single. Improve any disputes with partner if there is, for proper understanding and love relation. Don’t be share your close thoughts with your partner. Try to avoid relationship with ex-love partner front of your new friend. You will improve relation with spouse in this month and be busy in romance but take care of your relations from 11 August due to debilitated Venus. Your spouse may get new chance or new opportunities of income. Your spouse may be busy with their own friends in this month. So, you should also take interest in spouse’ friends and parents for harmonious relationship.                

Money & Finance
There will be a good flow in income and all obstacles will be removed. You will get profit if you invested money for long term. Be aware of all your monetary transactions if you give or take money from others. Verify all signatures in cheque. Try to not trust on unknown people for investments. This is a good time for speculation in share market from 17 August. This month is good for real estate. You may also get profit from land. There will be an increased expenditure on luxury items at home. You will be able to recover loan and get loan easily if you want for work or home purposes. Venus is debilitated from 11 August so take step regarding money with advice. Your money will be waste in court cases or any disputes in this month, so take care.

Students & Children

There will be a decrease in confusion and increase in confidence in this month. You will feel easy with good decisions. You should start making the notes for exam early and avoid waste of time with friends and social sites. You will get new chances and opportunities in academic pursuits. You will get good results in exams and get admission in good college or school. Don’t spend money in extra things and try to start any part time work if you want to earn money in this month. Children also may be distracted in the starting of the month. So, you should take care and try to be cool with them. Children may feel tension due to parent’s fight and may want to go with friends and buy new clothes for party with friends. Online education may not be very good during the last days of months.         

Family & Health                        
Good relation and happiness with family members and get together and parties are in the cards in this month. There can be celebration of birthdays or arrival of a new born baby. You must take care of your father’s health and try to avoid disputes with your father. You can go religious places with parents and purchase new home and furniture for home.
Try to avoid extra travels and take care of your blood pressure, headache and mental tension due to increased work pressure. Have a control on your driving speed. You may go to religious places for relaxation of mind.         

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