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 As the month begins, you may encounter some aggressiveness, so try not to upset others with your language. This month is good for professionals, but don't make important decisions hastily. Because the Sun is in the career house until 13 February, avoid starting new jobs after this date owing to the Saturn-Sun conjunction in the gain house in Aquarius. Your travel and spending will rise starting on 15 February when Venus enters its exalted sign. Try to save throughout this time to avoid going over budget.

Through your perseverance, strength and courage, you will make progress and maybe succeed. You should preserve your relationship with your mother and watch out for your health from 10 to 17 February. A foreign business will present you with opportunities. Since Jupiter is in Pisces, there will be an upsurge in religious travel this month.

You could feel confident and motivated at work at the beginning of the month. You can start new projects and deals up to 13 February; but, don't make any hasty decisions beyond that date. Avoid starting new projects and try to reduce unnecessary travel for business meetings to avoid time waste and financial losses. Saturn and the Sun, both malefic planets, are in your gain house during their present transit, delaying income. This month, a partnership may be beneficial.

You may start any business with a female partner. This month, you have the chance of changing jobs. You should sign up or take any necessary action to find work. You'll have improved prospects, and you will earn positions with decent pay and benefits if you are a fresher. This month, you will see improved relationships with the boss and colleagues.

Money & Finance
Take care and keep your hand out of your pocket since this month is filled with spending on luxuries. Be careful with your money when you buy expensive gifts for women. Because your hand is free in your pocket this month, expenses will increase. This is a good month to invest in the stock market and real estate. You'll spend money on travel, jewelry, precious stones, and other opulent accessories. You can take a loan this month for work and other purposes. Your prior investment can provide a profit. Avoid investing or providing money to anybody after becoming emotional. Salary and promotions may result in a rise in your income. You could recover loans and get your stuck money.

Love & Marriage
Up to the mid of the month, your relationship will improve, and you'll enjoy Valentine's Day this month. After this stage, you need to take care of your relationship or risk separation due to ego. If you have feelings for someone, you can confess them on Valentine's Day. Because the Sun, your love lord, is conjunct with Saturn, you may have a misunderstanding with your partner. Your life should be filled with happiness and blissful sentiments for your partner, but you should avoid confusion because of Ketu. Your spouse might be able to help you. You could take a long trip with your partner around Valentine's Day. Your spouse could receive a new job opportunity.
Students & Children
This month is favorable for students up to the mid, after which you will see aggressiveness and stress in the curriculum. Therefore, use caution and refrain from making any choices on changing your courses or colleges. You should simply concentrate on your exam for better results. Prepare notes on time and prevent distractions from the opposing sex. Sports can open many opportunities for you. Avoid having negative conversations with elders.

Despite challenges, you could get admitted to a coveted institution or school. Children may become irritated during classes and want to visit any enjoyable place. Children should start concentrating on their academics for exams and start taking care of their health. Parents should take care of their children's guidance and additional tuition if necessary.

Family & Health                        
Maintain your relationship with your mother and refrain from arguing with anyone throughout this period. Try to be careful and enjoy yourself because there could not be any peace at home. You'll spend money on someone, which will make you feel stressed. You may make an effort to improve how you interact with your family. Conflicts with older siblings might arise. Your father may assist you financially. Your health will be good, but you should keep your mind at ease. Keep your blood pressure under control and try not to become angry. Avoid visiting the local resting places and drive carefully.      

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