Cancer October Horoscope


Overview: Courage and self-efforts will remain the two pillars of strength for you in the month for October. As Rahu is moving into the House of Expenditure, try and keep a control on your expenses during this month. You will be able to take some confident and independent decisions which are essential for you. Keep or maintain a safe distance from any sort of arguments or conflicts with anyone at all this month else you may unnecessarily get dragged into a court case due to a petty issue.

The professional front looks bright as you may become successful in the same. If you have a strong inclination in politics then you will be able to bag a good position in politics and get recognition in the society. Business-related traveling will be good for you in terms of financial gains and benefits.
It will be good if you spend some good and quality time with your friends this month. Relationship with your mother will remain good and she will also support you through your tough times. Those of you who are involved in designing and creative work will benefit from it this month. There are good chances that you will involve yourself in some religious work with your father during this month.

Career: This month is full of big changes and decisions for you as you may start a new work and risk a big investment in your profession with full courage and your confidence will help you succeed. Work-related to designing will bring huge success and achievement for you in your career graph. Before taking any important decision in your life, it will be good if you consulted your Father or your seniors. Some unfinished Government-related project will reach its final destination this month. Good chances of getting new business project from foreign land can be foreseen this month.

Try and stick to your current job and do not even think of making a job switch this month. Maintain a safe distance from office politics and do not share any personal details with your colleagues or coworkers at all. Your seniors and Boss will support you completely so it is imperative for you to be humble in your approach towards them while talking about the other colleagues of the office. There are chances of job relocation for you this month.

Love and Marriage: Love is in the air for the Cancer moon sign in the month of October as you may get into a new relationship this month and will also try to propose him or her. You will plan of going out with your lover on romantic outing, dates, long drive and many more. You may also be a part of his or her house party with his or her friends.

It is not as good for the married people as you may have to face various struggles and disputes between you two. Therefore, it will be for good if you avoided getting into arguments or debates with your spouse this month. Do not get over-friendly with your spouse’s friend as this can become one of the reasons for a misunderstanding between you two. Your partner will not be able to provide you the emotional support you are looking for this month. Best would be if you two sat down and talked about your difference and mutually come to resolutions for the same. There are high chances of a divorce to take place for you so try and sort things out before they get out of your hand.
If you were facing disputes in your relationship, there are good chances that you will come out of that stressful relationship.

Money and Finance: Your financial position looks great this month. You will be able to make financial profits because of your hard work and true efforts that will bring growth and success for you. You will also easily get a loan from a Government sector. Money that got stuck in the past due to some reason will also find its way back to you. The money will be spent on self-pampering and care as you will buy luxurious and entertainment products this month.

There are good chances that you will use your money for buying new furniture for your house and will also spend money on its renovation work. It is a good month to make a long-term investment in various speculative activities. There are good chances that you will spend money on a certain female as well.

Students and Children: The student will do excellent in their academics and will be able to get good and desirable results as well during this month. Try and avoid wasting time on unrequited traveling and on friends. Do not spend money on buying new and expensive clothes just to impress your peers. Your friends will prove helpful; in getting you notes that will help you at great length in covering your syllabus. There are good chances that this month, you will join a new academic course and hence you will need to work harder in your studies.

Your children will do extremely well in their studies and their will power and stamina will also heighten during this month. They will stay focused on their studies and will also get good results for the same. Children will spend time with friends and will also go for some parties. Teachers will never get tired of praising your kids this month.

Family and Health: Your family and siblings will constantly support you throughout this month. You will have some family-related expenditure. There will be a get-together or a party organized at your place during this month and you may also visit a religious place with your parents that will bring you the inner and mental peace you have been searching for. Your Mother will come to your financial aid as well.
Health may not be as good as you would expect it to be. Pains in legs and back will trouble you this month. You will also suffer from travel related stress and hence, yoga or meditation can prove beneficial and helpful for you to get rid of the forthcoming stress and will relax your mind and body immensely.

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