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Overview: Your monthly horoscope hints at a period of confusions and uncertainties, Cancer. Rahu transits your sign. Doubts will keep you occupied now, but you should proceed courageously. Overconfidence, haste, or impulsive approach needs to be avoided. Get an understanding of the complete situation before taking a decision and don’t jump to conclusions blindly. Your sources of income seem to rise now. Any pending work will be cleared this month. You may purchase a vehicle or land. Investing in these areas will bring positive results in the future. If you are involved in an ongoing lawsuit, some relief is likely. A govt. related matter is likely to be cleared. Don’t be hasty about traveling abroad for work, as it may not fetch you the desired gain. Around mid-October, you may have to spend on a govt. related work, which may eventually benefit you. Undetectable expenses may continue to cause confusion. Take any major decisions around the end of the month. Remain alert towards any conspiracies against you, as a loved one might act against you. Keep your aggression under control, as it may affect your professional position.
Career: Career will need hard work and diligent efforts if you want success, Cancer. Work related stress could trouble you this month. Success will be yours but only through hard work. You might remain irritated at work. Remain calm and patient on the work front. If you want maximum benefits in this time, then complete all projects within the given time. Clashes with employees are possible now. Chances of working with a foreign company are quite high.

If in a job, then a job change seems favorable now. Desired salary will come your way. You may get the opportunity to work at an old job this month. If working with your existing company, this period promises positive changes and a new outlook for you. Colleagues will support you. Matters related to promotion may take some time.
Money & Finance: Financially, this month looks positive and progressive. Hefty profits and gains are depicted. Expected salary is likely, though expenses may rise now. Some unwanted expenses can further confuse you. Avoid spending to impress others. Repayment of an old loan will bring relief for you. You may apply for a new loan, if you need it. Avoid investing in share market. Expenses on house or vehicle are depicted. Remain alert while lending money. You may have to travel for money related matters, however, avoid long journeys, as you may be cheated. Short trips will benefit you in improving your financial stability. Parents will be supportive financially.
Love & Marriage: You may have to face issues with your partner now, Cancer. Proceed diplomatically, or you may face the possibility of a breakup. Things will begin to improve around November; till then, remain humble and calm. For betterment, maintain a safe distance from your lover till then. Drop any ideas of traveling or going shopping with your partner.

If married, then difficulties may trouble you. A relative might cause a rift in your relation. Helping your partner with their work will help restore harmony. Health of your spouse may suffer, and lead to stress on the domestic front.
Students & Children: Students seem to face a difficult period this month. Your temperament looks irate and you may remain angry. Be careful towards any possible clashes with friends. Mental stress can affect your academic performance severely. If planning to appear for competitions, proceed timely to avoid delays and avoid being lazy. A govt. educational institute can bring you the needed support. Results will mostly be as per your expectations.

Admission in the desired school or college is quite likely for your children. They will perform well in exams and prizes or accomplishments at school are on the cards. If your kids are inclined towards sports, then you should support and motivate them.
Family & Health:                       
Atmosphere on your family front will mostly be comfortable. Parties and celebrations are on the horizon. With a guest showing up at your doorstep, positivity and happiness will fill the air in the family. Relation with siblings seems to improve. Parents will be supportive and might help you with financial matters. A female friend may come closer to you.
Stress is possible due to a prolonged illness. Stomach related problems will slow your pace. Drive carefully & be watchful when around fire.         

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