CANCER June Horoscope


Overview: Cancer, the monthly horoscope depicts a period of uncertainties ahead & careful management of matters will be needed by you. Currently, Rahu is transiting your Moon sign & can cause confusions and indecisiveness. This can impact your confidence levels. Your capability to distinguish right from wrong may be affected. An ongoing lawsuit can trouble you for some time. Keeping a well maintained documentation for the case can greatly help you. Religious trips are quite likely now. You may get a new work, where your efforts & hard work will be highly appreciated & rewarded. If you were planning to buy a new house or a vehicle, then your efforts will succeed now. You may also spend on home decor or renovation this month.

You will now make new associations & will most likely meet with people from high society. Such associations are expected to be helpful in future & you should maintain them diplomatically. You can also expect to receive aid from a high level government aFuthority before 15th June. In the second half of the month, the chances of expansion of work & rise in position at work are possible with opportunities from abroad. You will feel satisfied both spiritually as well as materialistically this month. Jupiter is transiting into Libra & improves your prospects at work to reach success in almost all efforts. Your courage will easily allow you to overcome any hurdles on your path.

Career: The monthly readings signify an enthusiastic period for your profession ahead! You will be very excited about a new work at hand & will work on it energetically. You can also expect to get new projects soon where your efforts will be appreciated. You may have to travel abroad for work related matters & will most likely rope in good profits & rewards through them for your profession. Chances of receiving profits from a multi-national are developing before 9th June. The period looks unfavorable for business partnerships. Be well prepared & put in your best efforts to make things right at work without depending upon your partners. After mid-June, you may be involved in govt. project, which can take your professional graph to new heights. Make sure you capitalize on every opportunity coming from abroad & catapult your career in the right direction. This is not a good time for considering a job change. Your current job will soon bring you good prospects.

This month, you may finally be able to get the govt. job that you have so longed. However, your new coworkers can make things tough in the beginning with lack of support & frequent clashes at work. You should work on keeping your boss happy, since a pay hike is possible around mid-June. Put on your shoes of diplomacy if you wish to march on your way to success.
Love & Marriage: The monthly indications show a turbulent period for love relations in June. Romantic relations will be filled with arguments & ego fallouts this month. Love & care will be replaced by stress & tension. Petty issues will lead to intense quarrels & patience is greatly advised. Put aside you ego if you wish to restore the harmony & approach with a humble attitude towards your partner.

Singles, you may find a suitable partner this month. Nonetheless, it is highly possible that they may not be too emotional about this relation & you too, should not take an emotional approach, or else you will end up hurting yourself.

Married couples, you may face some hiccups in your conjugal life this month. You should adopt a flexible temperament for better prospects in your relation & to bring back the lost harmony, start ignoring the insignificant differences between the two of you. If you are planning on working with your life partner, then the month is not in your favor & you should wait for some time. If an issue is currently ongoing with your spouse, you should take the initiative to have it resolved in a smooth & careful manner. Diplomacy is very important, as a harsh approach can see both of you fighting it out in court!
If you are seeking marriage proposals, you may come across a suitable match but are likely to delay the process yourself.  

Money & Finance: Your finances look good in June. Juicy gains & substantial growth are broadly indicated. You will reach your goals & get desired profits through your hard work. Support from the govt. may also come your way if applied for. Nonetheless, the term is unfavorable for lending & borrowing of money. You will mostly be spending on personal entertainment & traveling till 9th June. From 10th June onwards, your clothes & physical looks would be the focus of your spending. Foreign trips are quite likely now & may be for work or pleasure. Investing or indulging in speculation is to be strictly avoided. If you wish to invest, real estate should be the domain this month & will definitely bring fruitful returns in the future. Some expenses may have to be made towards the domestic front.

Students & Children: Students need to plan their actions & manage time wisely now. June will be a busy month for you & you might find it hard to follow a strict study schedule. Indications of wasting too much on social media are evidently present. Also, overspending towards comforts & luxuries is also possible. If you wish to succeed in competitions & exams, you will need to work very hard & maintain discipline in life. Loans from the govt. would be granted for education, if applied for. Your efforts towards studying abroad may also take favorable turn & your efforts will succeed.

Children will enjoy a pleasant month. Foreign trips are likely for them. You should keep their wellbeing under check & work on improving your relations with them by talking to them more often & spending quality time with them. You can expect them to come out with flying colors in the areas of sports, with the addition of prizes & accomplishments in this domain.       

Family & Health: Your family is depicted under comfortable conditions in June, Cancer. Some tension is likely to prevail but you will manage to control matters & restore the balance. An optimistic occurrence on the family front will further improve the prospects & spread good vibes among everyone. Your association with siblings & kids will be pleasant now. Parents will support you in your decisions & their health appears to be mostly stable throughout the month.

Matters related to parental property may turn sensitive & will need careful treatment. Minor issues can cause a rift in the family & this should be strictly avoided. Your mindset will be energetic & enthusiastic. You would be inclined on following an active lifestyle, though an ongoing ailment might not allow you to do so. Stomach & head related issues may also occur. Be watchful of your diet & eating habits.
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