Cancer August Horoscope


Overview: During the initial phase of August 2019, the four planets are transiting through your moon sign which will cause excitement and will motivate you to do lot of new things. But you should let this excite you only to a required level because over excitement can result in overconfidence which can result in your downfall. If you were planning to purchase a new vehicle, then this is the right time.
You will spend a considerable part of your income on house renovation and home furnishing.
You will face some issues regarding your ancestral property.
The mid of this month will be somewhat challenging for you. You will confront a great deal of pressure and perplexities in your professional life. There will be a downfall in your morale and decision making abilities.

You should go for a short outing or trip in order to be relived from this stress and anxiety.
Your mother will be extremely supportive throughout this month. She will play an active part in stabilizing your financial status. You will get an opportunity to travel abroad because of your profession/business. The outcomes will be extremely fruitful.

Career: You will experience a sort of work pressure during introductory stage of August. You won’t get great support of your colleagues and friends. You can be accused of some allegations therefore do involve yourself in any kind of illegal business. This month isn’t great for changing job.  
You shall avoid disputes with business partners. Try not to invest in any other business venture till 16th Aug 2019. Your business won’t earn substantial sum of money till this date.
There will be a development and growth in your business and profession after 16th Aug 2019. In case you had applied for an over sees job, there will be uplifting news for you. 

You should plan to give civil service entrance exam. Fill forms for your desired government job.
This period will bring ample of good opportunities for you. This month will recover your previous month’s profits. There will be stability in your financial condition. You will establish a good relationship with your boss however, do not expect for any kind of promotion.

Money & Finance: You are going to encounter a hard time during the beginning of this month. You will confront mental pressure and stress. Your pocket will be tight. Abstain from lending out cash to somebody regardless of whether he/ she is a close friend or a relative because they will not be able to return it back to you and you may wind up losing the entire sum.
Your hard work will result in your stable financial condition. An old land will hold an extra ordinary worth. Speculative investments and share market will be very gainful.
In case you were intending to purchase another house, this is the ideal call. Things will flow with great ease and there will be no major obstacles in between.
You will begin with a research work and will spend an extensive sum on it.

Love & Marriage: There will be some heated arguments in the initial period. Avoid ego clashes with your partner else you might ruin your relationship. Let your dominating nature stay away from your relationship. Do not let a third person interfere in your relationship. This can cause misunderstanding between you and your partner. There are chances that your ex might develop feelings for you. If you’re dedicated to someone else, do not involve in any sort of conversations with your ex. Love triangle can ruin your existing relationship.

You won’t experience a great bond with your partner or spouse. There are high chances of separation, divorce or even extra marital relationships. However, if you can avoid this till Nov 2019, things will be better and will fall in correct place.
There will be some sort of stress because of conflicts at home.
You will get a property of your spouse’s parents. Your spouse will get good business or professional opportunities and there will be an increment in his income.
Try to avoid marriage during this month.

Students & Children:
Students will feel pressurized and will encounter uneasiness because of their studies. Their confidence level will be very low and they will feel de-motivated. These factors won’t let them concentrate on their studies and as a result they will start last moment preparations for their exam. Parents should spend some quality time with their child and boost their morale.
Children should manage their time properly. They should understand their priorities and likewise dedicate their time towards their studies. Parents should keep a control on their child and should restrict them from using their phone for too long otherwise this distraction will result in low scores in their exams.

Children will get an opportunity to choose their preferred subject for further studies. Towards the end of this month they will be able to secure a seat in their desired college however, there will be some obstacles in their path but they will be able to overcome these obstacles and make a way to their final destination.
Parents will be called to their child’s school on account of his/her bad conduct towards teacher.

Family & Health: In the initial phase of this month, you’ll be disturbed and depressed because of certain family conflicts. Try to abstain yourself from involvement in any sort disputes because this can ruin a valuable relationship, maybe for a lifetime. Do not allow any female to interfere in such matters otherwise the situation will be far and away more terrible.

Circumstances will be better during the mid August. The family issues will be settled. You will build up a descent bond with your family members and will spend a quality time with them. There will be numerous get together which will work towards the betterment of your relation with them. Parents will play a great role towards attainment of your goals and objectives. You may plan out a foreign trip with your family.
You need to keep a regular check on your health as there is a high possibility that some old disease will show back its effects. As soon as you feel some sort of disturbance, make a visit to your family doctor. You need to take great care of your eyes and clean them regularly. Abstain yourself from any sort of stress else you can suffer from severe migraine strokes. Keep a check on your diet and avoid consuming fast food. This could result in stomach infection.

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