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This month is good for progress at your workplace. As Rahu transit career house, it is good for work and fruitful for your desires. However, you must have control on your overconfidence, or you will face loss after 13th November as retrograde Mars transits Gemini.
As Mercury transit Libra this month, you can come back home from foreign land or transfer. Try to avoid disputes with any female. As Jupiter is progressive from 24th November in fortune house, your luck will be favorable. Mars transit will increase disputes and court cases. There will be an increase in hard work due to pressure at workplace. So, you should increase your awareness towards work. You should avoid overthinking or you will feel low when taking major decisions. You should avoid sharing emotions with close friends.

Rahu will increase your efforts with risk in business and increase connections abroad after 13th November. Your travels will also increase this month for work. You will be excited for work and complete your work project and deals. You will be successful in partnerships. If you plan a career in political land project, you will be successful.
You will get offers for a new job and you can change after 24th November. Your colleagues, seniors, and Boss will try to teach you several skills. Transfer and promotion are also possible this month. You will get offers for new projects after the success in your past project.
Lucky Dates: 11, 20, 29

Love & Marriage
This month is better for love relation. So, take time to eliminate sourness from your relationship to increase harmony between the both of you. There will be an increase in love dates, long drives, and travels to hill stations after 11th November. If you love someone, you will share your feelings.
Your ego will increase. So, try to avoid ego for better relations after 13th November due to retrograde Mars in Gemini. You will feel active in love life and affection. At the starting of the month, you will feel good with your spouse. Your spouse will support you and he/she will get a good position in job or work. You should take care of your relationship after 13th November with spouse and avoid being egoistic.
Lucky Dates: 6, 11, 20, 24, 30 

Money & Finance
As wealth lord, Sun, is debilitated, avoid exchanging money with anyone till 16th November. This is a good month for income, and you can invest in land after 16th November. You will purchase a home for personal use and spend money on renovation. You will spend money to buy luxury items for your home.
You will get new investment opportunities. You can take loan for business or other things. Avoid spending money on friends. There will be an increase in expenses due to foreign travels. Speculations might not be fine but will get you money from past investments. You will get financial support from your mother.           
Lucky Dates: 15, 21, 24, 30

Students & Children
Students should avoid being overconfident to study better and for improved results. You should be serious about time. As time is flying, focus on your studies. Avoid being distracted by friends, parties, and gossips.
You will take interest in female friends. Start preparing for competitions and ready yourself for other achievements. Children will spend money on luxurious items and other enjoyable things. They should try to focus on their study for best reward. You will prepare for exams and admission in foreign school.     
Family & Health
You will feel tension in the family at the starting of the month. Try to maintain good relations with elder brother. Spend time in parties and family get-togethers. You should maintain a balance between your family and work. You will plan small travels with mother to religious places.
Siblings will support you and get involved in your emotions. You should take care of your health and mental tension. Take special care if you have neuro problems. Go for walks and increase fiber and juices in your daily diet for better health. You might feel pain in your back and legs. Go for meditations to relax.

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