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This month is full of entertainment and enjoyment. You will come out from many problems this month with the help of your courage, due to Mercury being exalted in the 3rd house. Try to control your emotions and avoid playing games with others to solve your own work. You may give solutions and advice to needy people. This is a good month for new work and to gain from politics and Govt work. You will benefit from advertising, so take help from it for your work or other things. Luck will not be prompt in favouring you from 14 Sep, as luck lord Jupiter will be debilitated. So you need to increase your hard work. You will spend all your time in small travels, vehicles repair and purchasing luxury items for your home from 6 Sep due to Venus’ transit in Libra.

This is a good month for your career and you can start a new business, but you should avoid doing it in partnership. If you want to avoid any tension or stress from your business then you don’t discuss it with your partner. You will get support from the government in your career. You will get a government job or clear a professional exam. You will get a good project or deal with your effort but avoid taking any major decision from 27 Sep due to Mercury retrogression.

You should increase advertising for good business and orders from design, creative work from 6 Sep. You will get a new project from a foreign country and try to start it before 15 Sep. Avoid changing jobs after 14 Sep. Also avoid joining a past job that you had left. Avoid workplace politics and any emotional bonding with colleagues. Your boss will favor you and your seniors will support you in your promotion. You can also get a transfer, if you want.     

Money & Finance
You will spend money on religious places and occult sciences, and small travels. You will get a good financial position and avoid spending extra money. This month you will purchase expensive and regal things for your home and show them off in front of friends from 7 Sep. After 14 Sep, try to avoid giving and taking loans. This is a good time for speculation and investing in the share market for the long term. You will also have small travels with luxury expenses. This month is also good for property. Spend money on jewelry to give to someone special.
Love & Marriage
Try to come out from confusion with your partner due to Ketu transit in the love house. You should try to spend a happy and romantic time, filled with long drives, coffee, meetings, and romance for a good relationship. Try to avoid getting in any love triangles and the involvement of any lover from the past. You will be involved in a spiritual program with a partner at home. Be cautious in your marriage, otherwise disputes can arise after 14 Sep, due to Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in married life. You will face a lot of tension and feel alone. Be patient with your spouse if problems arise. You might go through a divorce this month. Try to maintain your relationship for harmony and go for a romantic holiday with your spouse. Your in-laws will also create problems at home.     

Students & Children
Students will be involved in extra activities this month but try to avoid distractions from studying. You will get good results as you want. You will get admission in college and other best academics. You should try to avoid spending money on friends and superficial things. You should start meditation to concentrate on studies. You will fulfill dreams of foreign study. Children feel irritated due to the workload in school. You will get award from other activities. You will take interest in religious places with the help of your father. You have to control your anxiety with the help of parents and yoga. Take care of health and stop eating junk food.

Family & Health
You will get support from your family but sometimes you will face disputes as well. There will be a small function at home after 6 Sep. You should take interest in home activities. You may spend money for renovation at home. You will face disputes with your siblings due to wealth and property after 27 Sep. You will need to arrange any religious program at home for peace with your family. Your friends can cheat you, so be careful of that. Your parents will support you in your business. Your mind will be disturbed because past diseases might resurface and muscle pain. Doctors will not be able to figure out your health issues either. You should avoid junk food, else it might cause stomach infection.

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