Cancer January Horoscope


Overview: Cancer moons, the first month of 2020 seems positive and filled with hope as it brings opportunities in career and resolution of past issues. A long pending work or project shall be initiated with enthusiasm. There are chances that you may buy a new home or vehicle this month which shall bring you much joy. Those involved in politics, shall find luck in their favor. However, it is advisable to avoid disputes or litigations due to the cluster of five planets in the 6th house from your moon sign. It would be better to keep a control on your words to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Those involved in academic studies shall be able to complete their course or projects this month. You will also be able to make plans for your future. Try to avoid unnecessary and overthinking as that could take a toll on your personal and professional life. Towards the end of the month, Saturn’s transit in Capricorn shall be opposite to your moon sign, hence you should be disciplined and follow all rules and regulations.

Career: Things shall be exciting on the professional front as Mars, the career lord as per your moon sign shall be in its own sign. You will feel courageous and energetic to accomplish your tasks and new offers and projects shall make you excited. You will get chances to have foreign travels and meetings with respect to new projects will be successful. An unfinished work or project shall be restarted and see successful completion. This is not the best time for changing your job hence you are advised to be patient and keep such plans on hold for the time being. You should try to maintain cordial relations with your colleagues and seniors at workplace if you wish to have their support. Over excitement and overconfidence could lead to take incorrect decisions, hence it is best to remain calm and patient and continue with your efforts.

Love & Marriage: This month sees a marked improvement in your love life as there will be a high level of energy and spark in your relationship. You will have an amazing chemistry with your partner and your relationship will be romantic and full of warmth. Your partner will be supportive of you and you will be able to express your feelings with ease. You will get to spend a good amount of time to spend with each other which will further strengthen your bond. There are chances of a past relation or old flame coming back in your life. You should take care that your present relationship doesn’t get affected for which you should have clarity in communication and avoid any confusion. You should avoid past bad memories for better relations and handle disagreements with patience and understanding. Your in laws will not be able to support as per your expectations hence you are advised to deal with your love matters with care and maturity.  

Money & Finance: You shall see a good inflow of money this month. You will see an increase in your willpower and confidence, which will help you in working hard to earn money. There will be new sources of income and you will consider investing in real estate and property. You should try to avoid disputes and litigations as that would turn out to be a costly affair for you. You may spend money on research work and academic pursuits and you will also be inclined to spend on luxurious items, furniture, vehicles etc.

This is a favorable time for investing in share market as that will reap benefits. You will be lucky to receive financial support from your friends but you will not be able to get the desired support from your parents. You will also be inclined towards spending on personal travels, hobbies and home decoration. Increase in income and sources of earning will boost your morale and encourage you to work harder.

Students & Children: Students will see a beneficial month in terms of their academic growth. Those trying for admissions will be able to get into the college or University of their choice. Students looking to study abroad will get a good chance to do so. You will get results of your past efforts. Overconfidence could affect performance. Competitiveness amongst peers will increase, hence you should be mentally prepared and brace yourself. Bad company could distract you from your studies which could have an adverse impact on your academics.

You should remain focused and be careful not to let anything distract you from your studies. Children might feel irritated and anxious. You should try to spend quality time with your kids and take care of them. It would help to involve them in sports and extracurricular activities. You will be able to get admission of your child in a foreign school or University if you have been trying for the same.

Family & Health: This will be a mixed phase for family and health related matters. There will generally a peaceful atmosphere at home and your parents shall support you. You could also plan a journey to a religious place with them which shall bring satisfaction. You may spend money on purchasing decorative and luxury items and beautifying your home. At the same time, your responsibilities towards your home and family shall increase hence you shall have to spend more time at home. It will be a challenging phase for health as you might face stomach related issues or seasonal ailments. You should take steps to improve your health by avoiding to eat heavy or junk food and doing mild exercises.

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