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Due to an unfavorable planetary configuration this month through the 15th of March, you may feel confused and lose your bravery. When making decisions, try to keep your attention on your task and project confidence.
Your companion could encourage you to succeed. For mental calmness, you can go to a religious site. Also, be careful since your harsh words or violence can cause a chasm between you and your loved ones.

Starting March 15, the Sun enters Pisces, giving you a good reputation in society. Your political career will lead to new positions for you. If you're a student, you'll do well and win the tournament.
There would be vehicle and house remodeling costs this month. Avoid unwanted trips since they will incur unforeseen costs.

You should consider making some modifications to your business as Rahu passes through the house of commerce. There will be many barriers in your path, therefore you must work hard to succeed in business.
If you are a new employee, this is a good time for you since there are many possibilities for you to advance in a reputable company.
Jupiter is in your own sign, therefore you'll have high pay and career chances.

Money & Finance
You may have excellent prospects for financial gain as a result of Mars' transit through the house of gain and revenue. Yet, owing to the aspect of combust Mercury, Saturn and Sun in the money house, there might be a sudden loss up to March 15th.
This month, dealing in investments relating to real estate or houses will be advantageous. Your income would increase as a result of business expansion and wage increases.
Investments and speculating on the stock market will be profitable soon.

Love & Marriage
Mars, the ruler of the house of love, is influencing this house until March 13 and will increase your enthusiasm for your romantic partner. You might want to spend some quality time together as a couple.
Saturn has an impact on your daily life as well, so keep outsiders out of your connection.
Honest and constructive conversations with your spouse will help clear up misunderstandings.
Saturn, the ruler of the house of marriage, will not allow marriage prospects to be favourable till 15th March. Also, you and your spouse can be at odds because of misunderstandings.

Students & Children
You will succeed in your competitive tests thanks to your diligence, excitement for learning and focus. Focus and effort are necessary to succeed in a competition.
This month will provide you with the opportunity to make your preparation and desire of studying abroad a reality, if you choose to do so.
You will also want to keep engaging with extracurricular activities so you can develop your talents.

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