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This month will start with full of courage and you should work with self-efforts. You should control your expenditure as Saturn retrograde aspects on wealth house. You will take decision with full confidence and courage. You will take new step at your workplace and take risk while being self-dependent. Avoid laziness and don’t get into arguments and disputes with anyone else as there may be chances of court cases.

Mars, the lord of career, transits with Jupiter so there may be a chance to get success in professional sphere.  You may get good position in politics and society. You will have gains from business travels. Spend time with friends and enjoy. Your relationship with your mother will be good and she will support you. This is a good period for creativity and designing work. You may get involved with your father in religious matters.

You should start a new work or a big investment in profession at your own risk; you will get success in the work area. Your courage will increase along with confidence; and you may sign a major deal. You will get success in designing work. Take decision with the help of seniors or father. You will start your pending government work, if any. You will get new project for your business from foreign companies.

Avoid partnership in business because of retrograde Saturn transit from 5 June. This phase is good for a job change. Your colleagues may play politics against you in the office. But seniors and boss are in your favour, so, tell them about your colleagues to make the situation better. You will have to wait for promotion and for any new project. You may get transferred this month.

Love & Marriage
This is a good phase for love life and to start a new relationship. You will fall in love with someone and propose to them. You will successfully come out from the past love relationship this month. You may plan for outings like movies or a romantic date. You may invite them for a home party.
This is not a good period for marriage. Stay away from your partner’s friends. You may not get emotional support from your partner. You should take time to understand their emotion. Be careful, as divorce may take place in this phase.    

Money & Finance
Your financial position will be fine this month. You will have gains from creative work. You will get your money back from someone whom you helped in the past. You may get loan from the government sector. Your blocked money will be recovered this month. You will spend money in entertainment and buying luxuries items. You may lend/take loan from someone. You shouldn’t invest in land and purchase luxury house. You will spend money in home renovation and furniture. Avoid speculation and investment for long term. You should avoid expenses on women.

Students & Children
Students will be good in studies and get desirable results. Avoid spending time with friends and in traveling. Control your expenses on buying expensive clothes. Friends will help you with study materials. You may join a new academic institution, so, you will need to focus on your studies. Don’t get distracted by movies and internet. You will get desirable results and admission in good colleges. Children will be good in studies and their focus will increase; they will get good results. They will spend more time with friends and in party. Teachers will praise your children.

Family & Health
You will get support from your family and siblings as well. Expenses on family would be there. You may organize a party or get together at home. There will be chances of organizing religious programs with your parents. Mother will support you financially.
There may be leg pain or backache. If you are suffering from any neurological problem, then, take this seriously and consult your doctor. Travels will bring stress so avoid it and practice yoga to feel relaxed.

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