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This month will start with a new offer or with the beginning of the past work. If you have any confusion, you should give preference to the work that is related to your hobby. There will be an opportunity to go abroad, and income will come from new work. You may go through some mood swings from 3rd to 8th Jan, due to which mental tensions will be felt and you will feel less joy in your work. Interest in art and creativity will increase, with which you will also have a hand in spiritual and religious work. Sun will transit with retro Venus, so avoid any disputes.

You will take advantage of the comforts of your car and home. You will get success in the work of any kind of machinery, design, clothes, etc. If there is a court case going on, it can cause mental pain. Do not get involved in any dispute of any kind from 18 Jan onwards. You will have less interest in politics; if you want to get some position, then the effort will be unsuccessful. Increase your hard work from the beginning.

Career lord Mars is placed with Ketu so avoid any new business and any huge deal. You should not take any step when in hurry. There will be enthusiasm in your work and offers and projects for new work will be successful from 16 Jan due to Mars transit in Sagittarius. Do your work according to the rules of your organization. Do not put the employees in any kind of restriction. Put in your hard work as much as possible. The project which was break from abroad will be completed and you will make new contacts in the future with good income, which will strengthen your working conditions. There will be no co-ordination in partnership. Therefore, proceed with your work very thoughtfully.

Do not start any new work in partnership. There will be more success in the work of design and clothes. It is the not a good time for success in your job. No matter how much hard work you put in, there will be much delay in your promotion along with salary hike. Do not change jobs by yourself. Work-related journeys will continue, and the time is not right for transfer, so stay where you are now. Some work may start with a foreign company, for which you can be selected. You will get a good chance to move forward.

Love & Marriage
Your relationship with the one you love will be not good in this month and you may face confusions, so avoid meetings to come closer. You should not spend long time at any place. Your cooperation will remain in the work of your partner whether it is physical or financial. If you are single, then you will like someone. But do not wait; you go ahead and express yourself after 16 Jan. If you are already in love, then do not try to create a love triangle.

If disputes and arguments were already going on in your married life, then this month too, the cold war will continue. You will have to go ahead and rectify the misunderstanding, only then your relationship will be sweet. Otherwise, the sourness may still remain. Stop taunting each other and cursing because of old things and sit together to have an amicable discussion. You will not get the support of your in-laws. Do not hide anything from your partner, which can spoil your relationship.

Students & Children
Time will be good for the student. You will feel like studying and get your desired result. You will get admission in your desired college and in the desired subject. Do not delay or wait for any competition; go ahead and prepare alone. If your mind is getting diverted elsewhere, try to work on your concentration level. Time which is gone will not come back. If there is a dispute with a friend, then you yourself should mend it. Time will be right for children; if you are preparing to go abroad, then you will get success and you will get admission in the desired school or college. Stay away from any kind of laziness and social media. Don't let your mind wander too much and get distracted. If your children is irritable, then you should take them for a walk or outing to place of their choice and spend time there to help them gain mental peace and clarity.

Family & Health
There may be some differences with the family from 14 Jan and this difference will increase. There will be some kind of dispute or distance between your father and you and there could be lack of cooperation. There will be more responsibility on you, which can cause mental stress. The cooperation of brothers and sisters will remain and by talking to them, your past troubles will also be less. There can be some kind of religious event in the house. Home decoration will cost time and money.

After getting a new house, you can organize a party or some religious work at home. Take care of your pain in stomach and your nerves. Also, take care of your food and drink so that the problem does not become more. If there is any problem related to heart, then do not be careless. After 18 Jan, there will be mental problems due to which there will be tension.

Money & Finance
The financial situation will be better regarding money, and you will be likely to be extravagant. More expenses will incur only after 14 Jan, which you will not know when it is being spent. Your time and money will be spent in any new research or study. Money will also be spent in any kind of debate. Investment related to land will be better and money will be spent in home decoration or on home purchase. There is also a possibility of buying a vehicle. Investing in the share market will be beneficial and the time of long-term investment will be better. Financial help will continue to come from friends and spouse. There may not be any benefit from ancestral property. There will be benefits as well as expenses in travel and also for children's education.

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