CANCER August Horoscope


Overview: Cancer, your monthly horoscope is out & the period ahead looks some what passive. Uncertainties are likely at work, making you indecisive. Laziness & lethargy can cause mental pressure. Your friends or relatives will be highly helpful now. Avoid aggression, as you may have to face a loss & your health may be affected. Expenses on vehicle is indicated now, thus, drive carefully. Post mid-Aug, things are expected to ease down. Parents can help you gain wealth now. Your anger might create an unpleasant work front. Avoid impulsive actions. By the end of the month, your work will be better. Work related travels can take you to foreign lands, but may only add to your expenses & benefits are expected only by the end of the month. Overall, expenses will be under control.

Career: The period looks favorable for your career, Cancer. Work related confusions will exist, but your work will proceed smoothly. Avoid stepping towards work expansion or partnership till September, as this period is not favorable for such decisions. Finances appear to be stable. Partnerships may face quarrels. Hard work will bring you success now. Any new work should only be started by the end of the month.

If in a job, things look better for you now, yet a job change is not likely for now. Your income is expected to improve with a possible promotion on the cards. Keep up the hard work, as you are being watched by your boss & seniors.

Money & Finance: Financially, the period looks good. Financial stability will prevail, still make any transactions with care. Savings will improve. Investments in real estate are advisable & continue to remain invested, if already invested. Invest in share market, but only for long term & by the end of the month. A close one might not be able to help you financially. Around mid-Aug, there are chances of profits from the govt. A loan may be taken now. An existing loan will be cleared this month. Wasteful expenses on a vehicle are possible.
Love & Marriage:
Matters of love & marriage are depicted in a hazy picture this month. Petty issues & quarrels are possible at the start of the month. Aggression & ego clashes deter the harmony in relations now. Lack of understanding & mutual respect will ruin the mood. Avoid stepping into a love triangle. Plan romantic outings with your partner & let things calm down. All will be well by the end of the month.
Marital life will face hiccups that can spoil your focus at work as well. Relations with in-laws may also suffer. Proceed with patience & care.
If looking to get married, matters don’t look favorable this month & you should wait patiently for a better time in near future.  
Students & Children: The monthly readings depict a stressful term for students. Aggression & frustration hamper your concentration. Arguments with friends & family are quite likely. Wasteful wandering will spoil your time now. Results will be at par with your expectations & subjects or admission in a college of your choice will be achieved. Drama or sports at school should be avoided, as it will only waste your time.

Your kids will be frustrated now & things will improve only after mid-Aug. Minor quarrels at school are possible with their teachers & you should teach them to respect their elders. Spend more time with them to understand their thought process.
Family & Health:                     
The monthly horoscope shows mixed results for your family front. Till mid-Aug, lack of communication can keep everyone stressed. After that, improvements are expected. Arguments among family members over an outsider’s views or comments should be strictly avoided. Parents will be supportive & bonding will be harmonious with them. Celebrations & parties with friends will boost everyone’s spirits. Family trips to abroad will be fun & rejuvenating. You may take your mother on a pilgrimage.
A prolonged illness can result in back & leg aches. Thus, remain alert towards it. Infections are also possible & you should have them checked as soon as possible.
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