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Overview: The December monthly horoscope for Cancer speaks of a slow period ahead. Rahu is transiting your own sign this month, Cancer. Be very patient and careful while making decisions. Make sure you clear any doubts or confusion in relations; otherwise, relationships may suffer. Your finances look in good shape throughout December. Mars transits your 8th house from 7th to 10th December 2018. Be careful not to involve in any quarrels or clashes now, as it would cause unnecessary tension. If involved in an ongoing legal issue, some stress is possible.

Purchase of a house or vehicle seems likely this month. Remain patient and humble while talking to family members & keep your anger in control, since clashes are possible around mid-December. If working towards a promotion, work harder and put in more efforts. You would have to focus on your goals with a single-minded approach to get the desired results. Competition seems to rise in December. Luck is by your side. By the end of the month, all results would be as per your expectations. Profits due to a female seem likely during December.  

Career: Professionally, December horoscope shows variable results for you, Cancer. If running a business, a sudden loss is possible this month. Start of a new work or receiving of profits might take time and could cause tension. Be patient and control your anger. Problems are likely in existing work due to internal difficulties. The month does not seem favorable for business partnerships. New projects from abroad would improve your finances by the end of the month.

If working in a job, a job change looks unfavorable this month. Work hard in your current job and seek improvements to improve your future prospects. You might not feel motivated to work anymore, though such an attitude would only work against you. Speak softly and avoid clashes with anyone at work. Possibility of a promotion seems high in December. Maintain pleasant relations with your seniors, as they might help you with a raise in salary.          

Money & Finance: December horoscope shows a rosy picture for your financial condition, Cancer. Things seem smooth as December starts. Pending or stopped payment would come to you, though you might have to put in some effort. You might purchase a house or vehicle this month. Expenses would focus on decoration or repair of a vehicle. Chances of new sources of income look good, which would help you financially. Profits from a female friend would boost your confidence. If seeking a loan, you may apply for it till 16th December. For long-term investments, share market would be a beneficial option. From 16th December onwards, things might slow down. Pay extra attention while making financial transactions. Possibility of a huge payment being blocked is indicated. Financial help from parents would relieve some of your stress.

Love & Marriage: Cancer, your love and marriage prospects seem splendid this month. If single, December would see you fall in love with someone on the work front. Be patient and express your feelings at an opportune time. Avoid haste and remain calm. Around the end of December or possibly the next month would be a good time to get a positive response.

If dating someone Cancer, you might not be able to find much time for each other this month. Your lover thinks highly of you. Try your best to be at par with their expectations and keep them happy.
Cancer, marriage life looks rough during December. Avoid interference of anyone in your personal matters, as it can severely affect your relationship. Patiently clear out any issues through effective communication.

Students & Children: Cancer students should take things slowly throughout December. Anxiety and overthinking might bring stress and tension this month. Your monthly horoscope suggests you remain calm and patient, or you would end up losing on important chances and opportunities. With teachers and seniors by your side to support you, don’t be afraid & take any decision after careful research.
Cancer, December horoscope shows chances of a new research for your kids. Help them utilize their time properly by imposing a strict timetable. They should focus on their career and future. Prizes & accomplishments in sports are likely in December. You may send them abroad now for further studies.
Family & Health: The family life for Cancer seems mostly comfortable in December. Till mid-December, things seem smooth. A pilgrimage with family and celebrations at home are on the cards. Purchase of a new house seems quite likely in December. From 16th December onwards, stress may crawl in due arguments with family members. Siblings seem to be on your side, while your mother might gift you something of great importance.

Health wise, December demands caution. Be careful against a prolong illness or ailment. Problems due to leg or joint aches are possible, and might create difficulties during travels. If in stress, avoid making a crucial decision. Take things slow and easy this month.

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